The Wish 107.5 Bus

wish bus night       

If you have come across a bus painted with a splash of orange and blue, equipped with loud speakers on top, and manned with a couple of crew, a disc jockey, and a famous or an upcoming artist or band prepping up for an on-the-spot performance, you have certainly seen the Wish 107.5 Bus.

Unveiled during the launch of Wish 107.5 in August 2014, the bus is an FM radio station-on-wheels, the very first in the country, which aims to bring live performances of today’s finest OPM talents right at the busy streets of Metro Manila. The bus is an avenue for featured artists to showcase their music, and for their fans to personally witness their performances.


The Wish 107.5 Bus is a unique concept, state-of-the-art facility that has amazed people from all walks of life – from to passers-by to avid radio listeners, typical road travelers to music enthusiasts. The local and international artists and music groups who have stepped foot on the bus have commended and retold their exceptional Wish 107.5 Bus experiences.


With more than just a year, the Wish 107.5 Bus has taken radio broadcast to a higher notch with hopeful promises to take more roads, more streets, and more cities to deliver the coolest musical experience to more wishers and music lovers.



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