Dream of White? Glutathione Cocktail Drip could do wonders for you!

Wonders of Gluthatione Cocktail Drip NOW! with Placenta and Collagen.

Dream of White? Definitely YES! Finally tried this latest Hollywood Secret. That guarantees a wellness within your reach. Introducing Glutathione Cocktail Drip at Skin LOUNGE face & body spa.


We are becoming more conscious about our skin tone. Taking an effort to be presentable in this very competitive world. These days Men and Women are seeking for a treatment that are reliable, exquisite pampering experience and has visible results when it comes to proven and effective whitening. An approach that would ultimately be beneficial to them for the long term.

What is it?


Gluthatione Cocktail Drip w/ Placenta and Collagen is a mixture of high dosage, customized anti ageing, rejuvenating and Whitening therapy.


This treatment guarantees to give us an added energy boost and a luminous skin glow that we’ve always dreamed of. The procedure takes 1 and half hour depending on the patients dose requirements. The procedure is done only by trained nurses.


Skin LOUNGE face and body spa offers a range of services to get you pampered. These services includes  Facial and Body Spa treatments, Diamond Peel, Honey Wax, Derma Treatments to enhance the more attractive features of the face, Slimming (Non surgical lipo/Cavitation), Laser hair removal treatments and the very popular treatments for the millenials – that are meant to bring out the beauty in its customers – The IV Therapy or Injectible treatments.

Affordable Skincare products. Get Yours Now!




One of there branches is Located at Quezon City at the newest building of TSL, 2nd floor E.Rodriguez. they also have another Branch located at Pampanga, 2nd floor Motoramic Building Telabastagan, San Fernando City.

Me after taking Gluthatione Cocktail Drip. Saw immediate results after 3 days.  Effects on the 1st session would notice in three to five days. Preferably two to three session of IV Therapy and could last up to a month or a year. Results depending on their daily routines.


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Let Skin LOUNGE make your dreams come true. Call them at Tel# 242-5816 and book your drip!


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