A Sweet Way to A Mother’s Heart


A Sweet Way to A Mother’s Heart

Apart from being a model of selfless love and nurturing the entire family, one of the more practical roles of a mother is to ensure that everybody under her care eats well. This coming Mother’s Day, don’t you think that she deserves a treat by having it the other way around?
If the kids can plan a good meal for mom (some help from Dad would definitely be welcome), then Goldilocks has the perfect dessert to cap it off. The country’s number one bakeshop definitely had mothers in mind when they made the Banana Caramel Cake, a delicious two-layer masterpiece made with banana chiffon cake and filled with whipped cream and luscious caramel. Other favorites include the Heart-Shaped Choco Greeting Cake (available from May 6 to 8) and Chocolate Lollipops that are sure to put a smile on mom’s face.

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Marriott Hotel leads the way to boost the Halal tourism economy in the Philippines


The Manila Marriott has become the first premium hotel chain to be rated for its Halal friendly services to help accelerate the vision of Philippines to become one of the world’s preferred destinations for Muslim tourists. The five star Manila Marriott Hotel has been recognised by CrescentRating, the leading authority in Halal travel, with a rating of five for its halal friendly services and facilities. Among other Muslim friendly services, the Hotel has a Halal food section in the Marriott Café.


Crescent Rating of the Hotels and Resorts in the Philippines is part of a series of initiatives recently unveiled by The Philippine Department of Tourism (PDOT) to create a long-term infrastructure across the country to diversify its visitor arrivals by attracting Muslim visitors- especially from the neighbouring ASEAN region and the Middle East. Travel experts predict these initiatives could be worth millions of dollars to the tourism industry in the country.  The Muslim travel market is now widely recognised as a key growth tourism sector projected to be worth more than $200 billion by 2020, according to the MasterCard-CrescentRating Global Muslim Travel Index 2016 report.


“Marriott Hotel Manila is excited to be a leader in promoting Halal Friendly services and offerings to the region and beyond. We look forward to extending not only our world class Filipino Hospitality to our local, regional and global customers, but also an environment of awareness, sensitivity and exemplary service expected from a multitude of discerning customers. We are thrilled to partner with The Philippine Department of Tourism (PDOT) in this important initiative”. Bruce Winton, General Manager for Marriott Manila said.

Fazal Bahardeen, CEO of CrescentRating, said “We are delighted to welcome a prestigious brand such as Marriott as a member of Crescent Rated Hotels. “Marriott are leading the drive from the front and more Hotels will be granted a Crescent Rating in the Philippines soon.” “We predict that this commitment by Marriott will be worth millions of dollars to the local economy over the next few years and will drive visitor arrivals to the country.”

The Philippine Department of Tourism (PDOT) recently partnered with CrescentRating on a series of activities to increase awareness of the availability of Halal food, mosques and other Muslim-friendly holiday experiences and facilities in the Philippines.

Philippines close proximity to the large Muslim populations of Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore coupled with its rich diverse culture make the country an attractive destination for family tourists keen to explore one of the most unique places in Asia. The Philippines receives approximately 566,000 visitors from the Middle East, parts of ASEAN, as well as India and Israel annually.

Tourism Philippines said this new drive to attract inbound Muslim touristsformed a key strand on its long-term strategy to maximizeits economic growth in the halal tourism industry.  Secretary Ramon R. Jimenez, Jr. of the Philippine Department of Tourism (PDoT), said: “Our Philippine Halal Tourism project has been successful in generating awareness and creating a Halal consciousness among the Filipino people. We have finally broken real ground and set very realistic targets to begin the important work of making Halal a real industry in the Philippines.

“It is important because it is a given in the Filipino culture that our best and most important welcome to any visitor is with food. And if we are not Halal, there is a very important segment of society in the world that we are not extending a proper welcome to.

“We commend Manila Marriott Hotel for being the first premium hotel chain to be rated for its Halal friendly services and for joining us in making our brand of welcome special, through food that is proper and acceptable to our countrymen and friends around the world.”

The Philippines is a Southeast Asian country comprising more than 7,000 islands and offering a unique travel experience from its beautiful coastlines, lush mountain ranges and bustling city centers.

The MasterCard-CrescentRating Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI) 2016, the most comprehensive research that has been released on the sector, revealed that in 2015, there were 117 million Muslim travellers representing 10% of the entire travel economy. Philippines was ranked 46th on the list with a GMTI 2016.

