Nuvali (Sta. Rosa, Laguna) – our favorite weekend escape

Nuvali located along  (Sta. Rosa, Laguna) is a environment – friendly property development clearly stands out. what makes this place more appealing is how it has turned into a go to destination for nature and recreation.


It is accessible via Eton City – Greenfield, Sta.Rosa, Silangan and Calamba exits. This is open for the whole family were they can do outdoor activities. The shuttle buses can also take you around the Nuvali area for free. You can also have a picnic by the pond and let your kids ride their bikes and feed the fish. Kids will definitely enjoy watching and feeding the countless koi fish.

1606906_841367685888617_1280719101_n 1922309_841369335888452_1555582724_n

1920399_841765952515457_30743693_n 1978704_841777679180951_1733170584_nNuvali usually have events like flying kites, watching outdoor movies or joining sports clinics that nuvali caters like a Chi Running clinic with Coach Lit Onrubia where you can get a much needed adrenaline rush.


1922424_841349559223763_1422877228_nIt is a perfect area where they can learn more about the wildlife while enjoying the natural beauty of a long stretch of greenery.


1901556_841349739223745_2040872470_nEscola Brasileira de Capoeira also brings capoeira music and dance to Nuvali, by joining a Capoeira session. Therefore, families with children, can really find this place simply amusing.Boating is also another activity that you can enjoy in Nuvali.

NUVALI is close enough to the city that it has all its modern conveniences, but far enough that you can still enjoy fresh air and the sight of trees.


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