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Fisherman’s Friend Gives Us Another Reason to Love Our Lemons

They say that if life hands you lemons, make lemonade. But why stop there? Did you know that outside of food and beverages, lemons can be used as a natural beauty ingredient? Lemons are so versatile that there are a hundred ways you can use them! From being one of the most popular flavors used in products (be it food or beauty essentials) to a now iconic pop culture reference (thank you Hubbard and Beyonce!), these zesty little fruits prove that there are more to them than just being a juice stand favorite.

Health benefits of lemon

Lemons help improve the immune system with its vitamin C component. Other benefits include helping muscle function thanks to its calcium and potassium components, and promoting weight loss through pectins that make you feel fuller. Its antioxidant properties also help clear the kidney when added with water by increasing your urine’s citrate levels.

Lemons are packed with nutrients that make them a wonderful first aid and health ingredient. They are widely popular as a sore throat remedy, thanks to their acidic nature that increases the acidity of the throat area which kills the bacteria and viruses causing the discomfort. The astringent juice also helps bring down the inflammation by shrinking swollen tissues and reducing mucus. When mixed with honey, the latter will help coat the throat with its own antibacterial properties that can help soothe the soreness. Just add a teaspoon of lemon juice and honey to a cup of warm water for instant relief.

FF lemon sliced - print

Don’t have time to create your own lemon cure for sore throat? Go for lozenges with lemon in them! Try Fisherman’s Friend, a trusted brand, which started its history back in 1865 when pharmacist and founder James Lofthouse decided to create a lozenge form of his liquid formulation to make them easier to carry at sea. In 1997, Fisherman’s Friend finally released its Sugar-free Lemon-flavored lozenges —the first on its roster with a fruit flavor.

In the Philippines, Fisherman’s Friend comes in other fun flavors like Original, Strong Mint, Sugar Free Mint, Sugar Free Mandarin, Sugar Free Cherry and most recently, the Sugar Free Spearmint which was launched locally in 2016. Each pack tastes so good you won’t think they’re lozenges! Grab a pack of Fisherman’s Friend from leading drugstores, convenience stores and supermarkets nationwide for as low as Php44.75. You can also check their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/FishermansFriendPH.

Lemon as a beauty ingredient

The antibacterial properties and alpha hydroxyl acids in lemon juice make it an effective ingredient used in beauty products formulated to help clear skin. Lemons also help lighten dark spots and remove blackheads with its citric acid component. Got oily skin? Get a cotton swab and damp it with a few drops of lemon juice to manage it.

Lemon also has amazing benefits for hair and nails. Try going DIY and whip up your very own hair mask by mixing its juice with olive oil, coconut oil, and honey to cure your dry scalp and dandruff problem. A mixture of olive oil and lemon juice, on the other hand, can help whiten and strengthen yellowing and brittle nails.

A cook’s secret weapon

Are you one of those who love adding a dash of lemon to almost everything you eat? According to the pros at food website Epicurious, there is a solid reason why you love using this fruit as a secret ingredient.

The trick is actually a secret of many fancy chefs who use lemon juice to transform a dish. Not only does a splash of citrus make the flavors of a recipe come together, it also sharpens them without overwhelming the palate. So the next time you are planning to host a dinner party, pull off this trick to make your dishes taste a little more extra.

From health to beauty, lemons are truly a very versatile ingredient that can cater to a variety of needs.  So the next time life throws you lemons, you have to make the best out of them.

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UnConference: A Storm of Ideas (from “A Storm of Swords”)

An unconference is the perfect storm of ideas, opinions, thoughts, and views all coming together at once in one concentrated place like a tornado.
Unconferences originated in Philadelphia in 2010, and recently gained serious momentum around the globe. The informal nature of unconferences create an environment that empowers attendees to explore their passion, by giving them a voice, and giving them control. Attendees nominate topics to be discussed, a committee will group together similar topics and then assign final topics to be discussed into each breakout session. Attendees are not tied to stay in just one session. Everyone is encouraged to move on to another breakout session of their choice at any time. This participant-driven structure makes unconferences so noteworthy — simply the kind of event you can’t miss.

