Everything you need to know: Why we need an expert financial advisor

When you start of thinking about the first step of investing, the question is to whom will we ask for an advice on investments. Who would know better, examine and give the right advices about your finances.

3rd Session of Money for Life with Sun Life coach Aya – Aug 20, 2016


Finding your Financial Advisor

Last weekend, together with my fellow blogger friends. We spent an afternoon of a session to give us tips on how to find your financial advisors. To help us more on our investment journey and finances. Coach Aya give some points on the importance of considering an expert and the advantage it will do.

Coach Aya

“The point is they know what they are doing. They are what we call experts in their field or Specialist. Of course this individuals has to be professional and qualified with longtime experience specially in financial strategy.

Why does FINANCIAL experts also to be considered?

Because they are the ones who has the knowledge, when your money should be spent and has the LICENCE to evaluate based on your financial needs. They clearly state expectations and ask question straight to the point!

Entrepreneurs, retirees, Realtors, life insurances, managed funds and Stock market are the reason’s why we need a financial advisors, it has to be professional. 

For additional information in finding an expert in financing for your assurance. You can also verify the company and the person’s license.

Before coach Aya end our session. He leave us with an inspirational words to live by.

Be S. M. A. R. T with your GOALS and Expectations.

If you want a return investment, you must give up something.



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