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Mommy side trips: Manila Ocean Park

Being a parent can be a very rewarding experience,It can also a very demanding,exhausting and frustrating role but the challenge for parents is raising healthy,educate them and see how they enjoy Life! My son just started his school just last year and very much enjoying each day at school.The very first trip we had together with his schoolmates is at Manila Ocean Park were they offer a variety of activities for children which may take a whole day to finish.We had to see a sea lion show which i consider a very good show especially with kids ages 3 to 5 years old cause in their age they started to ask so many questions.feeding the sea lions was a blast, It was the first time my little one shouted out ” WOW”!!! All of the shows kept my son’s attention. SO HAPPY FOR HIM! The Marine Life Show was super entertaining.



My son however, LOVED the Acquatica Daytime Dancing fountain show and he thought it was the coolest thing ever!


When kids throw tantrums! hahaha



The Lazy Crocodile


The best part of the whole experience is inside the Oceanarium,truly worth the time! It’s our first time to be there kaya pati ako na-excite din of the fishes that really fascinated me and my Little boy! Too bad I didn’t bring an extra battery for the camera the reason why i didn’t captured how happy He is. oh well at least i still captured the sea lion show thing..LolImageImage


It was indeed a great experience,spending more time with your child and also captured every moment of it is all worth it!



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