Wacoal top intimate apparel launches its Sports Bra collection for Active Women


Today’s women are active breed who regularly engage in various sports activities and physical workouts to keep them in tip-top shape as they go about the hectic week work. In addition, they face the challenging rigors of fast-paced urban living which keep them always on the move.

There is good to this special breed of women as Philippine Wacoal Corporation, one of the country’s top intimate apparel firms, launches its Sports Bra Collection.


 “Helping empowering women has always been one of Wacoal’s mission since it came to the Philippines in 1989, in addition to providing high quality products and superior customer service to our patrons,” says Philippine Wacoal Corporation, President Ms. Ann Christine Palisoc.



She said that the new high-quality product line which caters to light, medium and hard-impact sports was created using fine fabric and state-of-the-art Japanese technology..

The light-impact bra is a racer back-style which features a non-wire moulded cup for utmost comfort and great hook and eye reinforcements to help ease of movement while doing stretching, yoga, Pilates and similar light activities.


ib1099 bl

The medium-impact type is a non-wired sports bra that gives essential support and comfort, with its thick straps giving the bust a stable lift even when in motion. It’s perfect for aerobic activities like brisk walking, stair climbing or dancing.



SB 4505 BL

Meanwhile, the high-impact sports bra is a slightly-padded, racerback which provides full support and confidence when doing intense workout like high-intensity dance exercises, boxing, and running. This bra also has compression features that allow breasts to move  in unison with the torso and minimize the bouncing movement


sb4506 pi

 In the Philippines, Wacoal has grown steadily over the years and is now among the top brands in the intimate apparel industry. It is also one of the widely distributed across the country with 52 department store counters and 8 direct sales branches. Philippine Wacoal lives by its motto “Every Body Loves Wacoal” to emphasize its flexibility and versatility on all body types.

          For more information, visit www.wacoal.ph.


Experience Natural Care ” down there ” with pH care


Everyone’s going all-natural these days, whether we’re talking about organic food, health supplements from plant and animal extracts, and even personal care and beauty products. And, why not? Ever since, people have long used natural ingredients to effectively address their woes and concerns.

This is why pH Care bottled up nature’s wonders through two popularly used ingredients, papaya and guava leaves, to come up with their all-new pH Care Naturals line in pH Care Naturals Papaya and pH Care Naturals Guava. The folks behind best-selling feminine wash pH Care have an intimate understanding of the importance of caring for your feminine area, and they expertly combine the properties of these winning natural ingredients with their mild and effective intimate care products.

pH Care Naturals PapayapHCare Papaya_50mLThere are a lot of factors that can influence a woman’s confidence when it comes to donning that swimsuit, including puson problems and cleavage consciousness. But one other common insecurity many women have is dark skin in and around the feminine area, and this is something they can feel self-conscious about even in the comfort and privacy of their own rooms and bathrooms. And, while there are many products for whitening dark skin in other parts of the body, most of these aren’t safe or suited for use in intimate areas. But now, pH Care has a new whitening feminine wash variant that uses natural ingredients, so you keep the sensitive area fresh and fair. The new pH Care Naturals Papaya is powered with papaya extract, so you get fairer skin in as early as 14 days! And since we know papaya is one of nature’s wonders when it comes to skin-whitening, you’re sure to get only the best results with the mildest ingredients.

pH Care Naturals Guava

pHCare Guava_50ml

Even if you’re not overly concerned with dark skin, you may still want a feminine wash made from natural ingredients that will still keep your intimate area fresh and clean. After all, in a hot country like ours, sweat can lead to discomfort, even body odor, and infection—and it’s worse when it involves the feminine area! But no need to worry; pH Care Naturals Guava has been specially infused with guava leaf extract, which is well-known for its cleansing and anti-bacterial properties. In fact, the use of guava leaves for intimate care is a traditionally renowned practice passed on from generation to generation. So if you’re among the 33% of Filipinas constantly seeking for natural solutions “down there,” then give pH Care Naturals Guava a try. It will naturally deodorize the area so you can feel confident regardless of outfit, activity, or even weather. It has quite a refreshing scent, too!

Now, you can be assured of natural care “down there”, para fresh and clean na, odor-free pa!

The NEW! pH Care Naturals Intimate Wash is available for P49.50 (50mL) and P104 (150mL) at leading supermarkets, drugstores, and beauty stores. For more information, check out facebook.com/pHCare.

