ePerformax 15th anniversary Video

ePerformax, one of the pioneering companies of the BPO industry here in the Philippines, has grown to be the best performing contact center for their Fortune 500 clients, and most importantly, the best place to work for their employees.

ePerformax recently celebrated its 15th anniversary in Manila with a party for its employees and their families at the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds. The event recognized its pioneer employees and celebrated the company’s success with a job fair, carnival, and employees showcasing their talents by designing their own floats and costumes for the pageant representatives, dance crews putting on their best moves on stage, and other individuals showing off their passion for performing outside of work in the eP’s Got Talent contest.

What separates anyone working at ePerformax from everyone else in the industry is the company’s “PERFORM culture,” which maximizes everyone’s potential and opportunity to build a rewarding career.

ePerformax remains the best place to work, and they are poised to adapt, grow, and be prepared for the opportunities of the future within the BPO industry.


Why sleeping gives you a better chance of enjoying your waking hours

When it comes to sleep, we always hear the range of seven to nine hours as the recommended average for adults.  According to figures, however, 60 percent of individuals never reach this goal due to different factors, a trend that can wreck havoc on health and overall lifestyle.

One of the most commonly pointed factors affecting sleep is work-related stress. According to a study that highlights the direct effects of work on individuals, 33 percent of the participants identified lack of sleep as an effect of stress.

This subject is what Uratex tackled during its recently concluded office tour that focused on the importance of sleep and its impact on overall wellness. The campaign, called “Sleep Soundly, Nurture Life”, held seminars that educated office workers about the science of sleep and how improving it can enrich your life.

(Photo caption: The Sleep Soundly, Nurture Life series of seminars visited key offices in the Metro to educate employees about the importance of sleep in their busy lifestyles.)

The tour visited offices in various industries namely Summit Media, MOR DJs, ACE SAATCHI, Philippine Media, and Metrobank. A special activation was also held in Island City Mall (ICM), Tagbilaran, Bohol which was attended by VIP customers of ICM and local bloggers of Bohol. During the event, sleep experts and wellness coaches held seminars that addressed stress problems, sleep, and the right way of choosing sleeping partners like mattresses. Wellness checks were offered during the round of seminars as well.

Photo caption: Wellness consultant, trainer, and coach Dr. Marco Escareal gave a talk about stress management and the importance of sleep during the Sleep Soundly, Nurture Life seminars headed by Uratex, the Sleep Specialist and provider of premium sleep solutions. Other professionals who contributed were Sleep Doctor Dr. Keith Aguilera from St. Lukes Global City and Uratex Sales Director Dindo Medina who gave a rundown on the benefits of their innovative sleeping solutions.
Saatchi 5
(Photo Caption: Employees from advertising agency SAATCHI attended a series of seminars focusing on the importance of sleep. Advertising and other jobs in the creative industry are considered some of the most fast-paced in the country.)

A landmark study focusing on sleep deprivation by the University of Chicago found out that people sleeping for only four to the six hours are more prone to high blood pressure and a higher production of cortisol, a hormone connected to stress. Sleep also takes a direct toll on the mind and body, which can cause concentration problems and sluggishness.

(Photo caption: In addition to the seminars, Uratex also held special activities like yoga to further reinforce the importance of managing stress to individuals.)

Stress and irregular schedules may be a part of a normal person’s life, but there is something that can be done to minimize the negative effects they bring. One solution is to improve your sleep environment.

(Photo caption: The Sleep Soundly, Nurture Life during its event held at the Ronac Center Magallanes, Makati. The occasion invited Philippine media members of the United Print Media Group.)


Uratex has been focusing on its efforts to build awareness about the subject for the past few years. The trusted brand is also a frontrunner in creating mattresses and pillows that can improve sleep patterns with the use of technology.

Sleep plays a crucial role in the overall health and lifestyle of people. Just like any other important lifestyle change, developing healthy sleeping habits involves more than just adjusting our body clocks. Understanding the science behind it, as well as the use of partners that can help improve it, can make a world of difference on busy lives.



Fisherman’s Friend: A Story of Heritage and Innovation

How a brand kept in touch with the demands of the present market.

fishermans friendrev2

What makes a product’s credibility and success? Is it the number of years it remains strong in the market? Or is it the brand’s willingness to keep up with the times and demands of its consumers? For Fisherman’s Friend, ticking all these requirements is what made them strengthen their foothold in the industry, all while being rooted to their rich heritage dating back centuries.

