Rekados Cafe and Restaurante – Excellent Food,Cozy Restaurant, & Pasalubong Shop (All-in-one place)


For those who want to venture out of the city and enjoy for a bit of cooler air in the South of Manila, Tagaytay, is one of the most pleasant city in the South. with its laid back atmosphere,cool climate and scenic long hour drive from the city – there is a Restaurant that not only offers great food but offers an unforgettable experience down South. One of the best Restaurant going to Tagaytay is Rekados Cafe and Restaurante located at Santa Rosa- Tagaytay Road,Silang, Cavite.


For those who are first time visitors or just looking for new things to see and do before and after going to Tagaytay, I have my top 4 list why you must visit Rekados Cafe and Restaurant! here’s the full list.

1. Spanish influence on Filipino Food– The next time you’re looking for an amazing dining experience,look no further than Rekados Cafe and Restaurant. Why it’s awesome: Spanish influences can be found throughout Filipino cuisine. It is a MUST that you visit this Restaurant and savor the rich taste of their famous Paella Valenciana and Callos.



Their service, presentation, and food were all excellent and I would highly recommend all the food they serve. In case you are starving for more, it is best that you should also try their Grilled Salmon that just blends in your mouth. Grilled Porkchops, and Linguine Al Pesto,



10361330_1055591144466269_2804577855259086855_nand many more are the best in Rekados Cafe amd Restaurant!



As for my dessert, the tastiest I’ve got is their Churros in Spanish Tablea  — very delicious!


On your next trip before and after going to Tagaytay, definitely go visit and dine at REKADOS.

2. Scenic view – The ambiance was suitable for families, romantic hide-aways or casual conferences. here you can also see a bit of a touch of spanish and filipino culture, very much like Intramuros.I love how the plants were everywhere plus a huge garden filled with trees and  flowers. I can just imagine how romantic the place looks like at night. The place also has this big garden that’s still under renovation very much like Pedalling from Paris to Venice – where they can also accommodate garden weddings, venue for wedding proposals, and etc. I don’t have the photo of the Garden because its under contraction but next time that ill be visiting Rekados, will definitely take a picture of it 🙂






3. Fine Restaurant – The feel inside Restaurant is like coming home to your ancestral home and very romantic aura too.The restaurant is filled with stuff from the past, antique photo frames, old clocks, books,and  etc. And the menu is filled with family recipes or recipes from friends of the restaurant owner’s family. The place is not that big that it can only accommodate a number of customers at a time; so, it’s best to make reservations especially during lunch time.






4. Pasalubong Items –  Rekados Cafe and Restaurante is a complete haven of treats and goodies for your loved ones once you get home. choose among the varieties of delectable goodies Balai Pasalubong offers.







There is also a milk store inside the compound known as Gatas Station where customers can buy fresh milk.

Great food – Scenic View – and Pasalubong Items all in one place.

To top it off, The gracious and handsome owner Mr. Daniel Custodio makes this place more friendly to everyone. Nice place, good music, excellent food and service!



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