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A Gift of Scents by CHEMWORLD Fragrance Factory

Christmas to me is sharing. Definetly the most wonderful time of the year. The best time to share the blessings you received this year. Christmas to me is the time you give back to people who helped you and inspire you reach your dreams and goals in life. People who believed in your dreams and aspirations. 

There are so many reasons for receiving or giving a gift, whether it to say a simple thank you! 

2016 for me has been a year of new hopes and wisdom. Opened a lot of doors of opportunities, met like minded people where I draw inspirations from and gained wisdom to help me ready for my future. All I can think this Christmas is something personal. Gifts that are put a lot of time and efforts to make someone smile this holiday. And why not give a gift of fragrance with their names print on it. So whenever they see it, they will remember us. 

I was so happy to know about this store of perfumery materials. Where you can find a wide selection of perfume bottles & boxes, fragrance & essential oils and raw materials that i needed for my list of personalized gifts. This perfumery store ChemWorld is the perfect place to shop to buy what you need or selling it as your own brand of perfumes. 

Raw Materials

ChemWorld Fragrance Factory is the leading center for  hands on fragrance workshops where they will teach you the step by step how to blend and sell your own perfumes. 

This kind of bottles are hard to find these days (Victoria bottles). But these are available in the store. This may be a perfect gift ideas to début, weddings or any occasions. 

Victoria Bottles 100ml

Im loving the shape of sexy bottles. Perfect gift ideas for your girl barkadas. 

Sexy Bottles 45ml

They also have bottles in different shapes and sizes. for those who love cute size perfumes it perfectly fits on small purse or bags. For kikays and who loves cute stuff like me, the pink bottle with a flower can also be put as an accent table decor. 

250ml Regular Premix

The only thing you need is your raw materials, a lot of patience and put some love on it before you start workin. Whenever i receive personalized gifts, it just brightens my day. 

So I went to this Philippine Handicraft’s bazaar in SM MegaMall trying to find a local made gift storage for these perfumes. Luckily I’ve found one that fits all this bottles. 

Gifts are ready to go! 


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