For further information including interviews and images, please contact:

Chief Marketing Officer
Tel: +44 116 319 0990
Mob: +44 7971 735090
Email: anas@crescentrating.com

Editor’s Notes

Marriott Hotel Manila stands as a centerpiece of the dynamic and exciting mixed-use development of Resorts World Manila, located directly opposite Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3. A destination in itself, this 5 star property is poised to become the Philippines’ most unique and comprehensive destination for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions. The hotel currently offers 342 spacious guestrooms and suites and will open the West Wing in 2016 adding an additional 228 luxuriously appointed rooms. Thoughtfully designed around the needs of today’s modern traveler, each guestroom incorporates the latest technology and design. Premium Wi-Fi capability, I-Pod docks and over-sized bathrooms appeal to most discerning guests. Mobile check-in and check -out, the finest linens and Thann Amenities add to the experience. Stunning views of Villamor Golf Course, the skylines of Makati, Fort Bonifacio and sweeping views of the airport showcase our prime location.

Under the Aquino Administration, the Philippines achieved a compounded annual growth rate in arrivals of 7.94% in 2015 from -3.89% in 2009. Foreign arrivals increased from 3.14M in 2008 to 5.36M in 2015. 
From $2.43B tourism earnings in 2008, the country’s tourism receipts grew to $5B in 2015. This makes the tourism industry the third largest dollar-earning sector in the economy next to the semi-conductor and BPO sectors.
With more economic activities arising from tourism, people directly employed in the industry rose to 4.99M in 2015. Tourism accounts for one in every ten jobs in the economy or 12.7% share to total employment according to the Philippines Statistical Authority.
In 2014, the Philippine tourism industry gained eight notches in the travel and tourism competitiveness ranking among 141 countries of the World Economic Forum. In a span of four years, the Philippine tourism index went up by 20 points from 94 in 2011 to 74 in 2014.
The medium-term development blueprint, National Tourism Development Plan 2011-2016 is entering a second phase covering 2017-2022 to ensure the continued robust growth of the tourism industry in the Philippines.

CrescentRating is the world’s leading authority on halal-friendly travel. The company’s vision is to lead, innovate and drive this segment through practical and deliverable solutions in what is regarded today as one of the fastest growing segment in the tourism sector. The company uses insight, industry intelligence. lifestyle, behaviour and research on the needs of the Muslim traveller to deliver guidance on all aspects of halal-friendly travel to organisations across the globe.
CrescentRating’s services now include rating & accreditation, research & consultancy, workshops & training, ranking & indices, event support/partnerships and content provisioning.


Avida Towers Prime Taft, Launch to be the 3rd and tallest tower in Taft showcase as work-live-play lifestyle

Avida Towers Prime Taft celebrates vibrant lifestyle in the heart of Manila.


Manila will remain among the fastest and growing in the Philippines Among of them is the fast increase of everything like business centers and excisting  universities and emerging local businesses that are convenient of reach. Here you can find different sorts of work, live and play kind of lifestyle.

Taft, at the heart of Manila is a distinct area that constantly evolve with the demands of changing  times. Because of the development and the demand in business, commercial and other cultural hubs it’s easy for younger generations to follow on the fast pace of life. Making it an ideal community for others.

The Taft district connects three major cities. These are Manila, Makati and Pasay. A gateway to some of the biggest commercial, businesses in the metro.


Recently Avida Land – a developer of the rising middle class condominium, houses and lot properties that offers value of money and convenience, hosted an event for Lifestyle Bloggers the Prime Perspective Manila Photo Adventure that lets you see the Prime Manila’s heritage and modern hotspots in  Manila. Dubbed as Urban Places and Vibrant Spaces, this event, Captures hidden gems and the old Manila in a whole new way with our favorite gadgets. Exclusively curated with Mr. Ivan Dy, he does an interactive talk highlighting Manila with the use of the Mapa Prime Manila.


The Itinerary:



Museum of a History of Ideas of University of the Philippines. Here you can see the contributions of the University to the intellectual life of the Philippines. The museum Launched in October 22, 2014 #IdeasMatter IG @historyofideas FB UP Manila Museum



Hotel Henry: Avellana Art Gallery and a fashion gallery of project t runways Jojie Lloren & Pablo Antonio’s Ancestral House an Ancestral House of national Artist for architecture Pablo Antonio (one of the best kept secret hotspot in Pasay)


Avida Towers strategical located in a growing  number of urbanites in Manila, Avida launched its 3rd and tallest tower of the Avida towers prime Taft as the final leg of its development for their communities. Ideal for young professionals to inspire and make it a true haven.

Avida Towers Prime in Taft has a 30 floors, it’s structure will be part of Manila’s skyline as it provide its Residences in 865 units with inspired living at the center of everything.


