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Belkin, the leader in tablet and smartphone accessories launches the 1st Belkin Academy in the Philippines


BELKIN, 30 years in industry leadership and internal design, leader in tablet and smartphone accessories launched their very first Belkin Academy in the Philippines and introduces a new line up of in-car and charging solutions that are now available in http://www.lazada.com.ph. The Belkin Academy offers four courses: the third party products (3PP) Research and Development, Autobahn Safety, Type C Certification and Study of Herpetology.

Why Belkin is UNIQUE?



Certified for safety charge on variety of devices, Belkin’s mobile solution meets the highest standard in the industry. These are solutions fit for those on the go and even in your home, it is designed to fit your personal style. creating products that can make people’s lives better, easier and more fulfilling.

Belkin’s online distributor, Macpower Marketing Corporation introduces an offering, a policy were in you can replace it once accidentally broke it. applicable on car chargers and charging cables. They also introduce the new metallic colorways for the MIXIT collection. One of their best selling cables are Black mamba, with its matte metallic  finish and braided cable jacket, the cable has a sleek modern look.

For In-car solutions, Belkin unveil their new charge anywhere solutions with different kinds of mounts designed to be compatible for the biggest smartphones you have. built with power protection and anywhere connectivity anywhere you go.


Another thing that makes Belkin unique is there type C cables. why it is the most reliable? its because its the safest on the market and gave it the highest grade. The USB-C port has the ability to rapidly charge, advantage of USB 3 data transfer speed for connecting to external devices and peripherals, and connect video output such as HDMI,VGA, and Mini Display Port.

What makes it amazing is that it can do three things: It transfers data as faster speed up to 10Gbps power and charge devices such as laptops, tablets, and phones very quickly up to 100 watts and 3 Amps of power and can deliver high quality audio and video (4K/UltraHD).




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