My Weekend Staycation at The Legend Villas

I have been blessed with the opportunity to experience new places throughout the years and i always treasure every moment..


While some people enjoy flying to get to their favorite local destinations for an exciting, calming and relaxing all at the same time. I prefer Staycation! I dont mind staying at a nice hotel even if it takes a whole day. for me, nothing beats a quiet time with your family, wanting some time off and try out some of the best Filipino dishes. It’s all part of the experience.



Mandaluyong City has grown immensely and discovered so much what this city had to offer. with the steady modernization, condos and hotels are emerging and more branches have also made.


if you’ve been to 60 Pioneer cor Madison Streets of Mandaluyong, you’ve probably seen the Legend Villas, the property is probably one of the prettiest, an interesting mix of vintage, Spanish architectural styles.

I was quiet happy that i spend my weekend Staycation at the legend villas in Mandaluyong , Perfect timing because of my busy schedule’s at school and at work as a Writer.



So this where they get its inspiration from titled sidewalks, I love how artsy the sidewalks are.


LOLA Maria Restaurant, caters the best Filipino dishes served in every Filipino home. With a little influence of Spanish cuisine, you can assure of experiencing a worthy stay at their place.




So there goes my top 5 favorite Flipino food






I stayed at one of their Deluxe Rooms that are quiet spacious and lovely. There’s also a fitness center, vintage vibe lounge, kids activity area and also for the kids at heart and of course a wide pool.


The Reception Area were in they welcome guests


The lounging area is very unique. it shows the Filipino cultures, styles and even the furniture’s reminds you of traditional Filipino game.

the hotel has the significant importance of Filipino culture.IMG_20150815_194027[1]




The Staff are naturally hospitable, they are friendly, the service is very personalized that is why the guests keep coming back, it’s not just the facilities but the people and the experience.


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