The brand, which is one of the leading throat lozenges in the market, traces its history back to 1865 when Fleetwood pharmacist James Lofthouse thought of creating a menthol and eucalyptus liquid to provide relief to fishermen who are constantly plagued by the hostile conditions of their job. After realizing that it can be challenging to consume liquids while riding the choppy seas of the North Atlantic, Lofthouse decided to create a lozenge form of his product to make it easier to consume.

From there, Lofthouse decided to expand his efforts after realizing that his product has great market potential. In 1967, Fisherman’s Friend started selling their lozenges to surrounding shops from their van. Come 1974, the products are exported for the first time to Norway and Belgium.

Today, the relevance of Fisherman’s Friend remains stronger than ever when it comes to demand. Especially here in the Philippines where work industries like Business Process Outsourcing and broadcasting flourish, professionals who use their voices as capital need a product that offer relief even more.

Thankfully, the brand has remained faithful in innovating themselves to cater to the interest of their market.  This can be seen in the way they have continuously expanded their flavors to make sure that they are aligned with the varied palates of consumers. In addition, the product can also double as a breath freshener, another proof of its commitment to its clientele by adding a more lifestyle positioning to its use.

The brand launched its first flavored lozenges, Aniseed, in 1975 after 110 years since conception of the original recipe. Five years later, with innovation at the heart of its legacy, the brand in created in 1980 their Original Menthol & Eucalyptus Flavor with no added sugar.

Come 1991, Fisherman’s Friend created its sugar free mint lozenges. It was a breakthrough move for the brand, with the recipe proving to be a huge success. With this, Fisherman’s Friend becomes the first confectionary company to produce a sugar free mint.

The brand had another momentous year in 1967 after launching its first fruit flavored lozenges, the Sugar Free Lemon. Followed by another expansion in their roster of flavors, Fisherman’s created its Cherry lozenges in 2003.

The brand’s latest addition to their product range was 2007, the sugar free Blackcurrant and Menthol Flavor lozenges. The flavor has since become a favorite among consumers.

Nowadays, Fisherman’s Friend remains to be top-of-mind when it comes to providing throat relief.  From being a staple among fishermen, it now caters to a wider market thanks to its continuous product innovation. It’s now friendlier to the palate, too, with flavors that even the younger generation can definitely appreciate. In this aspect, the brand has managed to make itself not only relevant, but still in touch with today’s consumers.

Fisherman’s Friend is available in leading drugstores, convenience stores, supermarkets and groceries nationwide, for as low as Php 44.75. Its colorful history is as colorful as the flavors available here in the Philippines, from the Original Extra Strong flavor that started it all in 1865, Fisherman’s Friend has come a long way reaching our shores, providing a variety of flavors – Spearmint Sugar Free, Lemon Sugar Free, Cherry Sugar Free, Mint Sugar Free, Mandarin Sugar Free and Strong Mint.

For more information about the product, visit www.fishermansfriend.com and Fisherman’s Friend’s Facebook page – http://www.facebook.com/FishermansFriendPH.




Beauty with Virgin Seed Oils

MISSO® s2o Seed-to-Oil Wonder Extractor recently held a couple of live demos to the public to show the benefits of freshly extracted virgin seed oils. One of which is an event featuring one of MISSO’s brand ambassadors, who talked about the different applications of these oils in over-all wellness through the various benefits of “wonder seeds” and in everyone’s personal beauty regimen. Ms. Juris Fortun-Tiu, a certified beauty and skincare consultant, shared her thoughts and experience in using natural seed oil extracts processed by MISSO s2o.


She mainly focused on the beauty applications of natural virgin seed oil extracts from MISSO s2o. She gave tips on how to effectively apply the virgin seed oil extract on the skin, especially on the face, and what oil are best suited for varying skin types. She also gave some simple instructions how to do lymphatic drainage massage on the face and neck while applying the oils, so that it can be absorbed deep in the skin and remove the toxins deposited in our lymph nodes around the area .

Photo 3

After Juris shared these helpful tips in beauty and skincare, some of the audience got a chance to use MISSO s2o in making their own face mask and scrub with the virgin seed oil and chaff. All of the participants took home what they made to try it for themselves, while the rest of the audience were given small samples of freshly extracted virgin seed oil and chaff.

As an advocate of natural products, she also discussed the different benefits of “wonder seeds”, such as chia, flaxseed, and sesame. These seeds are packed with vitamins and minerals not only good for the skin, but also with the overall wellness. Their oil extract itself can be ingested to get omega 3 for brain performance and heart health, omega 6 for weight loss and increased metabolism, and omega 9 for better blood circulation and immune system.