Poster Program Day1

The event lives and dies by the participation of its attendees. The breakout sessions at an unconference have no agenda until attendees create it. The range of topics is diverse; problems or issues to discuss, possible alliances, relationship building, or an attack plan. Attendees will together discover unexpected topics that are of great interest and importance.

Poster Program Day2

The speakers line up for the Game of Marketing UnConference aims to inspire attendees and equip them to unleash innovative ideas for the breakout sessions on day 2. This open-space tenet of learning incorporated in this year’s conference organized by the Philippine Marketing Association, the same team that created Fifty Shades of Marketing is bound to reward the curiosity of its attendees, and promises an exciting, flexible, and engaging experience.

Connect with similar minds at this forum of ideas at this year’s conference. “Game of Marketing”, the 1st Asian Marketing UnConference will be held on November 27 & 28 at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza, CCP Complex, Roxas Blvd Brgy. 76, Pasay City.

To learn more about Game of Marketing, visit https://www.facebook.com/GameOfMarketingPMA/ or contact Ms. Lira Ligero at 0977-7840532/0917-3087877 or e-mail her at lira@philippinemarketing.net.ph for inquiries.

This UnConference is supported by our Event partners’ Avanza, AQA, CAT PR, Dentsu Aegis Network, Vitalstrats, Knight/Minor Sponsor Carlo Rossi, Media Partners’ Viva, FOX, Sky Cable Corporation, Solar, Mellow 94.7, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Business World, Manila Bulletin, Philippine Star, Manila Times, Manila Standard, Manilastandard.net, WhenInManila.Com, Globaltronics, and MacGraphics Carranz.

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Twin Princess Opens in Marriott West Wing

Marriott Hotel Manila is brimming brighter than ever as it opened Twin Princess Gems, a jewelry store located in its new West Wing. The hotel is on top of its game when it opened this year the 228-accommodation West Wing, which also includes fine dining selections and facilities, increasing their room count to 570. 
Owned by local merchants, Danny and Arsen Hernandez, this jewelry store is an added glimmer to the hotels travel brilliance and their way of showing support to local entrepreneurs. Twin Princess Gems offers a fine collection of hand-crafted jewelry from necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and pendants. They use a variety of gemstones like blue and yellow sapphires, amethyst, and clear and black diamonds.  Their gold pieces ranges from 14 to 18 karat and comes in colors of white, yellow and rose. Also included in their repertoire are South Sea pearls, the most rare and highest quality of its kind. They offer wide-variations on designs from classic styles to playful pieces for any occasion and personality. 

This new jewelry store is a new go-to place for those looking for last-minute sophisticated gift or perfect accessory when attending an event in the hotel.

Twin Princess Gems is located at the Ground Floor of West Wing, Marriott Hotel Manila and is open Tuesdays to Sundays from 10am to 7pm. For inquiries, call (02) 9889999 or visit manilamarriott.com. To keep up on their latest offerings, follow @marriottmanila at Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat and, @manilamarirott on Instagram.

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Breaking Down the Benefits of Seed Oils for Healthy Living

What’s the big deal about seed oils and their ‘secret’?


Filipinos are becoming smarter when it comes to food choices. According to international consumer knowledge Kantar WorldPanel, people are now shifting to foods that are lighter and more nutritious despite their busy schedules.

While the shift is slow, there is a gradual improvement on both the food and beverage choices of Filipinos. But what really constitutes healthy eating? A lot of food and lifestyle merchants are taking a step towards offering nutritious meals, but how truthful is the term ‘healthy’ in the nutritional table of our favorite store bought ingredients?

According to the University of Washington, preparing and eating homemade food has a number of benefits over buying from the store. Many commercially prepared foods and ingredients, for example, can be high in salt, fat, and sugar. In addition, certain grocery items can trigger food allergies and sensitivities because of hidden ingredients.

However, when you create homemade food, you have more control over what you eat, particularly on the ingredients you use. There is also better portion management, unlike ready meals available commercially.

