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​My struggles became my biggest motivation – my journey to financial freedom

My childhood…
We were raised by both hardworking parents. I am second out of four siblings. Even as a kid,we were taught of the importance of working hard. My father work at the customs in pier and my mom was a teacher.

I can say that our parents provided everything we need including a comfortable shelter,put us to the best schools and support whatever needs they could give.In other words a comfortable life indeed.

I remember mom was the one who always do the budgeting for everything. Making sure that she did all the payables on time and prioritized only the most needed.

As a teacher my mom earns on a minimal income. Since shes the one doing the budgeting,she took a lot of patience to provide for a family of six. One of the best values I learned from her is how to live a frugal lifestyle. Mom definetely knows how to save money. From time to time she would buy stuff only when she needed them. I know how hard it is for them to raise four kids and they seemed to balance almost everything and make it look easy.

Families, definetly may ups and downs. 
I never knew that playing slot machines in casinos can destroy a home.Until one day my father got influenced by playing in casinos. It was those times when you cant find answers to the questions. Everything came to us like a bad dream. In a blink of an eye, everything is Gone. We understand that mom couldn’t talk for days and my father had to leave his work because of his emotions and frustrations and we couldn’t ask him why?!

Dahil hindi na kami makabayad sa monthly amortization,the bank took our house our home for 14 years. We only had a week for us to transfer and find a small apartment. Sobrang hirap pala. Yung tipong wala kang mahingan ng help.

Accept Change!

I knew I had to do something that moment. Specially helping our parents. We don’t have much of savings to rent for an apartment,  but mom keeps a little money enough for us to start a new life.

My father had to stay at home,looking for other options to start life again. In that moment I realize if things don’t happen according to our plans, we should accept it without bitterness and knowing GOD has a better plan for us. Something better will come.

Mom had to keep her job as a teacher to provide for the family. My other siblings has their own jobs and a family to provide. Its like were starting from scratch. It wasn’t easy like magic,we had to go through bad times, fights, financial struggles along the way but then we had to work hard and accept the changes life as it is.

Experience is a good teacher…

As much as I wanted to go back to school and finish college, I decided to stop for awhile. At the age of 20, I decided to look for a job to help in any possible way and support my needs. I worked in a various companies one of them as a Sales Personnel in a toy store, I also entered a job in a electronic factory. I earned a minimum salary for those kinds of jobs during that time.


I became a mom at the age of 22. A blessing that changed my life. Admittedly, I was not yet prepared but I had to prepare of becoming emotional strong.I started my journey and motherhood literally from humble beginings. Natural na pinag dadaanan ng lahat na bagong Ina. My sons dad and I were not married but somehow he provided all that he could for my son.

My son was young when his dad found a stable job. We stayed in a small apartment near his moms house. It was a simple life, enough to pay the rent and bills. But it wasn’t enough, I had to find other options to help as well. I found myself in a situation that I’m not supposed to complain and be lazy. That there is no substitute for hard work.That without a wise move and perseverance, we will not achieve anything.

For full time moms, here are some of my solutions that can profit…

They say when there is a crisis you need to come up with a solution to the problem. A solution that may be beneficial in your neighbor hood.Since I am a full time mom,I think of solutions in those times in the form of a business.

I enter different small business for extra income like: 

  1. Selling various merchandise that I got from direct selling, 

Since people today prefer most things to be fast and convenient,

2. I also got into SME’s or small and medium enterprise. Joined several seminars that can help you build your confidence and abilities. Determine what business you like and what interest people around you. If you know how to make accessories and other creative crafts, you can sell them in a reasonable price, or be a re-seller of perfumes,merchandise that you bought in whole sale price or maybe desserts that can be sold in schools or offices.  

3. You can provide a loading services in the convenience of your neighborhood. 

4. Or..just like what I did every afternoon I sell all kinds of miryenda to my neighbors. Everything that can profit.These are simple solutions. enough to save money for emergency purposes,

Open a Savings Bank Account,Something to motivate you… 

Putting a small amount as often as possible in a savings account will mount up without you even noticing it. The more you reward yourself thru paying yourself thru opening a bank account, the more you will want to keep adding to it. When I open my first bank account with my name and my son and it gave me that sense of accomplishment. 

There is a right time for everything!
There’s this saying there will be time that you will need to postpone your wants and desires and there is a right time for everything.

Be Open to Learn!

I started into blogging year 2012 and it opened a lot of doors of opportunities that I can’t imagine. I met different people who helped me discover my abilities. Like-minded people can help you open more doors for you. Collaborate and expand your knowledge for more and opportunities will follow.

I’ve been a self supporting student ever since. At first i could hardly believe that i can sustain my college. There were times I couldn’t pay my tuition fee, and many times I couldn’t take examinations. But i was determined to pursue and find other options. 

My work as a freelancer gave me the opportunity to discover my abilities in handling clients I collaborated with. It gave me that sense of accomplishment to be able to find solutions in my financial problems through my work. Doing Digital Marketing and promoting products helped me with lots of hands on experiences.

Through my experiences I appreciate the values of life and what it taught me. 
I can honestly say that if it weren’t to my mom who instill us how to practice frugality and how to work hard,I would not be the financial smart woman I am today. And now that through Sun Life’s campaign I may be able to achieve financial freedom.


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