Filipino Showbiz Royalty: The Gutierrez Family is Back, season 2 of It takes GUTZ to be a Gutierrez


Gutz Family Season 2

 Manila, Philippines – Filipino Showbiz royalty, the Gutierrez family, is back with a bigger, better and bolder Season 2 of their hit reality TV show, “It Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez.” The 10-episode season, which returns to E! delves further into the lives of Ruffa, Raymond, Richard, Annabelle, Eddie and with their extended brood – Sarah and Zion plus Elvis and Alexa.

Sarah Lahbati

Filipino-Moroccan actress Sarah Lahbati was first noticed after winning the reality talent search Starstruck in 2009. In 2011, she won her very first FAMAS for the category, “German Moreno Youth Achievement Award,” proving that she has what it takes to stand out in the business. In 2012, Sarah confirmed her relationship with then matinee idol Richard Gutierrez, who she has an adorable son at recent.

Follow Sarah on Twitter @SarahLahbati and on IG @sarahlahbati.

Zion Lahbati Gutierrez

Born on April 29, 2013, Zion is the first born of actor Richard Gutierrez and actress Sarah Lahbati. He has gained media attention because of his charming antics often posted by aunt Ruffa Gutierrez on Twitter. Since appearing in Season 1, Zion has turned into a social media star with legions of followers and accounts created by fans.  Baby Zion likes Disney’s Mickey Mouse and toy cars. His favorite food includes raspberry yogurt and banana chips

Elvis Gutierrez

One of the older Gutierrez brothers, Elvis grew up in the limelight. As a child actor, he was nominated twice in the FAMAS awards for “Best Child Actor” in the films Joaquin Bordado (1988) and Ipaglalaban Ko (1989). His most recent TV appearance for a series was a 2013 soap opera for GMA called, Makapiling Kang Muli. Currently, Elvis is busy being a property specialist for an established real estate developer.

Follow Elvis on Twitter @EL_Guti8 and on IG @el_guti8. 

Alexandra Uichico

A graduate of Consumer Science and Merchandising from the University of Houston, Texas, Alexandra previously held managerial positions in top retail companies abroad. Since returning home to the Philippines, she now enjoys being a financial planner and consultant while managing a bed and breakfast hotel in Cebu City. Alexandra has been the long-time girlfriend of Elvis Gutierrez, and they are soon-to-be parents to baby girl Aria.

Follow Alexandra on Twitter @alexauichico.

Bringing together the whole clan and re-introducing them to media friends and other VIP guests, the exclusive press conference for “It Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez” Season 2 was held at the posh R Space Events in Bel-Air Village, Makati City. The venue reflected the new look for the second season with stylish black and a pop of pink – a refined new feel, upmarket styling yet relatable images of the family we love to watch.


The event was hosted by Mr. Robi Domingo
The event was hosted by Mr. Robi Domingo

NBC Universal Vice-President for Channels in Asia Pacific, Scott Mackenzie, opened the program by saying, “This family is showbiz royalty in the Philippines, yet many of the situations they face resemble everyday families’ challenges and this is what has made them popular with audiences in the Asian region. We share in their laughter, feel their pain and watch how they grow as individuals. Our viewers wanted more and now we are happy to usher in the second season of the show.”


Annabelle Rama-Gutierrez

Hailed as the family’s “boss,” Annabelle manages her time between taking care of husband Eddie and making sure her children are in touch with each family member. She was born and raised in Cebu City and in true Cebuana fashion, is fierce and firm in making decisions for the family as everyone’s talent manager. While her dreams in becoming a politician has been put on hold, Annabelle will definitely keep surprising everyone with her future plans.

Follow Annabelle on Twitter @annabellerama2.

Eddie Gutierrez

Veteran actor and father of six, Eddie has been in the entertainment industry for over 50 years. He was one of the top matinee idols in the ‘60s and ‘70s, being the leading man of the biggest Filipino blockbusters like Susan Roces, Amalia Fuentes and Pilita Corrales. He loves to sing and is often imitating his idol, Elvis Presley. Through the good times and bad, Eddie and Annabelle enjoy a life filled with love, warmth and happiness. They cherish their time together with the whole family and being grandparents to Ruffa’s daughters, Lorin and Venice and to Richard and Sarah’s son, Zion.