#pHCareNaturals #NaturalCare

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Solano Hills Sucat – Phinma Properties

DSC_5072  Solano Hills Sucat is a private condominium development set in the peaceful district of Sucat in Muntinlupa City. Inspired by country-lodge homes, symbols of a simple and comfortable lifestyle, Solano Hills lets you experience the homey appeal of living in a relaxing locale away from the worries of day-to-day life.



Enjoy wide open spaces in Solano Hills’ expansive area, where residences are ideally spaced apart, giving you a low-density environment. Many enjoyable amenities await our residents in The Lodge, Solano Hills’ exclusive clubhouse. You can be sure to get more value for your investment with our adult and children’s swimming pools, stylish function halls and a fully equipped recreation room.

Solano Hills’ convenient location in Sucat gives easy access to well-known urban centers such as Alabang, Makati CBD and Bonifacio Global City, giving you the chance to rest at home while still being close to work or school.

Choose your dream home among our 30 sqm or combined 60 sqm units. As an exclusive private community, Solano Hills comes with its own dedicated security detail. Aftersales property management is also available to ensure that you get the most out of your ideal condo home.

As part of our Affordabest condos, Solano Hills Sucat guarantees well-made, spacious residences that are truly affordable. Our flexible payment plans ensure that buyers will never worry about high amortization costs, giving you more of the comforts of modern city living for less. Studio units range from P1, 485,000 to – P1, 659, 000



Sato Premiere Suites Asia Enclaves Alabang – Phinma Properties


ASiA Enclaves Alabang is PHINMA Properties’ flagship affordable luxury condominiums featuring the largest single unit sizes among our other condo developments. It boasts a reputation for affordable luxury as the winner of the “Best Affordable Condo Development (Manila)” Award from the 2014 Philippines Property Awards, and was also one of the prestigious “Highly Commended Best Condo Developments (Philippines)” by the 2014 South East Asia Property Awards.

Its infusion of distinct Asian-inspired architecture to its condominium design creates a unique cosmopolitan atmosphere that is set to inspire city-living in the south. Delicately designed as a community set within the dynamic and modern setting of Alabang, ASiA Enclaves offers a new way to enjoy the essential luxuries of an urban lifestyle.


Clubhouse 20150829_112703 Ohara-Gate

ASiA Enclaves is set near the upscale neighbourhood of Alabang in Muntinlupa City, where every convenience of a highly-developed urban center can be found. As a truly family-oriented locale, the Alabang District features several high-end malls, international schools and bustling business centers from the Madrigal Business Park to the Northgate Cyberzone.

ASiA Enclaves promises to be the ideal residence for the modern Filipino Family. Enjoy the essential luxury of space in ASiA Enclaves’ larger living spaces, with a wide range of units in the SATO premiere Suites—from two bedroom 54 and 56 sqm units and three-bedroom 76-sqm units. All units are ideally spaced apart to ensure a low density and private community.

Enjoy exclusive amenities including spacious function halls, adult and children’s swimming pools, a fully-equipped fitness studio and the relaxing Residents’ Lounge. Experience the privilege of living in an upscale community, with landscaped gardens, cobblestone paths and a dedicated security detail that keeps your family safe and secure.

PHINMA Properties developments have been designed to incorporate the ideal combination of affordability and quality. ASiA Enclaves features long-term payment plans that allow clients to buy their units faster and easier, with a price range starting from P1,590,000 for studio units to P4,457,000 for 3BR Units in the Sato III Premiere Suites.



Salliano’s Restaurant and Bar is NOW Open located at Marikina City


Salliano’s Restaurant and Bar’s Grand was Launched last  Sept. 19, Saturday. Many guests are invited to perform on their stage including one of the leading bands in the country, UP Dharma Down. Salliano’s had its soft-opening last July 18 and was warmly patronized by the locals of Marikina City.


Salliano’s houses the exceptionally enormous meatballs, the uniquely cooked Paella and one of their specialty desserts, custaroons.

Salliano’s Restaurant and Bar is a modern and casual dining restaurant located in the heart of Marikina City. It is founded by a group of friends who have known and been with each other since Grade 1.

Over the years, their union as friends, in due course, grown into one big family including their spouses and respective families. Gatherings are but normal and certainly sharing and tasting of each other’s specialty dishes and eventually led to the transformation of their love and passion for food to business. Salliano’s stand for togetherness and celebrations. The idea is to bring back the heart and the familiar in comfort dining, as if one is simply enjoying a hearty meal in your parent’s or a favorite uncle’s backyard.

