What is it like in his shoes – Interview with Gregorio “Gringo” Honasan

Looking back 30 years ago at the Philippines 1986, something that changed the lives of millions of people, it seems that today many had forgotten what happened. To the new generation, most of them think what martial law and Edsa revolution was like. that Martial Law was imposed for the good of the people.for the young generation, It is our country’s history. this is what you missed. it’s what you should pass on when you have kids of your own.


I think everyone is familiar about the name Gregorio Ballesteros Honasan II,better known as Gringo Honasan.A Filipino politician,a former soldier and leader of successful coups. He played a key role in the 1986 Edsa Revolution.that toppled the dictatorship of President Ferdinand Marcos.He entered politics and became a Senator from 1995 to 2004 and again since 2007.and now he is running for vice president in 2016.


I was very young when martial law was declared, I didn’t even know what was like back then.Only on books that i understood its history. When i was in high school I only knew few things about him and his role during the Edsa Revolution and somehow ask What is it like to be in his shoes.I was in complete awe of getting this once in a lifetime chance of getting an interview of a man who i only knew on TV and Books.

We may see him as  a former soldier, built with a strong personality, perhaps a man survived with many bullets but you can say there’s more to something than meets the eye. not only a politician and a public servant, but also a father, a husband, a lolo to his grandchildren. This interview with former senator Honasan showed off his softer side when it comes to his family. What does an average day at work look like for gringo and his message for the younger generation.

To help create a relaxed environment in the BOARDROOM, a light question was ask to help break the ice. How does he spend his time during a typical day. his exact day-to-day activities. much to my surprise, he started getting up at 6 am to have his coffee and check his activities for that day. With so much of the day devoted to work, he believes that waking up early will have a result in better focus and more creative thinking. Since he is a former soldier, he practice the routine when he was in the military. Time is precious!

Someone ask him about what is his favorite movie? he said ”The Equalizer”   a 2014 American action crime thriller film stars Denzel Washington. He was very happy to share a quote from no less than Mark Twain: “The most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.”  

During the interview, first thing that came in my mind is to ask him what is his FEAR and how he keeps on living his life. Here’s what he has to say;

How do I de-stress myself? I Think of God, my God, our God whatever we call him, family and country. Have I ever been afraid of anything? I’m always afraid. I’m afraid now, as i have been before. I think I’ll continue to be afraid. considering I am a soldier,I am more afraid today. afraid of disappointing God – Honasan

He always believe that our family will always be our priority. like what he is fighting for the country. This is what he said during the interview.

Ano ba ang dapat mong gawin sa bayan mo? hindi ba dapat ano ang pwede nating ibigay sa ating bansa. pag ating napalakas ang bansa…ang bayan natin, lalakas ang ating pamilya. lalakas ang bayan, lalakas ang buong bansa. magiging ligtas, maayos, masaya, malusog, ang ating pamilya, mahalaga na malaman at maisapuso ng mga KABATAAN ngayon. Focus to something that is bigger than all of us without loosing the enjoyment of their youth. But we must not forget the importance and our responsibility. for the young generation, for the youth i’m asking for understanding and read more about what really happen during the Edsa Revolution, our mission is to build; magtatag ng mas matibay na pundasyon, para pag kayo na at wala na kami mas mag improve ang situation ng bansa, mas gumanda hindi yung sumama. Unity..Pagkakaisa… Work hard and must Pray Hard! Kaunlaran na matagal na naming pinangarap para sa inyo. – Honasan

I agree to K-12 Curriculum – Honasan

Okay ako dyan pero kulang yan! dapat pakainin natin ng maayos Nutrition between the ages of 0 to 6. dahil pag hindi mo nabigyan ng tamang nutrisyon ang bata, under develop ang utak, under develop ang katawan. it will be a big problem for the young generation if we keep this up. – Honasan 

I was happy to ask this question…In your opinion sir, How can we unite our country?

(For the local Government)- Decentralization authority and responsibility for public functions from the central government to subordinate or quasi-independent government organizations and/or the private sector a variety of concepts which must be carefully analyzed in any particular country before determining if projects or programs should support reorganization of financial, administrative, or service delivery systems. National planning (NEDA) national economic development authority under law. Our land use, unang-una dapat natin alamin,saan o dapat ilalagay yung residential, industrial, commercial, government recreational, educational centers, then alam na natin kung saan natin ilalagay ang kalsada, ang mrt, alamin ang solution ng traffic then opportunities will come in. investors will come in providing employment – Honasan

His message for the younger generation! he believes that it is the new generation of Filipinos who will keep the spirit of People Power alive and relevant today.

Kailangan nating pag aralan ang kasaysayan ng pilipinas. hindi lang yung personalidad. wag natin pag sabungin si rizal, si bonifacio at si aguinaldo. lahat sila, sa kanilang pagkatao, sa kanilang imperpeksyons; ang importante kung ano ang iniambag nila sa kasaysayan natin kaya natin narating yung kinaroonan natin ngayon. That will define us kung saan tayo nanggaling. susundan mo yan ng saan natin  gustong pumunta. – Honasan



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