Adorable Baby Zion will be also in this Season 2!
Adorable Baby Zion will be also in this Season 2!



Raymond Gutierrez

Born and raised in Beverly Hills, California, Raymond moved back to the Philippines as a teenager and has worked with his father and other siblings in the Filipino entertainment industry. He juggles being a TV host, editor, columnist, endorser and social media influencer in the Philippines. Most importantly, Raymond is coming into his own Gutierrez as he establishes himself as a serial entrepreneur.

Follow Raymond on Twitter @mondgutierrez and on IG @mondgutierrez.

Richard Gutierrez

Richard began acting as a child at a tender age of four, and he hasn’t looked back since. He has since appeared on the GMA-7 show Click and primetime soap Habang Kapiling Ka, which co-starred his sister Ruffa Gutierrez and half-brother Tonton Gutierrez. The soap was also shown in Malaysia via free-to-air network TV3. Since then he has played lead roles in other GMA-7 series, spanning genres such as fantasy (Sugo,Kamandag), science fiction (Codename: Asero, Captain Barbell), thriller (Zorro, Lupin) and romantic comedy (the Philippine remake of popular Korean drama Full House). He has also hosted internationally-acclaimed documentaries about the environment, which is a cause he believes in and has pushed him to partner with organizations like Greenpeace. Richard is an adventure-seeker by nature, enjoying the thrill of exploring the outdoors and riding his treasured motorbike. Together with girlfriend Sarah, Richard is continually discovering the joys of parenthood.

Follow Richard on IG @richardgutz.

Ruffa Gutierrez

Ruffa is a premier Filipino actress, model, television personality, beauty queen, commercial endorser and charity fundraiser. With a colorful career that spans over 20 years of being in the local and international entertainment industry, Ruffa’s showbiz experience covers five continents across multiple media platforms such as TV, movies, print and online. Truly a Filipino media and entertainment icon, she has starred in more than 50 film and television productions in a variety of roles.

Follow Ruffa on Twitter @iloveruffag and on IG @iloveruffag.

In addition to a refreshed look for the second season, NBCUniversal together with the Gutierrez family have invested in increasing the production value of the show by hiring accomplished Australian director, Karen Appathurai Wiggins, recognized for her amazing work in various international franchises of reality TV shows. Wiggins promises to deliver more with challenging the family members to talk about their most pressing issues:

“Everyone wants to know if Richard is ready to take the next step with Sarah and with Ruffa, she is a survivor who remains so optimistic about finding love. Raymond is a successful entrepreneur, happily single yet what will we learn about his relationships?” says Karen Wiggins  “We hope to answer these questions plus we cannot wait to share with you new revelations and other surprises the whole family has prepared for Season 2,”

Season 2 promises to go deeper into the lives of all the family members revealing more drama, more family secrets and why it still Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez.

“It Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez” Season 2 will premiere on October 5 and will air every Sunday at 9PM. See it first on E!

E! Channel airs on Channel 57 for Sky Cable and Destiny Digital, Channel 25 for Cignal and Channel 33 on Cable Link. #GutzOnE is the official hashtag of “It Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez.”



Hair grooming tips for the rainy season-Fight the frizz and flaunt your style with Philips hair care tools

During the long and gloomy days of the rainy season, the weather is not the only thing that gets out of control—this also happens for your hair.

“Each time it rains, the air becomes thick with water and hair absorbs the excess humidity like a sponge, leading to brittle, stubborn frizzed hair,” explains RJ Buenaventura, General Manager for Philips Consumer Lifestyle.

He continues, “So, how can you keep your hair under control while keeping it healthy as well? Well, women will be glad to know that there are many ways to help their hair survive the dreaded monsoon months.”

