SkinVesting with Baby Skin Laser at Luminisce

Baby Skin Laser – Luminisce Introduces one of the latest skin care technology that aims to achieve smooth and baby soft skin.
It’s every girls dream to have a timeless beauty. Believed that all things are possible but timeless beauty in the real world requires a little help from trustworthy skin specialists.
As much as we need to accept aging – we also have to take care of ourselves and always try to be our best selves all the time. We need to take care or ourselves in the process, not just for the benefit of those around us; but also for our own self confidence and help boost our self esteem.
Beautiful and naturally like baby skin is one of the hardest to achieve. People go to clinics for different reasons but one thing in common, a better version of themselves.
I discover a non invasive procedure that is fast and have the most natural looking result. My innermost wishes (of having a baby skin) did come true.
Baby Skin Laser – one of the latest skin care technology that Luminisce is proud of. Luminisce now offer a new way in which you can improve your skin appearance. Baby skin Laser will give a glow from within by creating small channels into the epidermis or the skin’s outer layer using this treatment.
They make the process of letting the product absorb into the deeper layers of the skin for better results.
According to Luminisce, to have a successful procedure must include a better understanding of beauty and aging process. The use of new products usually do not respond well on the skin because we all have different skin texture and condition that will lead an awful and unnatural result because the result cannot be seen.
Baby Skin revolutionary technology that promises to improve product absorption through this procedure that only takes a less than 10 minutes and requires no anesthesia.
Having a smooth like baby skin, must try the newest treatment at Luminisce (Baby Skin Laser) and start skinvesting.
Luminisce’s Holistic Skin Innovations. the clinic is situated at the 2nd floor of the Mercury Drug building in The Fort 32nd st, 4th avenue, fort BGC.
Dr. Kaycee Reyes Viber/text 0977-804-4601 http://www.luminisce.com

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