Perks of Going Homemade


Chef Louise Mabulo, Culinary Ambassador and Chef Chad Datu,  R& D Officer of IAJ Wellness both campaign for the use of natural ingredients. During a cooking demonstration championing easy homemade dishes, both chefs elaborated on the benefits of DIY dishes, particularly homemade oils.

Photo 3 Chef's Chad Datu & Louise Mabulo
Chef’s Chad Datu & Louise Mabulo, R&D Officer & Culinary Ambassador of IAJ Wellness Corporation, distributors of Breville & the new MISSO® s2o Seed-to-Oil Wonder Extractor at the recent media cooking demo using the naturally extracted seed oils from MISSO® s2o Wonder Extractor.

“You make your food healthier since you know where your oil is coming from as compared to buying store bought oils, where you don’t know the process,” explained Chef Mabulo.

Chef Datu added, “It’s natural, it has no preservatives, and additives that you don’t know.”

Extracted oils are making a statement in the culinary world because of their range of benefits. For example, flaxseed oil has been said to help improve skin texture and reduce inflammation because of the Omega-3 fatty acids it offers. Chia seeds provide support for the heart and cardiovascular systems, and black sesame oil is proven to be good sources of energy, help with aging, and decrease the risk of cancer.

In addition to the health and beauty benefits of extracted oils, they also offer something special for the palate as well. “Natural oils amplify the flavors of the dishes. You get a really rich and natural flavor,” said Chef Mabulo.

She also explained how the addition of extracted oils can add an aesthetic appeal to food. Black sesame oil, for example, looks visually pleasing when creating vinaigrette for salads, one of the dishes they prepared during the demo. “When a food is colorful, it becomes more delicious,” she finished.

Making homemade cooking easier for all

One of the challenges of homemade cooking is the effort that often comes with it. With the hectic schedules of Filipinos nowadays, people find it easier to just buy ready-made dishes or ingredients.

The good news is that a lot of leading kitchen manufacturers are listening and catering to the shift to healthier lifestyles of consumers nowadays. IAJ Wellness, specifically, has brought the MISSO s2o Seed-to-Oil Extractor to the Philippines, an innovative kitchen partner that lets anyone enjoy homemade fresh oil. With a safe and durable design, the Oil Extractor can extract up to 50% oil from any small seeds.

In addition to being a user-friendly partner in the kitchen, the MISSO s2o Seed-to-Oil Extractor can also be used to enjoy the beauty benefits of extracted oils. The kitchen tool, which originated in Korea—a country known for being one of the leaders in beauty trends—is a 2017 Korea Superb Brand Awardee as well.

Pursuing a healthy lifestyle is a big decision to make, but it must be followed with a definite change in direction when it comes to kitchen and eating habits. With a tool like the MISSO s2o Seed-to-Oil Extractor, this has become achievable more than ever.

MISSO® s2o Seed-to-Oil Wonder Extractor is exclusively distributed by IAJ Wellness Corporation.  IAJ Wellness Corporation is also the distributor of premium brands like Australian appliance brand, Breville, Matstone & Goodsphere, the air-revitalizer and is a proud member of the WOW Group. To know more about Misso s2O, visit www.misso.com.ph or find us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram @MissoPH.

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Marriott Manila is Your New Vegan Go-To Place

Ever thought of shifting to vegan lifestyle? Just go for it! Don’t be scared of running out of ideas where to get your plant-based cravings because veganism has landed at Marriott Hotel Manila. Imagine your usual vegetables reinvented by their award-winning chefs. Vegan or not, it is a culinary treat to get your hands into – now!

Vegan Gone Fancy

3-course Vegan Menu at Cru Steakhouse

Chickpea Falafel (appetizer)

Photo 1

Drop the “steak” on Cru Steakhouse, vegans can now do their date night or elegant dining in the metro’s top restaurant. Find a wholesome 3-course vegan menu for Php 1,300 only. It begins with a Mediterranean appetizer, Chickpea Falafel, made more flavorful with lemon-artichoke puree and grape relish.