Goodbye moisture, hello frizz-free hair

The rainy days call for a different hair care routine. Pia Umayam, Business Development Manager for Philips Consumer Lifestyle, says “the conditions during this time of the year require a few hair management tweaks.”

When it comes to shampooing, use a lightweight shampoo and conditioner that has ingredients like emollients, proteins, and silicone. According to Pia, “These products fill the gaps of your hair cuticles and lessen the chances of absorbing humidity.”

She adds, “Actually, the secret to keeping your hair from frizzing lies in how you blow dry it. Hair professionals recommend blowing it bone dry to prevent excess moisture. Afterwards, cooling your hair will ensure that the cuticles are closed, so water can’t sneak in.”

Philips Thermoprotect Ionic Hairdryer
Philips Thermoprotect Ionic Hairdryer

The Philips Thermoprotect Ionic Hairdryer is the perfect hair-grooming companion during the rainy season. Its innovative ionic conditioning uses charged negative ions to eliminate static on hair strands.

Pia says that this technology not only helps flatten the cuticles, but intensifies the hair’s glossiness and shine as well. She describes, “This hair dryer even has a cool shot feature that can help seal your hair cuticles.”

Healthy, beautifully styled hair any season

Because the rainy season heightens the risk for hair damage, most hair experts advise to go easy on the styling. Pia explains, “Heat is another enemy of hair and using styling products can cause drastic damage to it.”

Still, she outlines, this is definitely not something that should stop women from styling their hair. According to Pia, this is simply a matter of using the right styling tools.

Philips Straighteners
                             Philips Straighteners

Going out in the rain with wet hair is a no-no, so dry it first with the Philips Hairdryer with ThermoProtect temperature feature that offers optimal drying to prevent overheating. With its powerful airflow, anyone can easily achieve the style they want minus the damage it typically comes with.

For those who prefer a simple and straight look, Philips Straighteners are the perfect styling partners to use. They have a ThermoGuard feature that prevents hair from being exposed to heat and ionic conditioning that tames frizz.

Philips Conical Curler
                       Philips Conical Curler

Pia adds, “Curls are never out of season and they can definitely add a twist to your look during the drab, dreary days. The Philips Conical Curler can help you get stunning but safe curls with its three curling-time options and an indicator that lets you know when your hair is already set.”

She concludes, “Of course, keeping your hair healthy should not be limited to the rainy season. Remember, your crowning glory is constantly exposed to various damaging factors, so make sure you have the right set of hair care tools to keep it at its best condition be it rain or shine.”

To know more about the products, log on to www.philips.com.ph or check our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/PHILIPSDomesticAppliancesPhilippines. You can also call our customer hotline at (632) 6679000 if you are within Metro Manila or 1-800-10-7445477 if you are outside Metro Manila.


Breeze pays tribute to hardworking hero moms with nationwide 1 Laba Day

Celebrating the heroes of the home, Breeze treated more than 19,000 hardworking moms across the Philippines to a day of rest, games and exciting surprises at the first-ever 1 Laba Day. The leading detergent brand took care of their laundry chores, washing a total of 481,536 clothes, in a series of events held simultaneously in multiple barangays in Metro Manila, Pangasinan, Batangas, Cebu, and Davao.


Celebrity moms and surprise guests, including Sige Moms Christine Bersola-Babao, Gladys Reyes and Dimples Romana, headlined the nationwide events. At Barangay Commonwealth in Quezon City, radio DJ Laila Chikadora also kept the crowd entertained with her witty jokes and led the fun bingo games where moms won bicycles, skateboards, inflatable swimming pools and other toys for their children. These prizes were meant to encourage moms to be Sige Moms who let their kids play and go on exciting adventures.

While the moms enjoyed their day off from doing the laundry, Breeze Laba Ladies and Laba Machines, sponsored by campaign partners Electrolux, LG, Whirlpool and White Westinghouse, took care of washing their clothes.

