Onanoff introduces BuddyPhones, a kid friendly headphones NOW in the Philippines

This holiday season, Onanoff introduces a headphone ideally made for kids. Onanoff, creator of intelligent accessories for gadgets introduces a new series of headphones here in the Philippines. 


With today’s technology, even the kids have their own gadgets and with this, Onanoff brings a product that are designed for their safety while listening their favorite music. we all know that excessive sounds may harm our kids hearing causing long term effects such as hearing loss or ear infection but with this product – (WHO) World Health Organization already approved it and recommend it as well. 



Kids will definitely love this because of its customizable color in stickers which included on the box. Kids will unleash their creativity for they want to design their headphones onto their stickers with crayons or markers. 


Why is this HEADPHONE Unique? with BUDDYPHONES built in Buddycable audio splitter, kids can practice what we call sharing. It can share sounds with up to four buddies or parents by plugginf a second audio cable into their own. NO MORE FIGHTS! Just sharing.


It’s comfortable, durable and bendable headband. Its safe againts playtime wear and tear.

The adaptor is built in so its never lost or forgotten when you need it. Buddyphones also feature a single line in cable to prevent tangles. 


At just Php 1,383 and Php 2,214, Buddyphones are the perfect gift for kids this Christmas. Buddyphones are available in Yellow, Blue, Pink, Purple, Green, and Orange at Globe GEN 3 Stores, Odyssey Next Stores and Lazada.com.ph 


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