Photo 2

Main course is like a “walk in the forest” with Grilled Forest Mushroom and Leeks stuffed with fresh basil gremolata, garlic crushed baby potatoes and seasoned by tomato reduction.

Photo 3

Cap the dinner off with Chocolate Mojito Ice Pops made by a fine mix of coconut, mojito, lemon and of course, chocolate cake on the side. By that, fine dining might just be a routine already.

Photo 4

For something handy to-go, Vegan Bars takes on a spotlight at their Marriott Café Bakery. These are dark and white chocolate clusters with salted pumpkin seeds for Php 450 per 200g, perfect as takeaways or giveaways. Chocolates used are from international brand, Felchlin Switzerland. Felchlin’s corporate pastry chef Anil Rohira flew to Manila to team up with Marriott Manila’s Executive Pastry Chef Fil Afable to enhance their creations.

Healthy Decadence

Photo 5

Photo 6Photo 7Photo 8

If you can’t go all-vegan but striving to be health-conscious, there is no need to quit on your cakes. Marriott Manila created cakes that are low in sugar and highly recommended for those with diabetes. Here are your choices: Mango Almond Cake, a sponge cake with mango gelee and mousse; Chocolate Sensation, a sable Breton with hazelnut and dark chocolate ornaments; and Chocolate Brownie made of bourbon vanilla bean and filled with hazelnut and pecan nuts. These cakes are made to order at the Marriott Café Bakery and come in different sizes: 6-inch for Php 950, 8-inch for Php 1,800, and 10-inch for Php 2,200.

Going vegan doesn’t look so tough with Marriott Manila just right around the corner. Now you know where to get your nutrient-dense and healthy fix in high quality anytime.

Cru Steakhouse is located at Marriott Hotel Manila’s G/F and is open from 6pm to 10:30 pm on Sundays to Thursdays and 6pm to 11:30pm on Fridays and Saturdays. While, Marriott Café Bakery is located at the G/F and is open from 6am to 10:30pm. For inquiries, call (02) 9889999 or visit manilamarriott.com. To keep up on their latest offerings, follow @marriottmanila at Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat and, @manilamarirott on Instagram.

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“All aboard!” calls Marriott Hotel Manila as they sail to an underwater-themed Easter Celebration. It is the best summer escape for families as the hotel prepared heaps of treats for everyone to enjoy.

Photo 1 b

(L-R) Dark Chocolate Ninja, Milk Chocolate Lady Chick, Marbled Chocolate Rooster, Milk Chocolate Brainy Bunny for Php 550 each (250 grams)

Photo 2 (1)

Easter Bunnies for Php 500 (250 grams)

Photo 4

Rabbit with Cart for Php 510 (210 grams)


Quirky, chocolatey and yummy goodies are spotted in Marriott Café Bakery ready to hop in your baskets. Spread cheer and sweetness with Felchin chocolates shaped in decadent bunnies and eggs. Price starts at Php 150 for 50 grams Chocolate Bunnies and Php 550 for 250 grams stylish Egg Ninjas. Make your mornings extra delightful with freshly baked Hot Crossed Buns for Php 120 or with Tuna Overload bread for Php 170. There are also cakes topped with adorable rabbit and egg figures at Php 900 for whole cake and Php 305 for mini slices.

Photo 5 (1)

Chocolate Bunnies (50 grams per piece)

Photo 6Photo 7 (1)Photo 8

Easter Nest Cake for Php 900. Made of Milk chocolate granola bar, strawberry sheet, hazelnut joconde and caramel cinnamon butter cream

Photo 9

Strawberry Lychee Speckled for Php 900. Made of strawberry jelly, lime dacquoise, blueberry jelly, lychee mousse, mango jelly, green apple and blueberry jelly

Photo 10

Cream Egg Cheesecake for Php 900. Made of baked cheesecake, coconut pistachio, sponge cake and mango fruit

Photo 11

Hot Cross Bun              for Php 120

Photo 13

St. Religieuse for Php 305. Made of choux pastry, vanilla lemon cream, yellow craquelin, praline croquantine, lemon curl and chocolate disc

