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Rotary Int’l Tummy Truck – fully equipped bus to handle disaster relief operations

Christmas is a time for sharing and way of giving back something to humanity. This involves feeding programs of such various projects. Glad to know that there are committee like the Rotary Int’l District 3830 with the efforts of District Disaster Management Commitee (DDMC) all these made possible to serve specialy those who are in need. Give Love Everyday! Not just on Christmas day. 

What is Tummy Truck all about? 

The Tummy Truck is the 1st of its kind and it was generously donated by Victory Liner, Inc. According to Victory Liner – the idea for this project, buses that are not longer in use for transportation to be completely restored and fully converted into a soup kitchen Vehicle. In that way the primary agenda is to provide warm and filling meals during relief operations. The vehicle can be used on site to cook and dispense food for disaster victims and families. Equipped with kitchenette, air-conditioning, serving counters and toilets. (DDMC) has been commissioned to handle disaster relief for rotary year 2016-2017 and succeeding rotary years. 

On its official appearance in public held at Makati Elementary School, they bring Tummy Truck to the students to see a glimpse of what tummy truck has instore for the kids this Christmas.

Students from Makati Elementary School were all very excited to see what Tummy Truck has for them. 

Living from the South of the Metro, I hoped i get to see a projects like this in Laguna. Isang proyekto na makatutulong ng malaki sa community at maging sa buong bansa. Nag sisimula sa maliit na actions na nag reresulta ng mas maayos at mabilis na action o tulong para sa komunidad. 

Kudos to the Rotary International District 3830, Governor Ms. Edna Sutter and the District Disaster Management Commitee for a Job well done! 


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