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Lent’s Fishy Feasts~ newest addition with the Goldilocks’ all new Fish Bistik Meal

As the Lenten season reaches its peak, we are reminded of our commitment to reflect on our transgressions and to sacrifice something of importance in order to fully embrace the tradition. Among the most popular of these traditions is the act of restraining oneself from indulging in meat and opting for vegetables and seafood instead.
However, most restaurants lack the variety in the seafood and vegetable category which leads to most Lenten abstainers with insufficient options when they decide to eat out. 

To give more options to hungry abstainers, Goldilocks, the country’s number one bakeshop, launched a variety of meals made especially for the Lenten season, they are also proud to announce their newest addition with the Goldilocks’ all new Fish Bistik Meal

This Filipino classic comes with a Lenten twist which substitutes the typical meat found in original Bistik recipes with a crispy fried Bangus belly which also comes with a steaming cup of white rice. This will ensure that your meal is not only filling and delicious, it will also be the perfect companion for your Lenten sacrifice. 

Grab these and other enjoyable Lenten meals at any Goldilocks restaurant nearest you. 

For more information, you may also follow Goldilocks on Twitter or Instagram at @GoldilocksPH, on the Goldilocks Facebook page, or at the official Goldilocks website at http://www.goldilocks.com.ph


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