(Losing weight) Allura makes it easy Introducing Thermolipolysis and Lipo Cavitation

I can honestly tell that losing weight is very hard. Like In my case, it’s like a yo-yo situation. You lose weight and then you gain in just few days. Trying different techniques and all won’t always be that easy. Getting rid of excess fat is not an overnight success. With the latest technology that are popping everywhere, A lot of us always need the consultation of cosmetic surgeon.


With Allura, losing weight is easy because everyone deserves a beautiful mind and body. At allura this is where your #BodyGoals become reality for weight loss and body contouring solutions.

Lipo Cavitation


So happy that i get to try this non invasive technology for fat reduction. It’s a 10 minute treatment that can break down 10mm of fat tissue. This technology is ideal for heavily dimpled thighs and bulging tummy. In just one or two session you can achieve incredible inch loss using ultrasound technology to break down fat tissue and convert it to energy. I’m ready to get rid off my Bulging tummy, muffin tops and flabby arms with #LipoCavitation

Treatment Room for (Lipo Cavitation)


Allura provides the latest top end in slimming technology that is clinically proven, safe and non invasive. They call it the (Hi-Tech Capsule) that is the cutting edge of slimming science.

Introducing the Thermolipolysis

During its Launch where they officially introduce thermolipolysis, Ara Mina, actress and Allura ambassador shared her experience and expressed her happiness with the fast results. Like Ara, I also had a problem in sweating. We both have the same condition of not having a normal sweating. Others may call it bloating or water retention in the body. Ara Mina revealed that this treatment became her weight loss buddy for quick reduction of weight. she happily told us that her waistline from 28 to a 25 in just a short span of time.


What does it do?

Burns you 900 calories per treatment/session.

Reduces unsightly cellulite.

Increase your metabolic rate.

Increase energy and vitality.

Guaranteed weight loss per session.

My testimonial

With just one session of thermolipolysis, I burn 362 calories in just one day. What makes me so happy is that after that session I notice that my pants were a bit loose and I feel really great. I don’t feel the bloating feeling anymore and after that my sweat is in normal now. I feel great after that one session. Two times a month of this session, you can definitely see fast results.

Allura Body Contour & Slimming Center tailored programs to each individual’s specific need.

Visit them at Mezzanine floor, 102 Richwell Center, Timog Avenue, Quezon City. Follow Allura on Instagram @allurabody and on Facebook allurabody

Tel. Nos. 352-7876 / 352-7679
Mobile Number. 09178 (Allura) 255872


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