Detox and Invigorate the Senses at Posh Nails – The country’s top nail salon introduces new wellness package

detox promo sponsors copy

As part of Posh Nails 13th Anniversary, together with Ms Ara Mina, Lj Reyes and Paolo Contis with some of the invited Lifestyle Bloggers and Guests, we were all treated to an afternoon of detoxifying the mind, body and spirit!

Posh Nails has all the trimmings of every girl’s happy place. Clean white walls, pink couches, friendly and efficient staff is a perfect haven for everyone. From the soaking of your feet to applying your selected polish, With its 13th Anniversary, lifestyle Bloggers were all treated with a full nail, hand and foot service and enjoyed for being first to try the Posh Detox Mani + Pedi , the specialists provide 1 hour or sometimes more of the treatment you rightfully deserve.



For the Posh Nails signature treatment, the specialists will scrub your arms and legs with scrub solution and lotion infused with green tea, the massage will leave you feeling refreshed, smoothens the skin and relaxed.


Detox Manicure


Posh Nails Menu of Services


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