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The Benefits of Rough & Tumble play is Beyond the Physical – feat. Ding Dong Dantes, Marian Rivera & Baby Zia

Manila, Philippines – April 3, 2017- The well know baby brand Johnson’s leaded the recently Johnson’s #DADventures Camp held at Dusit Thani Manila. Parents together with their adorable kids gathered in a exclusive event to promote the benefits of Rough and Tumble play and its importance in developing children’s Social, Cognitive and most importantly the Physical development. The venue became a huge playground fit for the summer, the outdoor theme, colorful banderitas and a picnic area added the guests excitement. Booths prepared different themes so the little one’s can enjoy and be ready for a rough play.



On this event, the #DadVentures Camp hosted by Celebrity mom Bettinna and his brother Clinton Carlos as they greet the guests a warm welcome and introduce what Johnson’s has in store for parents like us.


Developmental Psychologists Tells Mom to Say ” PWEDE!” to #DADventures 

Camp Councelor Professor Perlita De Leon – an expert in Developmental Psychology from UP Diliman, supported this saying, International studies highly encourage rough and tumble play because it plays a vital role in child’s physical, social and cognitive development.

Some rough and tumble play to try at home:

  1. Crawling
  2. Wrestling
  3. Chasing 

Cognitive – promotes muscle coordination. Physical – established a kind of positive bond and a healthy relationship between the child and their parent’s. While Social – children learn to interact with other people, form a friendship, adapt in their environment, learn to strategized making your child grow ” Matalino” and improve communication skills.  The benefits of #DADventures camp is traditionally displayed by Dad’s.

How to strengthen KIDS Skin by Dr. Loverna Arcilla Suratos,MD,FPDS 

  1. Maintain on mild soaps for babies/kids
  2. its not recommended to scrub the skin by using a cloth that can harsh the barriers that protect the skin.
  3. Milk proteins ( Building Blocks) helps control Inflammation and strengthens the skin.
  4. Rice provides vitamins and minerals that keeps the skin soft and smooth but strong and healthy
  5. Oats contains avenamethrides, a naturally occurring compound that has protection against skin irritation, lipids and proteins that restores damaged soap skin.
  6. Cosmetics always maintain a strong and healthy skin.

Ria Gatmaitan, Senior Brand Manager of Johnson’s revealed that the Johnson’s Milk range contains precisely those ingredients Dr. Suratos recommended citing the Milk Proteins sourced from European cows, Colloidal Oats and Rice Extracts found in each formula.


Johnson’s Milk+Rice is fortified with 200% more skin vitamins and Johnson’s Milk+Oats locks in moisture for up to 24 hours so that skin feels strong and healthy after just one use. She ended her talk by encouraging moms to be fearless when it  comes to allowing rough play and to say ”PWEDE” to #DADventures with the help of JOHNSON’S Mlik+Rice and Milk+Oats.



#FAMILYGOALS – JOHNSON’S Celebrity Endorsers DANTES Family 

A family that is a perfect representation, the right word would be everyone’s #FAMILYGOALS.  helping them achieve a healthy skin is none other than the lovable celebrity the ”Dantes Family” as they walked in the stage together with they’re adorable daughter Baby Zia.




To demonstrate the efficiency of Johnson’s Milk range celebrity mom Marian Rivera applied these products to Zia before visiting the different camp stations. Johnson’s talaga ako ever since says Marian. I use it on myself and on Zia kasi tried and tested brand na talaga sya at palaging may bago marian added.




Take it from the Dantes Family and say PWEDE to #DADventures with Johnson’s Milk+Rice and Milk+Oats baby bath and lotion. Available in leading supermarkets, drugstores and department stores nationwide.


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