Photo 1

“For me having a MISSO s2o Seed to Oil Wonder Extractor at home is highly recommended, especially to those who are very particular with their beauty regimen, since MISSO produces oil from natural products,” Juris emphasizes. “It’s not like the products that can bought from the market, which has preservatives to prolong shelf life. And for those who buy serums, they could save more if they have a MISSO in their homes, because virgin seed oils are cheaper but achieves almost the same results.”

MISSO s2o Seed to Oil Wonder Extractor is a Korean product that came from the same makers of Matstone Multipurpose Slow Juicer— an assurance that it is highly durable and a long-lasting quality product. The word MISSO itself means “smile” in Korean, and it was derived from two Chinese words “mei” which means beauty and “shao” meaning “face”. Everyone had their smiles on after the event and were still very curious and excited with what MISSO can do for their health and over-all wellness.

With MISSO® s2o Seed-to-Oil Wonder Extractor, more people can do so much more to take care of their skin and their health. And all of these wonders could be achieved in the comfort of everyone’s home.

MISSO s2o Seed-To-Oil Wonder Extractor is exclusively distributed by IAJ Wellness Corporation and is available in select SM Home, SM Appliance, Rustan’s, True Value store nationwide. For more info, visit www.misso.com.ph


Make Cooking A Breeze This Season With These Nifty Kitchen Hacks

Bust food prep stress with these smart cooking tips

What’s more exciting than gifts and Christmas carols during the holidays? The food and parties, of course! With Christmas just around the corner, the need to rev up our kitchens becomes even more necessary so we can catch up with holiday cooking demands.

For homeowners, however, the holiday season can both be fun and challenging, especially when it comes to preparing for all those potlucks and family dinners. So how do we cope? In times like these, it is important to start by making tweaks on your overall process.

Read on below for some smart cooking that can make your life easier this season:

  1. Keep water from boiling over the pot.

image002 (1)

This nifty hack will save you watching over your pot like a hawk. The next time you need to boil water for your pasta, put a wooden spoon over the top of the pot to keep it from overflowing. The bubbles of the water will get in contact with the pot and keep it from spilling over.

An induction cooker, which offers controlled and customizable cooking functions, can help make your life easier, too. Midea’s Induction cooker, for example, has eight cooking functions customized for different cooking needs. Use the hotpot feature the next time you need to boil water. If the water in the pot dries up or the temperature is abnormally high, the induction cooker automatically switches off or starts protection function.

  1. Roast a whole chicken evenly.


Roasts are big hits during the holidays, but they are admittedly a bit tasking to pull off. The next time you’re planning to roast a whole chicken, make sure to add ice cubes to it before popping it in the oven.

Put the cubes on the breast part of the chicken, which is also the fastest part that gets cooked. Icing this portion will help cook the part slower to match the required cooking time of other chicken parts so you get a nice, even roast all over.

Roasting or baking goodies can be practical. Try Midea’s Gas Range, which is optimized for LPG savings in the kitchen. For only 4php per 30 minutes of baking, you wouldn’t have to worry about running out of Gas while preparing your holiday treat. This gas range also comes with a Fry feature, spending only 1php per 15 minutes of frying. It is perfect for the holiday season as it can accommodate the heavy duty cooking with its large oven capacity. The Midea gas range is the best kitchen partner for Filipino cooking, especially during the holidays.

  1. Fry well.


We’ve all had that desire to get our frying done by putting all of our meat pieces on our frying pans to save time. If you want tender, juicy meat, however, make sure to cook in batches with enough space between your meat.

It’s important to watch the stove temperature closely too. If the pan turns too hot, it will make the food lose its moisture and even cause oil to pop.

Midea’s induction cooker has a special fry function that can help guide you for starters, with customizable temperature if you want to adjust it.  Moreover, you’ll never be afraid of frying anything again with its flameless feature that prevents common stovetop accidents like burns, fire, and gas leakages.

  1. Cook sides of food evenly without flipping.

The next time you need to bake something, make your food cook evenly by popping your cooking sheet when you’re preheating your oven. This trick will heat up the surface of your cooking sheet, helping the food cook well without having to pull them out just to flip them.

  1. Get crispy, deep-fried food every time.

For crispy, deep-fried treats, the trick is to make sure your oil is hot enough. You can determine this by dipping a chopstick into the oil—if there are bubbles around it, it is the right temperature.  Make sure that the food is dry, too (pat it dry with a towel before frying) to keep oil from splattering once you dip into the pan.

Midea’s Induction Cooker makes sure you get an affordable frying experience with its energy feature. For only 1php for every four minutes of frying, you can enjoy deep fried food this season without worrying about your power bill.

