AXN Asia’s Got Talent Homecoming Press Conference


At the URBN BAR & KITCHEN last May 21, 2015,  the Homecoming Press Conference  for the Filipino finalists of “Asia’s Got Talent. The victory of four filipino contestants who won asia’s heart namely EL GAMMA PENUMBRA, JUNIOR NEW SYSTEM, GERPHIL FLORES and GWYNETH DORADO. during the presscon, the media asked questions, what’s next for them and what opportunities has in store for them.


As for GWYNETH DORADO, the press asked her is she would still continue her studies since she is still young and she replied with a big yes. she wanted to go back to school and balance everything including her passion ” singing”. 

for  EL GAMMA PENUMBRA, and JUNIOR NEW SYSTEM, the group will still continue and they will always dance when they are very young and continue it throughout their lives. some wanted to go back to school again. 

whats next for GERPHIL FLORES Filipina classical singer was one step closer to making the “impossible dream” possible when she finished third in the recently concluded first season of “Asia’s Got Talent” Foster is known for his contributions to the career of his protégé Filipino singing sensation Charice Pempengco, who also performed a duet with Foster made a promise to gerphil, the world is gonna know about you.


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