I’m a self-supporting student| What I learned the most with Brighter life coach Aya


My goal is to graduate next year and probably find a decent job in abroad or maybe lucky to have one here in the Philippines. To others who may not know me, I am a mom to my 7 year old son. My son is no longer staying with me as of the moment because he is now living with his dad in Abu Dhabi, in UAE. Reason that made me decide, I’ll just keep it to myself.

My 1st semester was really struggling with how will i pay all my needs in school and this has made my progress in school much slower.Β But it didn’t stop me from reaching my goals, I didn’t loose hope, I always believe that in every hardships it would help me feel like nothing could hold me back from attending college! And so i finds ways just to make it.

My current situation is I am an independent student, but I’m most proud of my determination. Something interesting about me is that I want to be a pursuer of my dreams.

I’m proud to say with what i’m doing right now as a freelance writer, it help build my strength and from there it made me more productive in life and in return this gift that i have supported my education.

Brighter Life Coach Aya

I can definitely say that i learn how to be financially responsible in every little way. I love taking down notes of my expenses, just to be reminded. So you can see the whole picture of everything.


During Money4Life Challenge, Coach Aya shares we can only do so much in life and you must know your goals. Not only for yourself but also for my boy whom i wanted to share all my hard work. Just like what brighter life coach Aya said, when your old your diet changes and so as financial stability. invest to enjoy family life, a long term goal in life. Having a positive outlook in life will bring success in life.


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