In addition to these tricks, you can improve your cooking experience with the right kitchen partners. Midea’s kitchen appliances are designed with the busy homemaker in mind, making them the perfect choice for the holidays.


About Midea

CMIP-01 (1) (1)

Midea, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of appliances, covers a complete range of products from electric kettles, washing machines, gas ranges, microwaves to large commercial air-conditioning systems. Thriving in over 150 countries, Midea has now arrived in the Philippines! Midea is also a part of Forbes Fortune 500 companies with a market cap of $31.5 Billion as of May 2017.

In partnership with Concepcion Industrial Corporation (CIC), Midea’s global strength in the appliance industry infused with CIC’s Integrity, Excellence and Total Customer Satisfaction give the world class brand a better understanding of the Filipino’s needs.



An UnConference for the Marketing Throne

GOM Logo

“When you play a game of thrones you win or you die. There is no middle ground.”
― George R.R. MartinA Game of Thrones
In the world of Marketing, the landscape is split into several kingdoms, and in each, a leader is at the helm. Which of the marketing houses do you belong to, what role should you play, and what’s the winning strategy?


The Philippine Marketing Association, the team that brought you the successful Fifty Shades of Marketing in 2015, invites you to the first ever UnConference in Asia and the Philippines, Game of Marketing.

“I am proud to organize the first Asian UnConference, an unstructured marketing conference where topics are discussed, voted on, and decided before the conference officially starts. We are spicing up this UnConference by playing around with the most popular TV series, Game of Thrones, to which we aptly reapplied and called our conference “Game of Marketing”. GOT fans would understand the many marketing learnings in the series, and we intend to bring that to life in this first of its kind UnConference. We have invited the best Asian speakers and facilitators for this first of its kind event. If you haven’t attended an UnConference, or simply a GOT fan who is in marketing, you simply cannot miss this UnConference!” says Donald Lim, Country CEO of Dentsu Aegis Network Philippines, CPM Asia Pacific, and Over-all Chairman of the 48th PMA National Marketing Conference.

PMA GOM Over-all Chairman Donald Lim introduces to the press the UnConference format and the concept for the 48th National Marketing Conference – The Game of Marketing, 1st Asian Marketing Unconference.
PMA President Arlene Padua-Martinez discusses the success of the previous National Marketing Conferences and presents this year’s Game of Marketing, 1st Asian Marketing Unconference at a press conference recently held at the Tower Club, Makati City.
The Game of Marketing, 1st Asian UnConference committee: (From Left) Jam De Guzman (GM, dentsu X Philippines), Amrei Dizon (Director, PMA), Lira Ligero (Event Officer, PMA GOM), Donald Lim (Over-all Chairman, PMA GOM), Tess Rotaquio-Guevarra (Overall Co-Chair, PMA GOM), Mark Vincent Co (EVP / Director-in-Charge, PMA GOM), Faye Arellano Martinez (Sponsorship Chair, PMA GOM), Nadine Tan (PR Chair, PMA GOM) Seated: Gwen Albarracin (President, AMF), Arlene Padua-Martinez (President, PMA)

Kicking off the first day is a pair of masterclass Opening Keynote speakers; David Hearn, Regional Head of Strategy, dentsu X Asia Pacific and Hermawan Kartajaya, Co-Founder of Asia Marketing Federation, President of Indonesia Council for Small Business, and President of ACSB. Adding to this line up of Marketing Greats is Merlee Jayme, Chairmom/Chief Creative Officer of Dentsu Jayme Syfu who will introduce to you the Three Dragons of Creativity, Meng Liu, Head of Asia and Oceania Networks of United Nations Global Compact will discuss Making Global Goals Local Business. Donald Lim, Over-all Chairman of the 48th PMA National Marketing Conference, closes the UnConference as the Closing Keynote speaker.

Arlene Padua-Martinez, President of Philippine Marketing Association, CPM Asia shares her thoughts on the UnConference — “Just when you think you have the THRONE (market leadership position), think again… in a V.U.C.A. world where other kingdoms fight for supremacy and control, certainty is very unpredictable. Creating passionate ADVOCATES amidst diversity is still the name of the game.”

“In the Game of Marketing, selfishness and greed may win some battles, but the war is always won by those who create meaningful engagements and solid relationships.”, added Mark Vincent Co, Executive Vice President of the Philippine Marketing Association, CPM Philippines.

So, what are you waiting for? Fight for the coveted throne, and claim your seat at this meeting of marketing minds. Leave the conference equipped to face the wild life of Marketing beyond the wall.


