A shining Golden Anniversary celebration with Uratex

For a company to stay in business for five decades says much about the virtues it gives importance to. On top of that, it has become the number one foam supplier and innovator in the country today. It has also expanded its horizons beyond manufacturing foam products and has also become a major player in metal fabrication for car parts and textile manufacturing. Feats like these have proven that Uratex deserves the accolades and respect it is getting from the industry and its customers.

OPM Legend and singer-songwriter, Rey Valera serenading the crowd with some of his classic hits

During Uratex’s 50th Anniversary Celebration with its industry partners and customers at Manila Hotel’s The Tent City, many gathered to send their well-wishes and at the same time spend the evening with fun entertainment, good food, and great company. Among the high-profile guests in the event was Senate President Tito Sotto III together with his wife, veteran actress Helen Gamboa.

Martin Nievera serenading Uratex co-founder and CEO, Mrs. Natividad Cheng

The night was filled with fun and exciting performances from celebrities, such as OPM legend Rey Valera, who sang his classic hits and cracked some old timey jokes to ease up the crowd into the evening. Singer-comedienne K Brosas, on the other hand, got the audience cackling throughout her set with impressions of iconic singers and some hard-hitting punchlines. The Concert King Martin Nievera crooned his way to the crowd and urged them to sing with him. And Uratex’s newest celebrity endorser, Matteo Guidicelli gave an equally swooning serenade, and expressed his heart-felt gratitude on being a part of the Uratex family.

Among the high profile guests at the 50th Anniversary Dinner of Uratex was veteran actress Helen Gamboa; beside her, Uratex co-founder and CEO, Mrs. Natividad Cheng

In between performances, Uratex featured short videos telling the company’s story and how they got to where they are right now. They showcased some of their innovations to prepare for the company’s future— by bolstering their capacity and advancements with the other industries they are involved with and by continuously providing Filipinos with affordable sleep solutions that could last for a lifetime.

Everyone cheered at the toast to Uratex, for it to continue its business for another 50 years, or more.



Uratex tees off with auto industry partners

Having been a long-time partner with the country’s biggest automotive industry players, mostly composed of Japanese companies, Uratex took its stakeholders to a day off on a golf course, as one of the highlights to its 50th anniversary celebration this year. At the height of production of the automotive industry in the Philippines during the 90’s, Uratex has held several small golf tournaments with its partners, especially with its golf-loving Japanese colleagues. The difference this time, was that Uratex brought all of its partners in a single tournament where they can all enjoy and play in the spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship.

Uratex treats its automotive industry partners to a day of golf and relaxation— During its early years as a company, Uratex has built a strong and lasting partnerships with automotive industry players by providing foam for car seats to local assemblers. This association with the industry has taught Uratex some of the best practices and cultures that led them to the company that it is today. In line with its 50th anniversary celebration, Uratex has invited their automotive industry partners to a day of building camaraderie amongst peers, through a game of golf. Holding small golf tournaments with partners was once a tradition started by Uratex founder, Mr. Robert G. Cheng, but this is the first time that Uratex has gathered all of its partners from across the automotive industry under one tournament. Well-wishes from partners flowed as they continue to strengthen the bonds they have with Uratex, and on the other hand, Uratex vowed to continuously gain their trust and extend their partnerships for 50 more years. IN PHOTO: RGC Group of Companies Executive Vice President for Automotive, Mr. Eddie Gallor (second from the right) and Uratex Corporate Sales Director, Mr. Dindo Medina (fifth from the right) with partners from the automotive industry

The event also served as a throwback, especially to Uratex Managing Director, Ms. Peachy Medina, “this golf tournament brings back a lot of good memories, because my father used to host this kind of event every year for our automotive industry partners. And I believe he is smiling at us right now”. It has been an annual tradition which was started by Uratex founder, Robert G. Cheng to hold events like this during his time. “Nobody really plays golf in the family”, Ms. Medina said, it, but the spirit of organizing such event still hold ups; “it is something to think about”, Ms. Medina added whether this tradition should be brought back.


Uratex executives repeatedly expressed their appreciation for the continued partnerships with the automotive industry players, which were the first to build a relationship with the company during its earlier years. “The Japanese automotive industry has given Uratex a lot of help from the productivity programs we have adapted from them”, RGC Group of Companies Executive Vice President for Automotive, Mr. Eddie Gallor said, “we have taught these concepts and knowledge to our employees which may have lead us to this point, celebrating our 50th anniversary”. Uratex Corporate Sales Director, Mr. Dindo Medina added that, “we have imbibed the culture of the automotive community, including the Japanese practices, and we have converted these practices as part of our culture”.


