Embarking on an Epic travel adventure – AZALEA Summer Getaway

I can honestly say that ONE of my best travel experiences happened 2 weeks ago. People keep asking me what is the most memorable travel moment was. I love to describe it as this ” Its a story of a girl turned into a woman who wants to uncovered my soul’s purpose, searching for her true self ”. for me, travel is my prayer, my meditation. It is the shedding of what is on the outside to see what is within. What makes travel so exciting is that it provides freedom and space to see with bigger and clearer eyes.


A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be invited for a 3 Day trip in Baguio city and staycation sponsored by AZALEA HOTEL & RESIDENCES BAGUIO CITY.


Baguio city is Known For: Strawberries, Pine Trees, Cool Weather, Flower Gardens, Mountain Terrain, Salad Bowl of the Philippines, Silversmiths, Hand woven Ethnic Cloth, Hand carving. being invited to go is a great blessing.

May 15 2015, (travel to Baguio city)

Excited to wake up and see what God has in store for the day. Through bus travel ( JoyBus) the travel time was less than 4 hours going to city proper of Baguio City. we got there around 5 in the afternoon. Everything was just perfect from the moment we were picked up from the bus stop the friendly staff ( Mr.Paul and Mr. Jc , and Miss rachelle at hotel  were very welcoming and they went out of their way to make sure we had everything we needed for a fantastic time! our room was spacious and comfortable.



After checking in our rooms, together with the friendly hotel staff and fellow bloggers we checked out at the hotel for a dinner prepared for us at kalapaw restaurant. the food was delicious and  plenty to eat after a long bus travel.


After the dinner at Kalapaw Restaurant, Our Group visited the famous Night Market Shopping at Harrison Road. were you can find a long stretch of items. from shoes, bags, accessories to fashionable clothing that are famous for their cheap price. It was a perfect cool weather to enjoy while splurging for great items. I myself bought and spend 90 pesos for 3 dresses. Im so happy how i end the day with shopping!



Day 1: May 16, 2015

We had our Breakfast at Tradisyon Pinoy Comfort Food


Our Itinerary was in full blast. since this is the very 1st time visiting Baguio city, I get excited to what AZALEA RESIDENCES has in store for Us. Our Day 1 activities, are in LA Trinidad were the Strawberry farm is located. we get to see the actual strawberry picking.



spotted a sun flower here at the strawberry farm



Blogger friend ACI of Life of Aci.com 



Of course we will not missed visiting the famous Rose Farm








Baguio city if known for their famous pasalubong, like walis  tambo, knitted bags and shirts to count them all. Its a filipino tradition not to forget to buy good stuff from Baguio.


 After LA Trinidad Strawberry Farm Visit, we had our Lunch at JEWEL IGOROT RESTAURANT.




After our lunch at Jewel Igorot in LA Trinidad we drove back to Baguio city proper for our Activity that will be introduce by the hotel staff. The Amazing Race!


I can say this is one of the high lights of our Azalea Summer Getaway. we were grouped in 5s.The task is to find the clue written in a piece of paper that has given to each group member and once you find it, you have to take a group selfie altogether. once we are done we have to go back to the hotel at the exact time. overall it was really fun. we didn’t won but we had fun. It was an epic adventure with a twist!



Photo Credits to my fellow blogger Mr. JEMAN VILLANUEVA of Orange Magazine 🙂



and I LOVE each member of my group. Im so proud i belong to this group. Jeman Villanueva named our group us the AZALEA Blogger Team! and by the way we loved our Prize 🙂



Photo Credits to a fellow blogger  Miss Carol Ranas

Our Fellowship Party at 2600 Gastro Pub with my Amazing Race Team.


Day 2: May 17,2015

This is our last day at Baguio city, still we have a whole lot of activity prepared for us. we’re all ready to have a GREAT day. Our Itinerary for Day 2 is to visit the famous place in the philippines all because of the teleserye FOREVER MORE. (hahaha) some joking walang forever…pero meron meron meron…Lol kidding aside, I’m just excited to go for a LA PRESA Adventure at Mt. Sto. Tomas.









Our Tree Top Adventure Ride 

if you want to experience extreme in Baguio, only one place comes to mind. Combine fun, adventure, and maybe a touch of terror when you visit Tree Top Adventure in Camp John Hay, Baguio City. It’s definitely worth the experience. Something you will surely never forget.

Tree Top Adventure Baguio experience was the highlight of my 2015, or should i say add to my bucket list. It’s world class and definitely safe. They’ve installed safety lines and their instructors and facilitators are not just technically equipped too.


Silver Surfer
Would you like to conquer the sky? Then be The Silver Surfer if only for a day. Stand atop a specially designed ledge, hold onto a bar and simply fly. The 70-meters long diagonal zip line takes you up to a tower at a speed of approximately 6 meters per second. This adventure accommodates 2 persons at a time, facing each other, and makes key stops midway through the ride. Expect to swing on air at every stop to feel the excitement of this adventure. Experience 3 back and forth cycles that take only 2-3 minutes a ride.




The only place were you can find Ube Jam and strawberry jams,  and alot more Pasalubong Shopping only at Good Sheppered 


 I simply want to have a fun time, live the travel dream or live selfishly. No. Travel has taught me that it is a great teacher. And it has taught me that my soul’s purpose is to help others see that — to help others reach their soul’s purpose by tapping into the well of knowledge that is travel.


“I would like to take a few minutes to thank AZALEA HOTEL & RESIDENCES BAGUIO CITY and the hotel staff specially to ( Mr.Paul and Mr. Jc ,Miss Terry and Miss rachelle that made all of us feel that we were important.you did everything you could do to make sure that from Day 1 until our last night is wonderful and memorable time and I really appreciate all your efforts. .” Your courtesy, attention to detail, prompt response to concerns, and flexibility to our ever-changing needs. Again! I wanted to thank you guys for a wonderful time at your hotel. The accommodations and level of service provided were beyond reproach. Hopefully i will get a chance to come back again. Hope to see you all SOON. 



“Our event was a great success due to your assistance before, during and after the event. Your help in putting it all together is greatly appreciated.” Thank you so much for being such a gracious hotel.Your staff was extremely accommodating and open to our requests, the rooms were fantastic, and everyone loved the place.

Azalea Hotel & Residences is located at Leonard Wood Loop, Baguio City. Hotel Trunk line: 074 424 8712 to 13. Email them at reservations@azalea.com.ph. visit their website http://www.azalea.com.ph



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