This UnConference is supported by our Media Partners’ Philippine Daily Inquirer, Business World, Philippine Star, Manila Bulletin, Manila Times, and WhenInManila.Com.

“Game of Marketing”, the 1st Asian Marketing UnConference will be held on November 27 & 28 at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza CCP Complex Roxas Blvd Brgy. 76, Pasay City.

To learn more about Game of Marketing, visit https://www.facebook.com/GameOfMarketingPMA/ or contact Ms. Lira Ligero at

0997-7840532 or e-mail her at lira@philippinemarketing.net.ph for inquiries.


Ang masayang bonding moments ng family ni Baeby Baste


Hindi madali na mapanatiling maayos at malapit ang relasyon ng isang pamilya. Importante ang quality time para maging matatag ang samahan ng mga magulang at mga anak. May mga pagkakataon na dapat talagang gumawa ng paraan o gimik ang mga magulang para maging masaya ang samahan.

Tulad  ni Mommy Sheila Granfon, ina ng child star na si Baeby Baste na napapanood sa “Eat Bulaga” sa GMA 7. Ayon sa kanya, hindi niya kinu-kompromiso ang oras sa pamilya para sa ibang bagay.

“Bilang mommy, lagi akong hands-on pagdating sa pag-aalaga ng mga bata at sa asawa ko. Sinisigurado ko palagi na meron kaming  quality time,” ayon kay Mommy Sheila.

Simple lang ang mga Granfons sa kanilang bonding moments dahil madalas ay nasa bahay lamang sila.

“Nagluluto kami o nanunood ng movies sa TV. Bahay-bahayan kami. Hindi nawawala ‘yun,” sabi ni Mommy Sheila.

Perowala na sigurong hihigit pa sa bonding moments nila kung saan sabay-sabay silang kumakain ng paborito nilang snack.

“Gustong-gusto ng mga anak ko ang spaghetti na may ka-partner na toasted bread. Ang spaghetti at NeuBake Super Slice ay  bagay na bagay.Minsan, nilalagyan ko ng butter yung bread,” ayun kay Mommy Sheila.

Pagdating naman sa pag-aaral, sinisigurado ni Mommy Sheila na nakatutok siya sa kanyang mga anak. Kahit  nasa showbiz na si Baste, sinisigurado niya na nakakapag-aral ito nang mabuti at pumapasok sa eskwela tulad ng ibang bata.

Ngayon ay uma-attend na si Baste ng one-on-one sessions sa isang school sa Quezon City. “Pumapasok siya sa eskuwelahan pagkatapos ng ‘Eat Bulaga’ at isang oras at kalahati siyadoon. Isang beses sa isang buwan, may recognition day sila at nakakasama ni Baste ang ibang bata sa school.

Ikinuwento ni Mommy Sheila ang mga unang araw ni Baste sa school. “Umiyak si Baste. Hindi pa siya sanay na mahiwalay sa amin. ‘Yung kuya niya si Sam, medyo independent. Sabi nga nung iba mag-home study na lang daw si Baste pero gusto kong maranasan niya ang tunay na school.”

Sa baon ni Baste, gustong-gusto niya ang egg sandwich. “Enjoy na enjoy siya sa tinapay ng NeuBake Super Slice na may kasamang egg at cheese. Minsan, gusto niya ‘yung  bread, medyo toasted o malutong.”

Ayon kay Mommy Sheila, ang NeuBake Super Slice ay mura at magaan sa budget. Sa umaga, kape at Neubake Super Slice lang ang simpleng almusal nilang mag-asawa.

“Minsan, kapag nagmamadali kami, nagdadala na lang ako sa sasakyan ng Neubake Super Slice at mga palaman,” ayon kay Mommy Sheila.

Pagdating naman sa gadget, natutunan na rin ni Baste ang mag-control sa pag-gamit nito, ayon kay Mommy Sheila. “May gadget si Baste pero responsible user siya. Pag sinabi kong oras na para matulog o magpahinga na siya, binibigay niya sa akin ‘yung gadget.”

Pero may ibang pananaw si Mommy Sheila para sa mga magulang tungkol sa pag gamit ng gadgets.

“Kung sa palagay nyo ay mas marami kayong oras para sa gadget tulad ng cellphones or tablets kesa sa pamilya nyo, siguro stop muna. Nawawala na ‘yung quality time nyo sa isa’t isa pag ganun. Dapat ang mga magulang ay maglaan lang ng konting oras sa paggamit ng gadget at mas maraming panahon para sa pamilya,” dagdag pa ni Mommy Sheila.