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Health & Life Insurance- Lets admit that we think of “Later” than “Now”

The misconception about getting health & life Insurance. Lets admit that we think of “Later” than “Now”. 

Whether we don’t like it or think about that it can happen soon, sometimes a serious illness or getting hurt can strike us any time. Our family is very important that is why we need to go for a good plan to protect them in times of unexpected problems.

Reality Check! Nowadays if we talk about getting a Health & Life Insurance, most people would delay for as long as they can. Most think of it negatively because of its costs. But if we just opened our mind to possibilities, know the long term benefits this insurance can give you in the future and talk with the right person who has knowledge about it, it will prepare you and to insure that when it comes to buying life insurance, later is never better.

The Story of my grandmother…

When my grandmother was alive,we would send her many times to a private hospital  due to her illness. Knowing that all Private hospitals expenses in medicines, high fees on private rooms, services and doctors fee that would probably cost half a million. Not preparing enough money for emergencies will give you all sorts of headaches. Since my grandmother don’t have a Insurance, naging mas mahirap para sa amin ang ma lessen lahat ng expenses sa hospital. As per my mom, sad to say that in her work as a school teacher, she has no Insurance for herself nor for the family. Nakakalungkot because mom works in a private school were they are not offered Insurances like health/Life Insurance. My mom would take the advantage of lending a money to a person with a higher interest which make it harder to pay. That is why when my grandmother died 9 years ago, we are still paying for the money that we loaned in a person with a higher interests.

The key is to plan ahead of time while your young. The earlier the better, the lower the age the lower the payment for any policy or plan. Delaying will cost you more so why not try to plan as early as today for the protection of your loved ones.

All material things in life are there to momentary make us happy, but to Invest on Health and Life Insurance will give us a maximum protection that will be beneficial for our loved ones.

Once you have that stable income or job, first thing you need to do is a long term plan. Talk to the right people and know the right Policy that you need. 

To be part of Brighter Life Sessions with coach Aya Laraya, made so much looking forward to. It made me realize the things I missed and fail to plan for the security of my child’s future when i was in my 20’s. The discussions with coach Aya together with my fellow bloggers encourages me to plan not Later but Today. Its never too late! Having the right people to share all your thoughts is something, a knowledge I gain, Inspire others and apply to myself. 

Now that I’ll be turning 31 next month, the experiences made me who I am now. An eye opener not only for myself but also to others who has doubts on having their first steps on securing their loved ones future. 

I hope this message encourages others to take on considering its advantages.  


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