Be mentored by award winning director Brillante Ma Mendoza’s FILM WORKSHOP


Isa si Direk @brillante_mendoza sa mga pinaka mahusay na director sa kanyang henerasyon. Sya ay ginawaran bilang pinaka mahusay na director sa Cannes Film Festival noong 2009 sa kanyang ginawang pelikulang Kinatay . bilang pasasalamat sa pagiging isang mahusay na filmmaker, nais nyang ibahagi ang kanyang talento sa kapwa pilipino sa pag oorganisa ng isa FILM WORKSHOP.




Benefits of Gluthatione:

For those who are not yet familiar with what can Gluthatione can do to our body, here’s why they call it the master oxidant.

Gluthatione acts as antioxidants and a powerful detoxifier that protects cells from free radicals and oxidative stress and can boosts our immune system

The levels of glutathione in the cells of the human body begins to decline after the age of twenty.

So this is why we need to intake because of its benefits that can do to our body, more importantly as we age.

Like in my case, for me having a Gluthatione is beneficial to me. I have a minor skin rashes until I knew about this product from Brady Pharma, introducing THIOCELL.


Great news because it is the first and only Gluthatione in the market in Lozenge form that works.

Developed by an American Scientist and MD, now we can  wake up to whiter, brighter and more radiant skin with Thiocell.


Thiocell promises a fairer and brighter complexion perfect for filipinas.

Other glutathione products simply dont deliver as dramatically as they promise. But theres a more effective and safer product that helps you achieve that radiant glow you’ve always wanted –

clinically proven to reduce pigmentation and achieve healthier, brighter and more beautiful skin in as early as 2 weeks.

This is me two years ago before taking Thiocell. I’m a typical morena. I have obvious dark pigmentation not only on my face but also in other parts of my body. Like any other filipina women, I was insecure about my skin. It lower my self esteem and I couldn’t wear clothes that I wanted. I’ve tried using other products to lighten my skin but it didn’t work…


Until I tried Thiocell last quarter of the year 2015. And it work!!




Not only with its whitening purpose but also the other benefits like anti aging and an improved healthy immune system. It makes you look younger than your age. Proud to be in my 30’s.



The history of innovation
Thiocell is the medical breakthrough patented by Dr. Theodore Hersh, a renowned professor of the Emory University School of Medicine, who has over 20 patents under his name in the development of glutathione and selenium products.

After years of research and clinical study, he discovered a newer, safer, and more effective way for the body to absorb and use glutathione.

It is well known that glutathione offers countless benefits.

“There may be hundreds of products available in the market, but women should be wary because there is a far more superior and successful method to achieving whiter skin, explains Director and COO of Brady Pharma, Rameash Tenambhat Krishnamurthy.


Thiocell was first introduced in the Philippines in 2013, and has since become the favoured and must trusted partner of dermatologists, not only in the country but around the world. Brady Pharma, in association with Dr. Hersh, had commercialized this unique product, and has the rights to market and distribute Thiocell globally.


The secret to Thiocells outstanding performance lies in three key fundamentals: the GCS synergy, Lozenge delivery, and the science of premium whitening.


GCS Synergy

Thiocell, unlike any other product, is formulated using a safe but potent combination of L-Glutathione, Vitamin C and L-Selenomethionine.

This synergistic balance of key ingredients not only primes the body to absorb glutathione more effectively, but encourages the natural production of more glutathione in the body.

So you enjoy double the benefits of skin whitening, anti-aging, and an improved, healthy immune system.

Aside from the three major components, Thiocell also contains Vitamin D and Grapeseed Extract, which boost the clinical benefits of glutathione.

Lozenge Form: Optimal Absorption
Other products may claim to be equal because they each contain 500mg of glutathione, but how much of it is really absorbed in the body?

Thiocell differentiates itself in this aspect, promising optimal absorption, through its unique and more effective method of glutathione delivery Lozenge form.

The grape-flavored lozenge is dissolved in the oral cavity and can be consumed safely. Since Thiocell is absorbed through the oral cavity, all the active ingredients enter the systemic circulation intact, and that ensures highest efficacy.

