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Appreciating fine wine experience at The Wine Museum

I can definelty say that I’m a occasional wine drinker. In all special occasions like weddings, events and gatherings, Wine is served to add a more sophisticated mood for everyone to share and enjoy. 

Wines are inspired by the philosophy of preserving over time and the appreciation of its cultures, traditions and its regions. 

The essence of putting up a wine experience is to appreciate the color of the wine, the smell and the taste (learn to appreciate wines) Old world wines like Citra intense rubi red reveals a masterpiece; an artwork that expresses its its legacy once wine is poured in every glass, appreciating the distillery over time or years that we may pass on to the next generations. 

My Personal Review on characteristics of Wines:

1. 👍 Gossips Pink Moscato Sweet Lips 

Personally my favorite. Women will definelty gonna love this. Gossips is best served Chilled and can perfectly paired with Pasta’s. 

2. 👍 Hugo Seccolina 

Sweet wines are great to pair with chocolates or whatever is good or you like. 

3. 👍 Rosso Nobile aL Cioccolata 

Intense Aroma of dark, ripe fruits with soft hints of vanilla. This wine is something NEW! 

4. 👍 Crema Nobile aL Cioccolata 

Chocolately smooth finish and best served as cold. Something pair with salty like nuts or dark chocolates. 
Wine Wednesday happened last October 26, 2016 at The Wine Museum is a Prelude to the 16th Grand Wine Experience. Successfully done at the Grand ballroom of the Marriott Hotel happen last November 4, 2016. 
Wine Aficionados gathered for a night of flowing wines and wine tasting. Comes with a dinner buffet care of the Wine Museum restaurant and everyone goes home with a bottle of wines. 

As a backgrounder, Philippine Wine Merchants was founded in 1975 by Ralph Lim Joseph. Together with his three brothers- Robert, Ronald, and Raymond, the Joseph brothers had successfully run the business becoming one of the biggest wines and spirits importers and distributors in the country with strong market presence. They are popular for their annual event called The Grand Wine Experience which houses 500 types of wines in one location specially for the wine aficionados .


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