“We know how hardworking our mommies are, spending as much as three to four hours a day doing the laundry. Today, Breeze is taking care of washing their clothes so they can have some time for themselves and to have fun, as our way of thanking them and recognizing their admirable efforts,” said Mara Banson, Breeze brand manager.

“As part of the Circle of Sige Moms, our job is to encourage mommies to allow their kids to be kids, even if it means getting dirty or having stained clothes,” said Christine. “When we say yes to playing and going on adventures, we say yes to our children’s intellectual, emotional and physical growth.”

“My daughter Callie is very artsy and likes working with her hands. We love baking and often, we’d be covered in icing and food color of every hue,” said Sige Mom Dimples. “But I’m glad I allowed her to do that, because it’s very fulfilling when you see your child achieve great things because you allow them to do their own thing and pursue their passions.”

“Being a mom is a 24/7 job,” added Sige Mom Gladys. “But because we have a dependable partner in Breeze, doing the laundry becomes easier and effortless. We can spend less time on washing clothes and have more time for ourselves and our family.”

1 Laba guarantee

Boasting of a revolutionary formulation, Breeze with ActivBleach empowers mommies everywhere to take on their endless tasks, removing even the toughest of stains in just one wash. Safe for both white and colored clothes, Breeze has a four-enzyme technology that removes more types of stains and a patented whitening technology that delivers visible whiteness in just one wash.

Breeze with ActivBleach is also the first and only detergent brand with melamine perfume encapsulation technology that blooms in wash and bursts in wear, making sure that clothes keep smelling clean and fresh even when worn. It even has a unique active system for better foam profile and quicker lather, plus percarbonate TAED bleach that takes out bleachable stains without harming the environment.

From September 1 to 7, mommies can also win a washing machine from Breeze in the Breeze 1Laba Challenge promo. To join, participants simply need to like the official Breeze Facebook page www.facebook.com/breezephilippines and look for the 1 Laba Day status update. They should then leave a comment on the post, with a photo of themselves doing the 1 Laba pose holding a Breeze pack and using the hashtag #Breeze1Laba.

Take on millions of stains in just one wash with Breeze with ActivBleach, available in three sizes at supermarkets and groceries nationwide: 70g, 700g and 1450g packs.

Sige Moms Christine Bersola-Babao, Dimples Romana and Gladys Reyes tackle their mommy duties with ease, thanks to Breeze 1 Laba guarantee.
Sige Moms Christine Bersola-Babao, Dimples Romana and Gladys Reyes tackle their mommy duties with ease, thanks to Breeze 1 Laba guarantee.
Isang milyong mantsa sa isang laba. Breeze Brand Manager Mara Banson (third from left) and Sige Moms Christine Bersola-Babao, Gladys Reyes and Dimples Romana re-affirm the Breeze 1 Laba guarantee, that Breeze can remove even the toughest of stains in just one wash
Isang milyong mantsa sa isang laba. Breeze Brand Manager Mara Banson (third from left) and Sige Moms Christine Bersola-Babao, Gladys Reyes and Dimples Romana re-affirm the Breeze 1 Laba guarantee, that Breeze can remove even the toughest of stains in just one wash
The Breeze Laba Ladies took care of washing the clothes, as the participating mommies enjoyed a day of bingo games, awesome prizes and other exciting activities.
The Breeze Laba Ladies took care of washing the clothes, as the participating mommies enjoyed a day of bingo games, awesome prizes and other exciting activities.
Sige Mom Dimples Romana with Breeze.
Sige Mom Dimples Romana with Breeze.
Sige Mom Christine Bersola-Babao with Breeze.
Sige Mom Christine Bersola-Babao with Breeze.
Sige Moms Gladys Reyes with Breeze
Sige Moms Gladys Reyes with Breeze

Dolfenal Launches its #LagingGoodVibes Campaign

Last September 10, 2014 – Mefenamic Acid Dolfenal officially introduced its latest campaign #LagingGoodVibes to media and bloggers Happened at VYNE Manila to be launched through Dolfenal’s social media assets, the  #LagingGoodVibes webisodes featuring the funny man Ramon Bautista and Youtube sensation and actress Ashley Rivera aka Petra Mahalimuyak.