“Unlike Thiocell, glutathione capsules lose much of its potency because when a capsule is ingested, it goes through several metabolic processes and passes through several organs like the stomach and intestines in the digestive tract. With Thiocell, the glutathione dissolves immediately in your mouth and is directly absorbed into the body through the oral cavity.

This in effect reduces the damaging oxidative stress on organs, adds Rameash.

Fast and effective, you are assured that nothing of the 500 mg of Glutathione goes to waste.
Science: What the experts have to say
Thiocell is indeed an exceptional product, and has been clinically proven to be more effective.  No longer are you wasting essential nutrients that are lost in metabolism, and no longer will you need to suffer painful injections and bruising caused by IV glutathione injections. You can achieve a healthier, more radiant glow safely and quickly.
In the clinical study* conducted in the Philippines, which tested the efficacy of Thiocell in Filipino women, the results were far more convincing because patients experienced skin lightening in as early as two weeks. Thiocell undoubtedly delivers.

By end of 8th week, 100% of patients reported lighter and brighter skin. Even on the cellular level, the Mexameter readings (a tool used to measure the color of the skin) showed a significant reduction in melanin production and pigmentation. The studies also confirmed that Thiocell is safe for long-term use.

Supported by science, confirmed by doctors – Thiocell is, indeed, the more trusted product when it comes to achieving whiter, brighter and more beautiful skin.

* CLINICAL STUDY: *International Journal of Dermatology 2016, 55, 153157


Thiocell is the product of Brady Pharma, and is available in all WATSONS outlets nationwide and available for order through http://www.lazada.com
For more information, visit their official Facebook page: ThiocellUSA.




Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc. (SLAMCI) is ringing in the Year of the Fire Monkey with a new offering that will help Filipinos conveniently grow their money: the SunLife Prosperity Card. The first of its kind in the market, the Sun Life Prosperity Card is a giftcard worth P5,000 which may be invested in any of the peso-denominated mutual funds managed by SLAMCI under its Sun Life Prosperity Funds.

“As Filipinos, we follow many of the Chinese New Year traditions that are believed to bring
in luck and fortune. SLAMCI encourages everyone to complement these traditions with
action, with the help of the Sun Life Prosperity Card,” SLAMCI President Valerie “Riena”
Pama said. “They can use the card to begin their investing journey or give it as a gift of
prosperity. The best part about it is that it grows in value over time.”

The Sun Life Prosperity Card may be purchased from a Sun Life Financial Advisor, at any
Sun Life Financial Store, or online at sunlifeprosperity.com.ph. “Investing in mutual funds is now more convenient and more accessible than ever with the Sun Life Prosperity Card. We hope that with this new offering, more Filipinos will start an investing habit and ultimately achieve financial security,” Pama said.
Matteo leads new campaign To help spread the word about the Sun Life Prosperity Card and to encourage more people to invest, SLAMCI’s financial literacy advocate Matteo Guidicelli will be spearheading the multi-media campaign.


“I am proud to be part of this campaign because I understand the importance of investing
for the future and the value of financial freedom,” Matteo said. “With the Sun Life Prosperity Card, even the youth can easily start investing, because it’s easy to purchase and can be conveniently activated.”

To rally everyone to start investing, Matteo will be leading SLAMCI’s Rise and Prosper
concert on February 8 at the Ayala Terraces in his hometown Cebu.
More new offerings in 2016

Apart from the Sun Life Prosperity Card, SLAMCI is also set to launch more new offerings as the year unfolds. Two new dollar-denominated funds will be introduced as the latest
additions to the Sun Life Prosperity Funds, while a regular investment program will also be initiated in partner banks.

SLAMCI will also be enhancing its digital capabilities and further strengthening its presence in key cities nationwide. Meanwhile, the company will also continue with its multi-media campaign dubbed “Slam the Scam,” which was created as a response to the proliferation of investment scams in the country. With actor Matteo Guidicelli at the forefront, the campaign imparts practical tips on what to consider when choosing an investment company, as well as red flags on dubious organizations

“This 2016, SLAMCI’s aims to introduce more Filipinos to investing and encourage them to
explore a wider array of financial instruments that would enable them to achieve their
financial goals,” Pama said. “We look forward to touching more lives and helping them find their way to prosperity.”