To date, Avida has 77 projects in 29 location nationwide. Comprising of more that 600,000 homes. Visit http://www.avidaland.com

To learn more about Urban Places, Vibrant Spaces and to pre register for free seats to the April 30 event.


Racing enthusiast discovers the fast road to fitness

Sportsmen are motivated to keep a healthy weight, knowing that ones weight is a big factor in winning any sporting competition. Race car drivers, in particular, need to stay light to be able to drive their vehicles faster. But for 52-year-old businessman and automobile racer Eric Valera, this motivation was heightened after seeing his flabby body on TV after winning the STV Auto Rally Corporate Challenge in November 2013.


“I was so embarrassed with how huge I looked when I saw my pictures on the podium and while being interviewed on TV, he shared. I was also suffering from weight-related health issues, like hypertension, high cholesterol, and trouble moving around.

I felt heavy and was scared for my health, he revealed.

Eric was no stranger to health and fitness programs, having tried several diet and workout plans in the past. Unfortunately, none of them worked for him: I even ended up consuming too much protein on one program. Wary but determined to lose weight, he asked about safe and rapid weight-loss alternatives from friends and associates. They advised him to try the Cohens Lifestyle Program.

The Cohens Lifestyle Program is a rapid weight loss and wellness program devised by international specialist Dr. Rami Cohen. It is individually prescribed based on ones unique blood profile and uses food to correct the imbalance of hormones that cause weight gain.

A few days after my embarrassing TV interview, I called the Cohens Lifestyle Centre to enroll. I received my eating plan early January, and I immediately plunged into the Cohens Lifestyle Program, he shared. He followed the program by heart using a winning mindset: I conditioned my mind before starting the program, and surprisingly, I had no trouble sticking to the eating plan even when I had to give up many of my favorite food.

Eric weighed 238 pounds when he started the Cohens Lifestyle Program, but his weight loss was fast and dramatic that he already felt the changes after just 4 months: On our next (STV Auto) Rally in May 2014, I had already lost 50 pounds despite spending a whole month in Europe. I was so happy that aside from once again being crowned champion, I also looked better than before. My friends and associates couldnt believe how much weight I lost in so short a time. Comparing my pictures of the two events was like seeing two different persons.


Now, Eric maintains a healthy weight of 165 pounds. I have become more confident and happier with how I look. My medications for hypertension and high cholesterol were also stopped.”

“I’m happy to say that as of today, Ive been able to maintain my desired weight by eating healthy and exercising regularly, he said. “I havent had rice, alcohol and sweets for two years now. As they say in Cohen, Its not a diet, its a lifestyle change.’”

For more information about the Cohens Lifestyle Centre and its personalized weight loss and wellness program, visit Suite LP-03, Medical Plaza Makati Building, Amorsolo cor. Dela Rosa Sts., Legazpi Village, Makati City or call the following hotlines: (02) 825-5251, 0917-892-6436, and 0917-898-4280 to 82. You can also visit its official website at http://www.CohenLifestyle.com.ph, its official Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/CohenLifestylePhil, and its official Instagram account at http://www.instagram.com/cohenlifestyleph.


‘Bayanihan’ as a model for BSM’s service learning


The British School Manila is justifiably proud of its commitment to service learning.  The idea of developing students as global citizens is central to our vision and mission. We are looking for our students to leave us with skills that allow them to make sense of a rapidly changing world whilst also being able to contribute to making their world more peaceful, fair and sustainable.    The Creativity Activity Service (CAS) programme is an integral part of the International Baccalaureate core programme and is in many ways the perfect realisation of the work we do with our older students.


Our International Baccalaureate team recently completed the end of course CAS interviews with the current Year 13 cohort and it was clear to us that it was the service learning experiences that had the most resonance and impact upon the students’: personal, social, emotional and even moral development. The Year 13 students spoke eloquently and thoughtfully about their work with local schools, orphanages and hospitals.  They talked about the work they had done, the relationships they had formed and ethical implications of the work that they were undertaking. The depth of reflection in evidence was confirmed by how often the discussions centred on poverty, inequality and individual responsibility. 

This year we have had the opportunity to remodel the CAS programme to create more of these moments of epiphany.  Our new approach, led expertly by Mr. Owen, is called “Bayanihan” from the Filipino word ‘bayan,’ which captures the spirit of community we see in Filipino culture and which we seek to mirror. The students have been encouraged to develop projects in line with their own passions and interests within broad categories such as ‘Health’, ‘Environment’ and ‘Education’.