Venue: VYNE Manila
               Venue: VYNE Manila

With their #LagingGoodVibes campaign, media and bloggers were all welcomed with a happy vibe full of happy colors,delicious food and good music.guests were invited to an afternoon of fun and good vibes with free flowing candy care of Dolfenal’s Candy Bar, and through different activities tackling the three pains Dolfenal targets – Dysmenorrhea, Toothache and Migraine.



Ferris Wheel of Cupcakes
              Ferris Wheel of Cupcakes




The campaign kicked off with Rivera’s “How to Dance While in Pain” video. This was followed by the Good Vibes vs. Bad Vibes mash-up video featuring Rivera and Bautista dancing while in pain from dysmenorrhea, migraine, and toothache then transitioning to a good vibes dance.Watch it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkPaA29bgI4

Watch the full video of Ramon Bautista VS Petra Mahalimuyak: Bad Vibes VS Laging Good Vibes in this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=262RGPiQWIE

Dolfenal Petra and Ramon Photo

The most recent video launched is another one of Ashley’s How To Videos – “How to Take a Selfie while in Pain.” Since its launch, these videos have garnered over 10,000 views with favorable reviews.

Watch it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sC8KJKyUmP8

Guests also met Dolfenal influencer Ashley Rivera aka Petra Mahalimuyak who led a dance session on “How to Dance with Dysmenorrhea,” featured on her first “How To” webisode. Other fun activities included a Donut Eating contest and an hour of singing with a live acoustic band to showcase the fun to be had when free from the pains of toothache and migraine.

objective for this campaign is to empower our customers to enjoy life. Dolfenal is a mefenamic acid painkiller for users to expect relief from pain caused by dysmenorrhea, migraine, and toothache. With Dolfenal, you get rid of the bad vibes para #LagingGoodVibes,”
“objective for this campaign is to empower our customers to enjoy life. Dolfenal is a mefenamic acid painkiller for users to expect relief from pain caused by dysmenorrhea, migraine, and toothache. With Dolfenal, you get rid of the bad vibes para #LagingGoodVibes,”

Dolfenal 250 mg tablet is available for only P12/capsule through leading drugstores nationwide. You can also ask your doctor about it. Uminom ng Dolfenal para #LagingGoodVibes

Dolfenal 250 Product Shot

To know more about how to get Laging Good Vibes with Dolfenal and view the Bad Vibes vs. Good Vibes videos, check out Doflenal’s webisodes by liking us on https://www.facebook.com/dolfenal or visiting our YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/dolfenalphilippines and follow us on https://twitter.com/dolfenalph.

Doflenal Logo

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What is Acupuncture all about: Meet Doc Phil Gatue

 Finally had the chance of meeting Acupuncturist Doctor Philip Nino Tan Gatue or Doc Phil as he wants us to call him. He took up and finished Integrated Liberal Arts and Medicine at the University of the Philippines College of Medicine.

Last Sept 1 at Con Gusto World Cuisine in Alabang, together with few fellow bloggers, we were invited for a simple dinner and a very interesting conversation with Doc Phil talks about Acupuncture and practicing Chinese medicine.

Doctor Phil Gatue
            Doctor Philip Nino Tan Gatue

With my little knowledge about this oldest form of practice a traditional Chinese medicine, originated in ancient China. The Chinese describe acupuncture which literally means ‘to prick with a needle’, it describes as therapeutic technique. comes down to basic scientific principles and the methods of Chinese medicine are becoming more popular within Western medical practices. It’s goal is to regulate the blood flow through the body and internal organs via pathways.

With acupuncture,emotional stress, trauma or poor diet and blood flow throughout the body may help,cure and pain may lessen Using the corrective tools of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine,a practitioner will assist in restoring proper circulation of blood in your body, helping to restore you to a healthy state.Doc phil also added  that Acupuncture is effective in the treatment of acute and chronic pain, due to its ability to raise endorphin levels and can calm the nervous system’s pain response.