Davao celebrates Financial Freedom


As a fitting start to the new year, the “#LiveFreePH Freedom Tour” made a stop in Davao City to
continue its financial freedom rally. From January 24 to 30, Davaoenos were treated to educational
booths, exciting promos, and a free concert featuring Sun Life father-son ambassadors Piolo and Inigo


  Sun Life father-son ambassadors Piolo and Inigo Pascual shared their #LiveFreePH story to Davaoenos. 


Sharing the stage, Piolo and Inigo wowed the crowd in the Freedom Celebration concert at Abreeza Mall 


 Thank you, Davao, for embracing the challenge of financial freedom! Padayon! 


 Piolo serenades the lucky lady who shone the brightest in the Selfie with Papa P contest 

Beginning the journey
A string of activities guided participants to begin their own #LiveFreePH journey. In a bold move, they
declared their vision of financial freedom with the “Live Free Freedom Wall.” Then they looked at their
current situation, shared their outlook about the future, and pledged support to a community in need
through BLISS or “Brighter Life Index: Social Sentiment.” And by joining the “Sun CeleBright” promo,
they won free trips to their chosen destinations!

But what made the #LiveFreePH Tour brighter were the Sun Life advisors ready to help those who want
to jumpstart their financial freedom journey. Some were so inspired that they chose to become financial
advisors themselves.

Pursuing the mission
In front of a jubilant and captivated crowd, the “Freedom Celebration” concert headlined by Piolo and
Inigo amplified the mission of financial independence for everyone. Aside from belting his signature hits,
Piolo serenaded the winners of the hugely popular “Selfie with Papa P” – where longtime fans get to
meet their idol and take home a photo souvenir.

Inigo also showed off his dance moves and energized
the night with today’s popular hits.
“We want Filipinos to believe that a brighter future is possible. We want them to be inspired to take on
their own path towards financial freedom.

And that they can start this meaningful journey with the help
of our financial advisors,” said Sun Life Chief Marketing Officer Mylene Lopa. The #LiveFreePH Freedom
Tour kicked off last year with stops in Pampanga and Iloilo.


Si Dante At Si Max’s: A Collaboration with Max’s and award winning Director, Direk Brillante

Last December 17, 2015 happen at SM Aura features an exclusive screening of  four short films done by the award winning director Brillante Mendoza. A collaboration with Max Restaurant that shows an extraordinary and true Filipino stories inside the four walls of Max’s Restaurant.


The four short films features a realistic and heartfelt stories of Tagpuan, Kasal, debut and Rider. A masterpiece of Filipino culture Direk Brillante is known for.

During the exclusive screening Direk Brillante was asked how does he come up with creating this short films. With the help of his research team, he was able to interview some of Max’s employees and that’s how it all started. He also said that it is very important to make it look natural and realistic to be able to reach out to people who have seen it already.

In the first short film, Tagpuan, Mendoza tackles how true love transcends the test of time: An elderly woman faithfully shares her special birthday meal to the love of her life in their unlikely tagpuan.

Debut, the second short film, shows a father’s love to both his only daughter and departed wife. Direk Dante showed that in spite of living a simple life, celebrating milestones is always and forever will be special.


The third film, Kasal inspires every broken-hearted women to keep the faith despite bitter love stories. Entitled Kasal, this story features a waitress who called off her engagement and is having a hard time trying not to think about her growing pains as she works for a wedding banquet.

To cap the night off, Direk Dante’s Rider showcases street sounds and the Filipino’s innate affinity to the performing arts through a humble production featuring rap and dance numbers.

Si Dante At Si Max’s is a call for Filipinos and the world to keep on finding beauty in everyday life. Indeed, Direk Dante has yet again brought the bright brillante to the whole house that night.

As a tribute to the Philippine indie film icon, a surprise video was released as a testament to his exemplary work and his light-hearted way of living.

This exclusive and intimate meet and greet was graced by Direk Dante’s friends, special guests and avid film viewers. This is event is made possible through a partnership with SM Aura Cinema.  The four short films will be released digitally some time in 2016. 


