Si Dante At Si Max’s: A Collaboration with Max’s and award winning Director, Direk Brillante

Last December 17, 2015 happen at SM Aura features an exclusive screening of  four short films done by the award winning director Brillante Mendoza. A collaboration with Max Restaurant that shows an extraordinary and true Filipino stories inside the four walls of Max’s Restaurant.


The four short films features a realistic and heartfelt stories of Tagpuan, Kasal, debut and Rider. A masterpiece of Filipino culture Direk Brillante is known for.

During the exclusive screening Direk Brillante was asked how does he come up with creating this short films. With the help of his research team, he was able to interview some of Max’s employees and that’s how it all started. He also said that it is very important to make it look natural and realistic to be able to reach out to people who have seen it already.

In the first short film, Tagpuan, Mendoza tackles how true love transcends the test of time: An elderly woman faithfully shares her special birthday meal to the love of her life in their unlikely tagpuan.

Debut, the second short film, shows a father’s love to both his only daughter and departed wife. Direk Dante showed that in spite of living a simple life, celebrating milestones is always and forever will be special.


The third film, Kasal inspires every broken-hearted women to keep the faith despite bitter love stories. Entitled Kasal, this story features a waitress who called off her engagement and is having a hard time trying not to think about her growing pains as she works for a wedding banquet.

To cap the night off, Direk Dante’s Rider showcases street sounds and the Filipino’s innate affinity to the performing arts through a humble production featuring rap and dance numbers.

Si Dante At Si Max’s is a call for Filipinos and the world to keep on finding beauty in everyday life. Indeed, Direk Dante has yet again brought the bright brillante to the whole house that night.

As a tribute to the Philippine indie film icon, a surprise video was released as a testament to his exemplary work and his light-hearted way of living.

This exclusive and intimate meet and greet was graced by Direk Dante’s friends, special guests and avid film viewers. This is event is made possible through a partnership with SM Aura Cinema.  The four short films will be released digitally some time in 2016. 


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