If you will to try a session of acupuncture doc said you might experience a relaxing and relatively painless treatment method. Many patients fall asleep or find a deep state of relaxation during treatments said Doc Phil.

 I have suffered from lower, middle and upper back problems for more than 6 years. I’m so Thankful because I got to ask Doc several questions Hoping this form of medicine will cure and help lessen the pain in my back. Doc Added that with the Acupuncture its effectiveness, safe and risk free method can relieve acute and chronic pain, headaches, digestive complaints, menstrual disorders, anxiety and depression.

Some common ailments successfully treated with Acupuncture include:

  • Arthritis
  • Athletic injuries
  • Acute/Chronic pain
  • Insomnia and anxiety
  • Skin disorders
  • Back pain
  • Menstrual disorders
  • Neck pain
  • Tendonitis
  • Joint pain
  • Digestive Disorders

I have been a strong believer in the benefits of acupuncture, and I can’t wait to try a session  for myself. My Acupuncture experience soon to be posted on my Blog.

Satisfied not just my stomach but also learned a lot about the benefits of Acupuncture!

Our Dinner Venue: CON GUSTO WORLD CUISINE in Molito Alabang

Our Dinner Venue: Con Gusto World Cuisine



Photo credits to Ms Kathy  Kenny
           Photo credits to Ms Kathy Kenny

To Kathy “I enjoyed the dinner and the conversation very much and I am interested in this topic myself at a personal level”  Thank you for inviting us!     

“Thank you Doc Phil for setting up the great [talk] … it was very interesting” See you soon Doc! (bigsmiles)

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Event: Lactacyd #womantalks w/ Anne Curtis as their product endorser

Press Release: 

