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Product Review: Priva Intimate wash by pH-care

What women need to know:

Today’s modern female played important role in the society. From nurturing on the home front to stepping outside of the home to contribute in the corporate world. In short, women will always be “working women”.

images As a woman, we want to enjoy all-day hygiene and freshness and at the end of a long day; us women, we want a comfortable period protection and discomfort drift away. it is important that we maintain complete hygiene during period, a healthy intimate balance and avoid irritation caused by sanitary products.


Unilab, A trusted quality healthcare introduces PRIVA intimate wash by Ph-care. A revolutionary Intimate wash which offers skin lightening and skin firming cooling. A  pH-balanced formulation that gently cleanses and deodorizes while removing odor-causing bacteria. Provides the utmost hygiene cleansing formula that respect your body. What makes it more special, it also formulated to give extra special benefits, a pH-balanced to revitalize our natural flora.


Introducing a intimate care line covers up all women’s need: PRIVA-skin lightening formulated with glutathionePRIVA-skin firming that has collagen & natural extracts of kwao krua helps improve skin elasticity and firmness.


Product Review:

  1. Priva Intimate Wash by pH-Care (Skin Firming and Cooling) 
  • It has collagen and natural extracts of Kwao Krua, an herbal root found in Thailand known to help improve skin elasticity and firmness
  • it contains Witch Hazel extracts to help retain the skin’s natural moisture.
  • It has RevitaCool a gentle cooling ingredients to keep you cool and refreshed every time you wash.


     2. Priva Intimate Wash by pH-Care (Skin Lightening and Cooling) 

  • it is formulated with glutathione and natural strawberry extract that help lighten dark skin areas
  • It has RevitaCool a gentle cooling ingredients to keep you cool and refreshed every time you wash.


My Overall Verdict about this Product: 

Price: P 139.00 for 150ml Available on all leading stores and Supermarkets

Packaging: The Priva Intimate wash comes packed in a desirable cardboard box.I love the packaging design,from its box and bottle you can easily see the product details, the ingredients, directions for use and warnings.The bottle inside is a tall, transparent one, with a gray flip-top cap. The bottle is super nice, and travel friendly.what i love about this product is after using it in just days i already see good results.it really lightens the bikini area and proven to firm skin and i love the smell really makes all day feeling fresh and protected from bacteria.

Verdict: I do use an intimate wash frequently, and would recommend you to include one in your hygiene routine.If you are looking for a hassle free product for your intimate hygiene needs, do give this one a shot!

Watch TV Commercial here –>   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdNzWNzG-ek

*Samples sent by brand for review. The views expressed above are honest.

Their current Promo; see details on the photo!

PH Priva Price-off Natasha Catalogue SANS RIVAL

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Big Apple Day: The Appledrive Project happening on June 18 2014

10371604_699068660141135_7613164939637821259_n (1)


Happening this month of June, the biggest appledrive to date. You can either help and/or volunteer and be a part of this upcoming event by sharing good health and proper nutrition with around 3,000-4,000 kids.

The Appledrive Project is a campaign to promote healthy eating to kids in the Philippines and other countries in South East Asia.Appleboy Rj,founder and advocate of this cause gives away apples to kids instead of giving them candies or chocolates.He has done nearly 60 appledrive since he started back in December 2011.

Anyone can HELP or volunteer.Please email appleboyrj@yahoo.com or you can visit our websitewww.theappledriveproject.com