The strategic developments this year were framed following a successful and insightful pilot last year led by Mr. Owen in Tagaytay. This venture presented a group of IB Business Management students with a problem – ‘How can they use their business acumen to help develop a sustainable income for a group of 16 mothers’? It was a privilege to observe how the students worked together to empower a group of local women with great ideas to become successful entrepreneurs.  The projects this year are incredibly diverse. We have groups preparing “baby boxes” for maternity hospitals, building chicken coops, certifying language skills for adult learners, developing hydroponics systems and fixing computers to improve education in a community.  

The projects have many layers, with strong educational themes and all the projects focus on sustainability and the fostering of partnerships which we hope will be nurtured and maintained beyond CAS week in May.  One distinctive feature of the Bayanihan projects this year is the emphasis on independence; the projects will have staff mentors available but our students will be encouraged to take ownership, make decisions, assess risks and manage uncertainty as groups.  This takes us back to our BSM vision and mission; these experiences will equip our IB students with the ability to reflect, to be resilient in adversity and to thrive with challenge.  We look forward to sharing the outcomes with you later in the year. Written by Chris Jones, Secondary Deputy Head.

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Qualities of Great Leaders in Philippines

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Every election, people were asked of the same question. What qualities or traits should the Philippines, the public look for in our leaders. it’s like If you want to give your business a good start toward success, it has to start with results-driven achievers, a better of themselves to be a leadership model. As for me, qualities of my future leaders should have a sustainability leadership or has the courage,  and faith in people. It should be the values of a true leader.

To me,  leadership is about leading with the heart and to serve rather than rule.  To be able to lay down the developments and social issues were in. future leaders will need to show a commitment to their beliefs in order to continued efforts from others. with everything that is happening in this country, Filipino’s need to see a clearer picture for the future. We really need a real change. I know that filipinos are much wiser and soon this will all be possible.

I believe that Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo posses the qualities of the future leaders to build on in order to push sustainable development forward. #BayangMatuwid

They have the enthusiasm of creating a better world, a strong principle and realistic, take risks and has the heart to give fruits to people. These are the essentially characteristics of great leaders where it is today to where it needs to be in the future.


(Losing weight) Allura makes it easy Introducing Thermolipolysis and Lipo Cavitation

I can honestly tell that losing weight is very hard. Like In my case, it’s like a yo-yo situation. You lose weight and then you gain in just few days. Trying different techniques and all won’t always be that easy. Getting rid of excess fat is not an overnight success. With the latest technology that are popping everywhere, A lot of us always need the consultation of cosmetic surgeon.


With Allura, losing weight is easy because everyone deserves a beautiful mind and body. At allura this is where your #BodyGoals become reality for weight loss and body contouring solutions.

Lipo Cavitation


So happy that i get to try this non invasive technology for fat reduction. It’s a 10 minute treatment that can break down 10mm of fat tissue. This technology is ideal for heavily dimpled thighs and bulging tummy. In just one or two session you can achieve incredible inch loss using ultrasound technology to break down fat tissue and convert it to energy. I’m ready to get rid off my Bulging tummy, muffin tops and flabby arms with #LipoCavitation

Treatment Room for (Lipo Cavitation)


Allura provides the latest top end in slimming technology that is clinically proven, safe and non invasive. They call it the (Hi-Tech Capsule) that is the cutting edge of slimming science.

Introducing the Thermolipolysis

During its Launch where they officially introduce thermolipolysis, Ara Mina, actress and Allura ambassador shared her experience and expressed her happiness with the fast results. Like Ara, I also had a problem in sweating. We both have the same condition of not having a normal sweating. Others may call it bloating or water retention in the body. Ara Mina revealed that this treatment became her weight loss buddy for quick reduction of weight. she happily told us that her waistline from 28 to a 25 in just a short span of time.


What does it do?

Burns you 900 calories per treatment/session.

Reduces unsightly cellulite.

Increase your metabolic rate.

Increase energy and vitality.

Guaranteed weight loss per session.

My testimonial

With just one session of thermolipolysis, I burn 362 calories in just one day. What makes me so happy is that after that session I notice that my pants were a bit loose and I feel really great. I don’t feel the bloating feeling anymore and after that my sweat is in normal now. I feel great after that one session. Two times a month of this session, you can definitely see fast results.

Allura Body Contour & Slimming Center tailored programs to each individual’s specific need.

Visit them at Mezzanine floor, 102 Richwell Center, Timog Avenue, Quezon City. Follow Allura on Instagram @allurabody and on Facebook allurabody

Tel. Nos. 352-7876 / 352-7679
Mobile Number. 09178 (Allura) 255872