Intimate Journeys, Different Stories

PRESS INFO 1 - anne curtis - lactacyd

No two women are alike.
Every woman has her own story.
She embarks on her personal journey daily. Whether she balances her time for work, play, family and everything else that comes in between, she needs the perfect companion to accompany her in her everyday adventure of choice.
Lactacyd understands that every woman has distinct needs. That is why Lactacyd came up with a full range of feminine care that suits the different types of women best.
A woman with style, grace and power. With attitude that matches her attitude , she knows what she wants and puts premium in what she needs. She needs a companion like Lactacyd Protecting, or the Classic variant, which special lactoserum and lactic acid formulation offers protection from odor and itching to keep up with her every day journey to the top. Whether at work or play, she’s secured that she’s well-taken care of.
For women who like keeping things simple and breeze through life with the greatest of ease, her journey can be best enjoyed with the Lactacyd All-Day Care. A back-to basics approach to feminine hygiene, this lightly-scented variant contains natural milk extracts that gently cleanse and refresh the intimate area.  It offers whole day freshness for ladies who just want to make the most out of life. It also comes in handy All-Day Care Feminine Wipes sachet for on-the-go hygiene care.
Some women like to show off. For women who like to flaunt their fabulousness and bask in the limelight, the Lactacyd White Intimate is the perfect companion for this “It” girl. Providing hypoallergenic and dermatologically-safe lightening, this variant is made with natural whitening ingredients: plant-based Actipone-B and marine-based Algowhite to gently lighten the skin around the intimate area. Never be afraid to show off some (or even more) skin and embark on daring adventures with this intimate care variant — a natural and safe whitening feminine wash that is preferred by 9 out of 10 Asian women1 because of its proven lightening effects in the bikini area in just four weeks2.
Age is but a number for women who are continuously on the go and live fast-paced lives. Prone to premature ageing, they need Lactacyd Revitalize, an intimate care product that goes beyond cleansing and help bring 90% skin youthfulness back in just 10 days3. The feminine wash with Vitamin E and collagen that enhances skin softness and firmness, its moisturizing effects make skin soft and supple to touch — keeping women on top of their game while feeling (and looking) young all over again.
A ray of sunshine. A burst of happiness. For women who like to enjoy life to the fullest, they need an intimate care partner that will make them feel fresh and cool, longer. The Lactacyd Cool and Fresh variant promises a refreshing day all through out to keep the mood up when the temperature rises. Made with a special combination of milk extracts and menthol essences, this mildly soothing variant not only provides best cleansing and protection, but also natural cooling essences to give longer freshness4 against heat and feeling of stickiness in the intimate area.
So what’s your story?
Take Lactacyd to your next journey.
You know what’s best for you.
PRESS INFO 2 photo - Lactacyd new variants
Unique care for every woman
Lactacyd brings fresh look, more ‘personal’ dimension to intimate care with latest range of feminine care solutions
Intimate care is an essential aspect of every woman’s health and well-being. In addition to preventing irritation, odor, itching and other discomforts, practicing proper hygiene is also an effective prevention against infections.  Understanding that these hygienic necessities are unique, sensitive and special in their own ways, Lactacyd, the feminine hygiene expert, gives a more “personalized” approach to intimate care with its new range of benefit-enriched solutions.
With 25 years of experience, Lactacyd formally unveiled its latest range in the Philippines with no less than top model, TV and movie actress Anne Curtis, Lactacyd’s brand ambassador since 2012. The press launch was held recently at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, with company officials, VIPs, and select media in attendance.   
Anne Curtis ~ Lactacyd (7)
Anne Curtis with event hosts Sam YG and Gelli Victor
Five choices for today’s modern women
Carrying the brand’s promise to provide safe and natural care, the latest range of Lactacyd now offers more choices and distinct benefits that match the various personalities, lifestyles and hygienic care needs of today’s modern women. Made from natural and mild milk-based ingredients, lactoserum and lactic acid – Lactacyd’s unique formulation complements a woman’s pH while effectively helping to prevent irritation and problems caused by bacteria.
For pure cleansing, Lactacyd Protecting is perfect for women who may experience irritation as a result of daily activities and humidity. Thanks to lactoserum and lactic acid, this classic Lactacyd keeps itching, irritation and odor away through its delicate caring properties.
Meanwhile, Lactacyd White Intimate is a whitening feminine wash that provides women with safe and clinically-tested cleansing with effective lightening of the bikini area.   Made with natural plant-based Actipone-B, marine-based Algowhite, and milk-ingredients, Lactacyd White Intimate gently lightens the intimate area within 4 weeks1 that’s why it’s preferred by 9 out of 10 Asian women2.
For youth-reviving benefits, Lactacyd Revitalize is an innovative feminine wash that goes beyond cleansing. Promoting both skin elasticity and softness, it has Vitamin E and collagen which are known ingredients to enhance skin softness, suppleness and firmness. Users claim to achieve 90% skin youthfulness in just 10 days3.
