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The Importance of checking & understanding Personal Debts

Present for the 4th Session of #Money4LifeChallenge organized by Sun Life Philippines and lead by Mr. Aya Laraya- Brighter Life Coach.


The discussion is all about understanding and checking personal debts. One of the first steps you’ll need to take to organize your finances is to determine exactly how much you owe, and to whom.


Debt refers to something that you owe, amount of money that you owe to a person, bank, company, etc. Its very important that we know this things because it’s no surprise that debt is often considered a path to financial turmoil.


But with the right knowledge and discipline, Consumers will learn to manage, understands– a good debt, that will lead them the road to financial success.


The good news is that there is such a thing as healthy debt. With my personal experience as a self supporting student and working as a freelance digital marketing on my own preferred time. I can distinguish which debt is good and which is bad. Like when its important to pay for school, to me that is the time you need to owe money and then organize your finances like taking down notes, limit purchasing stuff that are not needed,and pay your debts on time. Its just a matter of discipline and you must know your responsibility.

Debt usually rise when a credit card issuers offering more promos to purchase what is not needed. most like pricy and branded phones that are out in the market – something not worthy. When you can buy one that is not too pricy but with the same quality.

The good thing about being financially independent, I carefully check payments, evaluate whether to buy this wants and purchase what i need the most.

The best time to Invest is Now! 👊

Everyone can actually relate to this question. When is the right time to invest. And i say Now!

Others say they only need timing on investing. But In the real world of stock market, timing is nothing because Time is everything.

Its no surprise that first time investors like me often worry about the timing of market’s ups and downs but to getting started and see the progress rather than always worrying when is the right time. Over the long haul, returns of a well-chosen investments will add up nicely, whatever the market happens. Don’t waste time and think about your long term goals in life.

In my early days, I’ve always had an interest and fascination with the stock market. I always knew that this shares and economy stuff” is clearly important to a lot of people and I wanted to be part of that world somehow.

And year 2016 I started my Investing Journey at the age of 30 with Sun Life Prosperity Card. of course with the help of Sun Life Financial Advisor Ms. Agnes Cuaso as she explained me with everything that i need to know and help me with my requirements as well.


Join Sun Life Philippines investment forum to find out how you can take a step further in your journey towards achieving your financial goals.

Register here for FREE: http://www.bit.ly/InvestmentForum



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