Tokyo Tokyo’s New! Umami Fried Chicken

Crispy just got Umami!

Taste the Umami difference with our new Umami Fried Chicken.

Try the NEW Umami Fried Chicken– richly flavored fried chicken with delicious shiitake mushroom gravy and steaming rice!

Now available through the Tokyo Tokyo Mobile App,

Level up your favorite comfort food with the rich flavored, juicy, and crispy fried chicken paired with the shiitake mushroom gravy with real mushroom bits. This familiar favorite was made crispier and more flavorful that will take you on a different Japanese taste adventure you wouldn’t want to miss!

Tokyo Tokyo is once again changing the game and taking a huge step in fast casual dining by giving you a tastier experience on your favorite fried chicken that will keep you coming back for more. Savor in this new offering and be the first to try this new talk of the town.

Stop by your nearest Tokyo Tokyo branch today and try the new Umami Fried Chicken available for Solo Plates, Bento Meals and Platters you can share. Available in all Tokyo Tokyo Luzon Stores only.

Stay in the loop with all our promos and product launches by following us on our social media accounts. Instagram @tokyotokyophilippines


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