Life becomes more breezy for women with Lactacyd All-Day Care (formerly known as Lactacyd Fresh Radiance), as it provides them with just the right amount of everyday cleansing. This variant combines natural milk extracts with light floral scent that gently cleanses and refreshes the intimate area. It also comes in handy All-Day Care Wipes for on-the-go feminine care.
The brand’s latest variant, Lactacyd Cool and Fresh, helps women stay pleasantly protected and confident with its longer-lasting freshness4. Made with menthol essences and milk extracts, this clear and mildly soothing variant effectively provides cooling and longer-lasting freshness against the sticky-icky feeling down there.
“Lactacyd understands that each woman is unique, and with needs different from one another; especially when it comes to intimate care. This is why we now have a wide range of products to meet women’s intimate care needs that go beyond cleansing. This new range also comes in a new look to showcase the different benefits we offer; thus making it easier for the women to choose which Lactacyd is best for them,” said Aldellyn Po, Franchise Manager for Lactacyd.  
“By staying true to our brand belief, we have empowered generations of women to stay healthy and feel confident with products that offer cleanliness, freshness, and comfort for the confidence every woman needs to bring out her best,” said Charlene Banzal, Business Unit Director for Sanofi Consumer Health Care.
The latest Lactacyd intimate care range is now available in leading drugstores, supermarkets and beauty shops nationwide. For more information, visit www.lactacyd.ph or follow by liking its Facebook and Instagram pages (womantalks).
 Anne Curtis reveals ‘The Gifted’ joys of femininity
PRESS INFO 3 photos - anne curtis cool and fresh (1)
Talented, glamorous, funny and smart. What’s not to like or love about actress Anne Curtis? But just when you think you already s aw the best of her in her many blockbuster films and TV titular roles, Anne makes buzz anew on the big screen with an “enormous” starring role in Viva Films’ new dark comedy movie, “The Gifted.”
With a new film and a successful showbiz career spanning 17 years, Anne is indeed on top of her league. But what makes the “Annebisyosa” so interesting to the public eye? The secret perhaps lies in the way she exudes grace, strength and confidence — ideals of a multi-faceted modern woman that Lactacyd, the world’s the expert on feminine hygiene, pays tribute to in its latest range of intimate care solutions.
 PRESS INFO 3 photos - anne curtis cool and fresh (2)
Made from natural and mild milk-based ingredients (lactoserum and lactic acid) the latest range of Lactacyd feminine products now offers more choices with distinct beneficial enhancers that match the various personalities, lifestyles and hygienic care needs of today’s contemporary women.
As a celebrity icon, a concert artist, TV host and product endorser, Anne is definitely no stranger to such demanding mix of shifting roles, both in reel and real life. According to the 29-year-old actress, every woman can still be at her best self amid hectic daily routines and  lifestyles.  
“Personally, I make sure to bring out my best in all performances, whether they are on television, film, and even in real life. To do so, I have to be always healthy and confident, and that includes taking good care of myself so I could be consistently on top of my game and focused in everything that I do,” said Anne, who has been Lactacyd’s endorser since 2012.
Like Anne, each woman has her own beautiful personal journey: whether as a doting mother, a high-flying career woman, or a young achiever, she needs a constant care partner to keep her fresh and clean all throughout so she can go with her everyday activities worry-free.
Understanding these unique needs, Lactacyd translates these via a full range of products that best suits every woman’s delicate hygiene needs: 
Protecting – the classic variant that keeps itching, irritation and odor away via its delicate and  caring properties
Revitalize – the feminine wash with Vitamin E and collagen ingredients to enhance skin softness, suppleness and firmness
White Intimate – a natural and safe lightening feminine wash that lightens the bikini area within 4 weeks1
All-Day Care – formerly known as Lactacyd Fresh Radiance, for everyday protection and freshness
Cool and Fresh – which promotes cooling and longer-lasting freshness2 against heat and feeling of stickiness in the intimate area
Lactacyd’s new feminine care range celebrates the joys and gentle spirit of femininity that is unique and wonderful in every woman. With five variants to choose from, Lactacyd empowers all types of women to be the best kind of woman they can be.


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The Lifestyle Bazaar on November 14-16,2014 at the Metrotent, Metrowalk Ortigas Center

Since it’s the BER months already,which means bazaar season.Christmas is just a few months away,so be ready and save more because we all know what that means bazaars are popping left and right.it is the time when people are in the mood for more shopping and sharing.Shopping ahead means making the most of sales, great awesome finds and even get trendy items on seasonal sale.

TLB logo3 (1)
See you all at The Lifestyle Bazaar on Nov. 14-16, 2014 at the Metrotent, Metrowalk Ortigas Center.A bazaar that focuses on lifestyles, its differences and its emergence in our today’s society.Shoppers and food lovers get ready, as the delightful and trendiest fashion and food concessionaires await you!   
Great news!  to us entrepreneurs, Ber Months is a great opportunity to do sidelines in Bazaar and Tiangge. Few Booths are still available for the event so don’t miss out! You may also check https://www.facebook.com/thelifestylebazaar and @thelifestylebazaar on instagram for details. 
Interested Concessionaires may contact them thru 0917-847-2720 🙂