Goldilocks puts cake decorating on center stage


Goldilocks – the country’s number one bakeshop, celebrate its 40th anniversary Launch an innovative competition to highlight the creativity and artistry involved in cake decorating. Dubbed as the Goldilocks Intercollegiate Cake Decorating Challenge (ICDC), that has grown to be nationwide activity that is highly anticipated by both participating schools and audiences.


I myself was given the chance of showing the artistry side of creating my own version of Valentine’s cake. We were invited by Goldilocks for a sweet afternoon to test our patience of decorating our own cake.




The format of the ICDC is unlike most of baking events. It isn’t a staid demonstration. It is an exciting extemporaneous competition that requires nor only familiarity with techniques butva definite originality and creatively to set the winning team apart.

On contest day, 10 teams share one stage and one central supply bin. They will decorate their cakes within a given time frame based on themes that are revealed to them at that very moment. All will be done in front of a live audience and a panel of judges composed of the leading authorities in the culinary arts industry.

This year, almost one hundred schools from far and wide submitted their entries in hopes of being chosen as one of the ten finalists.

Aside from the obvious distinction and the opportunity to pit themselves against the best and brightest of their peers, the winning school will receive a baking showcase worth a quarter of a million pesos, while the team itself will receive P20,000 in Goldilocks gift certificates.

After a comprehensive round of judging, the ten qualifiers are calayan  Educational Foundation, Colegio de San Lorenzo, DMCI College Foundation Dipolog, Far Eastern University, Lyceum of the Philippines Laguna, Lyceum Subic Bay, Pangasinan State University, Saint Anne College of Lucena, Trinity University of Asia and the Western Institute of Technology Iloilo.

Given that 2016 marks a milestone for the ICDC, however, the country’s number 1 bakeshop has something considerably more demanding in store for the talented participants.

Goldilocks Marketing Director Cherry Caluya, decided to add some major twist for this years ICDC competition.

Goldilocks has enlisted the help of the country’s top pastry chefs to guide a randomly chosen team in the lead up to competition day.

Chefs Jackie Ang Po ( Calayan Educational Foundation), James Antolin (Saint Anne College of Lucena), Joan Dela Cruz (Pangasinan State University), Bryan Dimayuga (Lyceum of the Philippine Laguna), Tristan Encarnacion (Trinity University of Asia) Jackie Laudico (Western Institute of Technology Iloilo) Rizalino Manas (DMCI) College Foundation Dipolog), Amador Mendoza (Lyceum Subic Bay), Pixie So Villa (Far Eastern University), and Buddy Trinidad (Colegio de San Lorenzo) have been tapped to provide high level, hands in mentorship to the participating students.

The 10th Goldilocks Intercollegiate Cake Decorating Challenge will be held on February 25,2016 at SM North Edsa, the block Activity Center. Activities and side attractions will on hand beggining at 10am. Logbon to http://www.Goldilocks.com.pH for more information or follow Goldilocks PH on Facebook and Twitter.


A Taste of Our Cultures: British School Manila hosts annual International Evening


This coming Tuesday, 23 February 2016, Tuesday, The British School Manila (BSM) celebrates multiculturalism and raises funds for its charity initiatives. International Evening is an annual event that BSM hosts and features the cultural diversity of the community through food, music, travel and a host of other fun and entertaining activities. This year’s theme is “A Taste of our Cultures” and will showcase over 15 nationalities offering cuisine from around the world. All proceeds support the BSM Community Service Fund and BSM Service Learning Partner charities throughout the Philippines. Last year’s International Evening was a massive success with over 1,500 attendees. This year it will be an even bigger celebration.

Thank you to our sponsors


The British School Manila (BSM) is a highly regarded co-educational British international school established in 1976. The School is proud to uphold the high standard of the British education system and we take full advantage of our multi-cultural setting. We are accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS) and also a member of The Federation of British International Schools in Southeast Asia and East Asia (FOBISSEA) and The Independent Association of Prep School (IAPS).
At present 900+ students aged 3-18 are on BSM’s roll and 35 nationalities are represented. British children make up 33%, Filipino 22%, Canada 9% ,Australians 8% and American 6% of the total population.