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Womens Health ”Are You Game?”

Today is one big Achievement for me! Being a part of this outdoor event hosted by Women’s Health inspired me a lot to maintain a balance and healthy lifestyle.The event was jam packed with hot work outs and they organized namely Acro Yoga, TRX Body Blast and RIP Training, Model’s Runway, Cardio mash Up, FTX Urban Rebound Kangoo Jumps and Techno Rave. They also prepared activities like Consultations, Food Preparation Demo, Medicine Ball Circuit Training, Kettleball Training, Surf Machine, Bull Riding and Bungee Trampoline.regardless of the scorching 2pm call time at the BGC Amphitheater,it was all worth it

Women’s Health Official GO-See: The Women’s Health magazine is looking for women who will be feutured in their Ultimate Weight loss issue this year and chosen women will be sponsored a Free weight loss program/Fitness courtesy of  Women’s Health (How cool is that) and of course I get a chance to sit down and talk to the Editor-in-chief of Women’s Health Ms. Lara Parpan.(I hope i get picked)

  Meeting new friends!

 The 40/40 challenge: 40 Low Rows and 40 Atomic Push-ups.Here’s a photo with the master trx trainers showing how it works.I did try this one knowing how hard it looks.I did my first attempt to do the  challenge.I performed 5 atomic pushups and 4 low rows.well i failed to do the challenge because  i was’nt trained for that kind of hard core thingy exercise. but over all i get some encouraging words like ”GOOD JOB” it made my day!

I was at the middle of an activity when i saw the ”Writer,Host and Athlete Ms Noelle de Guzman A.K.A Kikay Runner who i can say one of my biggest influence in the field of sports running,and i was thrilled to meet her so i introduced myself and had to have a photo taken with her!

The TRX RIP TRAINING – It provides resistance, core stability, and coordination Training.

With the help of certified TRX Suspension and Rip Trainers,Im so happy to try this hard core workout, The TRX Rip Training Class

The KETTLEBALL Challenge: Honestly, when I signed up for this challenge, my goals were If they can do it, then I definitely take a challenge, push your boundaries, know your limitations and strengths. I did Benefit from the workout,I felt the soreness in my thighs and hard to bend my hips.I guess soreness can be the muscles way of saying ”Hello”

”Art Mendoza” of  last Season of  The Biggest Loser Philippines!

Smiling_eyes with ”Angela Lupango”- one of the last Season’s Biggest Loser Philippines Finalist.

the newest fun workout, The FTX URBAN REBOUND FEUTURING ”KANGOO JUMPS”. This is so much harder than regular running, the best cardio workout and super fun.

I hope you enjoyed visiting my 1st ever blog!!