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Diana Stalder Helps Empower Women by Offering Extra Income Opportunity

The top skincare brand invites women to be part of its Authorized Reseller Program

“There is no limit to what women can accomplish.” – Former U.S. First Lady, Michelle Obama

In observance of the National Women’s Month, Diana Stalder continues to uphold its commitment to further empower women especially those who have been struggling harder for their families amid these very tough times.

As among the top authorities on skincare and beauty across the country, Diana Stalder has opened additional income opportunities for housewives, working students, single moms, and just about any responsible woman who needs to strive harder to make ends meet through its Authorized Reseller Program.

“Diana Stalder’s ‘Promise of a Better You’ comes with a timely opportunity for more women to be part of the skincare solution and at the same time, to earn extra income,” said Stalder Group Founder, President, and CEO Dina dela Paz Stalder. “We are inviting our loyal clients and just about anyone who is interested and enthusiastic about how others take care of their skin to take a shot at reselling our revolutionary skincare regimens.”

Diana Stalder’s reseller program

Launched in 2019, the brand’s Authorized Reseller Program is aimed at empowering more women by enabling them to earn income for themselves, families, or advocacies. Signing up is easy (and online) and will require just two valid identification cards.

The program registrants will undergo a product orientation seminar, to be conveniently facilitated by designated company personnel.

Authorized resellers can buy Diana Stalder products with up to 25 percent markdown, which could instantly be their profit when they resell those items.

They can order and resell as numerous products as they possibly could to earn more.

Outstanding skincare products

As Diana Stalder has already established itself as a reliable brand that brings about overall skincare, partner resellers can confidently and easily distribute specific products addressing every consumer skincare requirement.

Among the company’s top selling items are its face and body whitening kits (including its Glycerine Soap, Papaya Kojic Soap, BB Cream, Sunscreen Cream, and Lightening Lotion Plus) and anti-acne solutions (including the Night Therapy Gel, Acne Solution Cream, Lemon Soap, and Acne Solution Toner).

Face & Body Whitening Kit
Face whitening kit
Body whitening kit
Anti-Acne kit

Also among the fastest-selling products from Diana Stalder is its Time Repair anti-aging and skin lifting treatment system. The two-step regimen includes the Time Repair Exfoliant that bolsters production of new and fresh skin cells and the Time Repair Revitalizer that reverses chronological aging of the skin and stimulates collagen synthesis.

Time Repair kit

Meanwhile, Diana Stalder’s Hygiene Kit is also gaining popularity among consumers as it includes items that will ensure protection against the new coronavirus and other types of pathogens. This line includes the popular Kiwi Lush Hand Sanitizer and the Tea Tree Soap.

Hygiene Essential Kit

Visit Diana Stalder’s Gateway Mall location in Quezon City to sign up for the program and purchase skincare products for reselling. Health and safety protocols are strictly observed.

Stalder Group Founder, President, and CEO Dina dela Paz Stalder presenting franchise packages to prospective franchisees.
Stalder Group VP for Operations Diana Stalder performing “Dermalift” procedure to a loyal client.
Dina dela Paz Stalder doing beauty consultation with Goldilocks franchise executive Lin Deres.

To know more about Diana Stalder by Dermaline, follow them on their official Facebook Page and check their website for more info about their products.



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