Make wise choices: I chose to endorse Mar Roxas

Why I decided to come out supporting Mar Roxas.


There are very few points that I wanted to share why I finally decided to go for Mar Roxas. Reasons that may seem very simple, and knowing the fact that others might contradict but I know it’s a good decision that I made in my life. Since I started blogging, sharing my opinion about everything and anything and many of us argue with everyday issues in our country, I also started to get involved with the issues happening in my country. I love watching news rather than telenovelas. Simply because I wanted to be informed. And there came the presidential debate which caught my interest. I love debates!!!

I must admit that at first, I don’t know who’s President who I choose to. I also have my personal favorites but what made me really decide whom to choose and consider is a person who is consistent with what he or she has done and also that person should have a compassionate heart.


I have written a letter on my blog a week ago, a letter to my fellow brothers and sisters about what I felt with the things that is happening right now. One thing that i wanted for our country is to have a President who has a compassionate heart specially to poor people. Must know how to act fast, knows how to listen and continue with what the present leader has done. It’s the only thing that I wanted to see in a person, it should always starts from within. This leader must have the heart so he or she can do the right things and not to bring violence.

My dream is that as a human being we would agree NOT to use violence to solve our problems. That we can give in full of funds ( the right amount) to spend to feed, clothe, house, educate, and provide health care to every human.

The real problem is the form of government both in the private and government sectors. With other Asian countries the form of government should be parliamentary in nature. Anything that should be implemented can be done specially for the good of the people.

The current situation remains the same (none of the obvious solutions have been implemented), obvious solutions remain obvious and still waiting for these long-term projects are way from reality.

In all fairness to Mar Roxas during his interviews and debates, he honestly admits some problems and weak points of the current leadership but one thing that really moved me-when he said publicly with good intentions, Kapag may kulang kanyang pupunan!!!

“In the end, the country’s good future is in their hands, I chose to endorse Roxas. When he saw the crowds, he had compassion for them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.


3 thoughts on “Make wise choices: I chose to endorse Mar Roxas

  1. I am for Mar Roxas, too! He’s honest, decent, goal-oriented & determined to DO good for the country..! He may not be perfect, but who is perfect?
    Under Mar Roxas’ Leadership, am sure we, Pilipinos will be in good hands!

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