Salliano’s offers a wide range of gastronomic experience, including the Paella which harken back to those memorable family reunions, the consummately humongous and delicious meatballs that remind of fun birthday celebrations with friends and the all-time favorite gourmet BBQs and Sisig that bring back unforgettable moments with barkadas.

The dishes are full of honesty with only one true goal, and that is to serve a hearty meal while you simply celebrate with those special to you. Truly, Salliano’s is about celebration, family and home.


In line with the grand launch of Salliano’s Restaurant and Bar, we will be raffling 1 table (for 4 pax) to one lucky winner who will qualify if he/she does what is instructed below. You may be able to watch UP Dharma Down’s show this coming Sept. 19!!!

How to score a table for 4 at Salliano’s Restaurant and Bar and watch UP Dharma Down’s performance?

  1. Like Salliano’s Restaurant and Bar’s Facebook Fan Page
  2. Share their facebook fan page and tag 3 of your friends who you want to watch with.
  3. Tweet “I want to watch UP Dharma Down in #SallianosinMarikina #CelebrateSallianos”

Please always use the hashtags #SallianosinMarikina and #CelebrateSallianos

More shares, tweets -> More chances of winning.

Here are the prices for the tables:

4 pax – 2,2k with a bottle of Jack Daniels or 1,2k consumable
6 pax – 3,2k with a bottle of Jack Daniels or 1,7k consumable
8 pax – 4k with a botlle of Jack Daniels or 2k consumable

Note: Prices are inclusive of door charge. See ya!

For your table reservations, please call us at 0927-8120917 or visit us at Salliano’s Restaurant and Bar.


Green Inferno finally gets the green light


After more than a year of waiting, horror movie fans will finally get to see perhaps the most disturbing, and controversial films of the year—THE GREEN INFERNO.

Ahead of its US release, Solar Pictures unleashes the Green Inferno in local cinemas nationwide beginning September 23, 2015.

Directed by Eli Roth, the horror mastermind behind such groundbreaking films as Cabin Fever and the blockbuster Hostel franchise, Green Inferno is a terrifying, twisted and blood-soaked take on the a digital-age phenomenon known as “slacktivism.”

The Green Inferno tells the story of what happens when “slacktivism”—the well-meaning social-media response to global catastrophes—turns deadly deep in a South American rainforest.

green inferno HI RES

When a group of college students take their humanitarian protest to the Amazon jungle, they are taken prisoner by the indigenous tribe they came to save. Trapped in a remote tribal village, these naïve, technology- dependent students suffer unspeakable acts as the victims of chilling and soul- destroying rituals reserved for only the most threatening intruders.

In early 2012 Eli Roth was working on a script about a group of college students who try to solve the world’s problems by using online videos to publicly embarrass anyone they see as doing wrong. Before he finished writing it, an organization called Invisible Children made the video “KONY 2012,” which urged viewers to help take down Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony.

Fueled by a worldwide social-media frenzy, the video was viewed more than 100 million times. Soon, however, the campaign came under intense criticism for oversimplifying—and in some cases misrepresenting—a complex situation, and the organization’s founder, Jason Russell, suffered a very public breakdown.

Roth was amazed that these real-life events so closely mirrored the central premise of The Green Inferno.

“Everyone in the world was tweeting about something they had learned from a YouTube video, and almost shaming other people into re-tweeting it, as if you were uncaring about Ugandan child soldiers if you didn’t,” he recalls. In the end, the KONY 2012 campaign did almost nothing to solve the problems it highlighted. Yes, it raised awareness, but just re-tweeting links to YouTube videos isn’t actually going to stop warlords.”

For Roth, the controversy surrounding KONY 2012 validated The Green Inferno’s core conceit—the idea that “slacktivism” is often just a way for social media users to feel like they are doing something about horrific events that are completely beyond their control. “It came from a good place, wanting to help others in a far corner of the world,” says Roth. “But ultimately it was more about people feeling better about themselves.”

Although the film offers a pointed commentary on this uniquely 21st-century trend, Roth’s primary goal is more visceral: to share with audiences his love for blood- curdling movie mayhem. “Horror movies were my passion growing up, and my favorite thing was being scared and watching scary, gory movies with my friends,” he says. “I love to terrify people. As things get worse in this world, and people feel a loss of control over things, they need an outlet, a place they are allowed to be really scared. Where better than in a horror movie?”



