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A domino effect is defined as a cumulative outcome that is produced when a single event initiates a succession of similar events. Dominos Pizza Philippines has stayed true to this meaning, and yet has added so much more. The countrys pizza delivery expert has demonstrated that the simple act of receiving a delicious box of Dominos pizza creates an outward (and contagious) ripple of joy, delight, and cheerfulness. Indeed, it is enough to make you momentarily forget about the weariness and challenges of the day, and instead focus on love at first bite  thats the #DominosEffect !
As of last count, almost 1 million people have seen the #DominosEffect on full display, when a viral of a truly unique initiative exploded on social media. 

In case you havent seen the video, heres the link:


When a company shows that it understands and empathizes with the grief associated with Metro Manila traffic, and does an amazing gesture in order to put smiles on peoples faces, then it is no wonder that the #DominosEffect video has taken the Internet by storm. 
According to the company, they are delivering delight, one pizza at a time. While theres no doubt that Dominos Pizza will surely translate into delight, it is the message to share and spread this #DominosEffect that really resonates and deserves to be passed on. The world can certainly use more smiles, joy, and laughter nowadays. 


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