A shining Golden Anniversary celebration with Uratex

For a company to stay in business for five decades says much about the virtues it gives importance to. On top of that, it has become the number one foam supplier and innovator in the country today. It has also expanded its horizons beyond manufacturing foam products and has also become a major player in metal fabrication for car parts and textile manufacturing. Feats like these have proven that Uratex deserves the accolades and respect it is getting from the industry and its customers.

OPM Legend and singer-songwriter, Rey Valera serenading the crowd with some of his classic hits

During Uratex’s 50th Anniversary Celebration with its industry partners and customers at Manila Hotel’s The Tent City, many gathered to send their well-wishes and at the same time spend the evening with fun entertainment, good food, and great company. Among the high-profile guests in the event was Senate President Tito Sotto III together with his wife, veteran actress Helen Gamboa.

Martin Nievera serenading Uratex co-founder and CEO, Mrs. Natividad Cheng

The night was filled with fun and exciting performances from celebrities, such as OPM legend Rey Valera, who sang his classic hits and cracked some old timey jokes to ease up the crowd into the evening. Singer-comedienne K Brosas, on the other hand, got the audience cackling throughout her set with impressions of iconic singers and some hard-hitting punchlines. The Concert King Martin Nievera crooned his way to the crowd and urged them to sing with him. And Uratex’s newest celebrity endorser, Matteo Guidicelli gave an equally swooning serenade, and expressed his heart-felt gratitude on being a part of the Uratex family.

Among the high profile guests at the 50th Anniversary Dinner of Uratex was veteran actress Helen Gamboa; beside her, Uratex co-founder and CEO, Mrs. Natividad Cheng

In between performances, Uratex featured short videos telling the company’s story and how they got to where they are right now. They showcased some of their innovations to prepare for the company’s future— by bolstering their capacity and advancements with the other industries they are involved with and by continuously providing Filipinos with affordable sleep solutions that could last for a lifetime.

Everyone cheered at the toast to Uratex, for it to continue its business for another 50 years, or more.


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