“Taklub” Director Brillante Mendoza-what were his inspirations for doing the film


I truly appreciate the opportunity to interview  2009 Best Director. Director Brillante Ma. Mendoza, his the first and only Filipino to win the most coveted Best Director award at the Cannes Film Festival – His 2012 film  Thy Womb competed for the Golden Lion at the  69th Venice International Film Festival.  And now His film Taklub has been selected to be screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the  2015 Cannes Film Festival.  


Director Brillante were asked some questions during the interview on what were his inspiration for doing the film and if he is open of doing teleserye or another project. Direk always trusts his instincts and make sure that there is always consistency between facts, storytelling and his techniques. How he did this movie? he was asked if he wanted to make a movie about the tragedy of Typhoon Yolanda, the Department of Environment asked him to work on a documentary which is his style and by doing this film is his tribute to the victims and survivors.


Inspirational quote that I learned from Direk Brillante Mendoza, 

” Its not about the form, its about the content “

What is his next project? his next film will be a plea against climate change, this project is his way of awaking every ones eye to become aware of Global problem before its too late.

Taklub, directed by Brillante Mendoza in this film Nora Aunor to lead the film, a story of haiyan survivors , struggles and hope. The film revolves more with emotional devastation than with the physical aftermath. Direk’s style of the film is more of documentary and concentrates on its subject, the film is intimate and has its dramatic attack on the viewers. the finale of the film will leave you saddened yet humbled. 

Taklub is a story of three major characters – Bebeth, Larry and Erwin, whose lives intertwine after super typhoon Haiyan left the city of Tacloban in a horrendous state.  They search for the dead while trying desperately to keep their sanity intact, and to protect what little faith may have.

Bebeth (Nora Aunor) searches for the remains of her three children in the hopes that any identified records could match a DNA test from those buried at the mass grave. Larry (Julio Diaz) lost his wife and consoles himself by joining a group of devout Catholics carrying a life-size crucifix around the city. Erwin (Aaron Rivera) and his elder brother try to hide the truth of their parents’ death from their little sister.

As if grieving from the loss of their loved ones is not enough, a series of events, both man-made and natural, continue to test the endurance of the characters along with the rest of the people, waiting for a time to wipe those slow repugnant tears.

The film has received positive comments from social media and good reviews from the film critics. The MTRCB rated it as PG and released by the DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL RESOURCES (DENR) Thru Solar Pictures.



The Media Screening  and the said Interview was held at the FILMFEST CAFE AND RESTAURANT is owned by the world-renowned Filipino Director, Brillante Mendoza together with his business partner, Chef Allan Garcia.


In the age when cafes have sprouted almost everywhere, each offering a different experience from the other, the choice of the theme really plays an important role in making the establishment standout from the rest.

DSCN9923 DSCN9934

Nestled in a small, quiet neighborhood in Mandaluyong is a recently opened film-themed café and restaurant. This new haven for film enthusiasts and movie lovers alike, Filmfest Café and Restaurant, Had its opening last April 19, the café had already been a witness to small talks, get-togethers, barkada bondings, catch-ups between colleagues and of course, dining of some of today’s biggest and brightest stars in the movie industry.  With a daily film viewing of Director Brillante’s recent films, the diners do not only get treated with delicious dishes, welcomed by the serene ambiance of the place, but at the same time they are also given the chance to see the world-class works of the international award-winning director.

With open hours from 3pm to 1am every Monday to Saturday, Filmfest caters to late lunches, meryendas, dinners and midnight snacks. Ranging from various international cuisines to our very own local dishes, the café can most definitely satisfy anyone’s craving. Of course, if it offers good-tasting food, it surely does offer drinks that can satisfy any form of thirst – whether it be from a day’s total heat (fruit shakes and juices) or even that which craves for some bitter taste and a little kick in the gut (alcoholic drinks and mixes), Filmfest definitely has it all for you.

So if you are somehow in the middle of a hunt for a place that offers a welcoming vibe, food that is surely worth your budget and a theme that is certainly unique, why not drop by Filmfest Café and Restaurant. Located only at #947 Busilak St., Barangka Drive, Mandaluyong City, you can find yet another café that is not only apart from others of its kind but can also be close to your heart and not to mention, tummy.

For more information, visit Filmfest Café and Restaurant at its Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Filmfest-Cafe-and-Restaurant/, Instagram page at www.instagram.com/filmfestcafeandrestaurant/ or call 531 – 8831, or call or text 09773117565 and look for Ms. Ara Flores.