Photo 14

Lime Banana Chips for Php 305. Made of joconde, banana mousse, lime chilbouste and caramel banana chips

Photo 15

Passion Mango Espresso for Php 305. Sable biscuit, milk chocolate espresso mousse, mango passion fruit coulis and espresso cream


Retreat with your family to a relaxing stay without stepping out of the city. Camp in the newest West Wing of Marriott Hotel Manila for only Php 12,500++ and get more than just a luxurious Premium Room. Their Easter Room Package includes buffet breakfast for 2 adults and 2 kids, Php 700 worth of dining credits at their pool bar, complimentary extra bed, and 2 tickets for kids to their Easter Egg Hunt on April 16. Book early as this is available from April 9 to 16.

Photo 16

Premium Room at Marriott West Wing

Photo 17


After a meaningful Lenten Season, dive into an ocean-wide of culinary wonders at Marriott Café’s Sunday Brunch on April 16 for Php 2,700 only. Along with it is a free pass for your kids to their Easter Egg Hunt activity. A feast made for all ages include fresh seafood catch from prawns to oysters and a variety of fish,  international delicacies from East  to West, and foie gras and steaks from the city’s best fine dine restaurant, Cru Steakhouse. Kids will have the time of their lives on homemade entrees, DIY pasta stations, myriad of desserts from cakes, chocolates and gelatos.

As soon as your little hunters are full, they are down for an exciting egg hunt. Train them well so they catch the “Golden Egg” that cracks open to buffet and bakery gift certificates. Adding more fun to this day are kiddie activities like a visit from Mr. Bunny, magic show and games. Goodies will flood from their event partners such as Chips Delight, Egg Bites, Lucky Me, Oreo, Smiley, and Tiger.

Photo 18

Sunday Brunch at Marriott Cafe

Photo 19Photo 20Photo 21


Marriott Café is located at the GF of Marriott Manila Main Hotel, while Man Ho is located at the GF of West Wing. Open from 8am to 10pm. For inquiries, call (02) 9889999 or visit manilamarriott.com. To keep up on their latest offerings, follow @marriottmanila at Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat and, @manilamarirott on Instagram.

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Get unlimited check-ups with My MediCard health card

It is always advisable to consult a health professional rather than research or self-medicate whenever you feel sick. However, sometimes we have no choice but to self-medicate because check-ups with specialists can be costly. Worry no more because you can now have unlimited consultations with a medical expert with MediCard’s newest health card, My MediCard.


“Many people value the advice of a professional health expert but it can be expensive. Nonetheless, self-medication can come with its own set of dangers to your health. Thus, a consultation with a medical professional is invaluable. This is the reason we introduced a new product called My MediCard which allows members to have unlimited consultations with select MediCard accredited doctors nationwide and experience excellent medical services,” explains Dr. Nicky Montoya, MediCard president and CEO.

My MediCard is the ultimate health card for unlimited outpatient check-ups. My MediCard holders can avail of unlimited consultations with the following MediCard-accredited doctors in MediCard-accredited clinics and hospitals nationwide: family medicine, internal medicine, cardiologist, endocrinologist, pulmonologist, gastroenterologist and dentists. The new card also includes an annual oral prophylaxis (mild cases only).

MediCard also offers services such as preventive health care, hospital confinement, out-patient care, emergency care, and members’ financial assistance and dental care. With numerous free-standing clinics and satellite clinics nationwide, MediCard is committed to bringing the best and accessible medical service to its members.

Other clinic locations include MediCard Lifestyle Center, MediCard McKinley, MediCard Makati, MediCard Sta.Rosa, MediCard Alabang, MediCard Cavite, MediCard Calamba, MediCard Fairview, MediCard Ortigas, MediCard Clark, MediCard Sta. Lucia, and MediCard Cebu City.

You can avail of unlimited check-ups with My MediCard for only P3,600 and membership is good for one year. Membership eligibility includes individuals from 18 to 65 years old.

For more information, visit www.medicardphils.com and https://www.facebook.com/MEDICard.Philippines/.