RGC Group of Companies Executive Vice President for Furniture and Bedding, Mr. William Lee recounts the beginnings of Uratex in the 70’s, when it started as a supplier of foam for car seats for automotive assemblers to the present   when it now provides more car parts to its partners. “We have expanded our business into not only car seats, but also with other parts such as the muffler, radiators, and leaf spring, and most recently with metal stamping for car bodies”, Mr. Lee explained. “The reason why we are still here after 50 years has a lot to do with their trust, and we believe that Uratex would do everything to continue to win the trust of our partners. We will not be here without their help”, Ms. Medina added.


Everyone from Uratex were all thankful to have built a strong and lasting partnerships with the automotive industry, and looking forward to more prosperous years as they move forward to the future of the business. “Hopefully they are all happy with what we had today”, Mr. Gallor said, “this activity could be a good beginning to build camaraderie among industry players and I hope they would be on board into making this event a more regular thing in the future.” Mr. Medina added, “The automotive industry is all about continuous improvement. We are now at 50 years and thanks to the automotive industry, we are where we are because of these partnerships. Hopefully, we would still continue our improvement and of course, we look forward to have a longer partnership with all of them”.



The Seal of Quality: Uratex Merges Value and Superiority with Affordability

Sleep specialist and established brand set to widen its reach on VisMin Region

When it comes to being an industry leader, Uratex Philippines has all the factors that prove its position in the sleep solutions market. Five decades of experience, unmatched quality of products, world-class technology, and its commitment to provide high-quality products at affordable prices have helped establish the brand’s reputation in the industry and its consumers.

Photo 05-01

Now on its 50th year, Uratex is ready to widen its reach by focusing on the VisMin region. Cherry Wong-Tan, Uratex Marketing Director has expressed the brand’s excitement in its new endeavor saying, “It is our company’s goal to provide comfortable and affordable sleep solutions that can help impact the lives of our consumers. For our 50th year, we want to focus on expanding our reach on the VisMin region to help spread the awareness to a national level.”


Uratex Philippines has always been front and center in spreading sleep education and awareness to Filipinos. The company has regularly partnered with the Philippine Society of Sleep Medicine and has participated in the country’s World Sleep Day celebrations to educate people about the importance of sleep in their daily lives.

Of course, Uratex is more than qualified to lead the campaign, having been widely recognized for being a Sleep Technology Expert that uses the latest innovations to create products that provide a superior sleep experience. It specifically uses the Quali-5 Cellular Technology which is a collection of standards and technologies that ensures the high quality of its products.

This set of standards is composed of five qualities that enable Uratex to bring the best to its consumers. The brand adheres to its strict Quality Assurance Program to evaluate its mattresses, a practice that helped acquire its ISO 9001 accreditation, an international standard that aims to improve production processes in order to make them qualified to compete locally and globally.

The company also makes sure to use world-class formulation and process engineering technology as part of its commitment to using the latest innovation to improve its quality.

Uratex has kept up with world-class standards by making sure that it is updated with the latest advancements in the foam-making industry. For this commitment, it sends its team of specialists to visit plants in Asia and Europe to assess different manufacturing operations. Uratex also regularly convenes with the world’s best professionals in the foam-making market.

To support its push for innovation, Uratex pairs their manufacturing processes with state-of-the-art equipment and machinery. Hennecke, an advanced machinery used by other foam manufacturers globally has collaborated with the brand to help it produce high-grade foam. The technology has been helping Uratex produce quality foam blocks which are free from defects and pinholes. As for raw materials, the local brand is committed to sourcing the best. Some of its international suppliers are Mitsui, Dow, Shell, BASF, and Bayer.

“One of the reasons behind Uratex’s success is that we are focused in constantly innovating ourselves. We have invested in world-class research and development to produce high-grade foams and pillows, and we are excited to strengthen our roots in Visayas and Mindanao,” Cherry Wong-Tan shares. A good example of the brand’s innovations is the brand’s Airlite mattress that uses the Cool Technology, a 3D Space fabric and open cell design that provides a cooler and more comfortable sleep experience.

Even with these standards in place, the company has been successful in providing sleep solutions that are superior in quality yet still affordable. As a local manufacturer, Uratex has committed itself to providing quality sleep products that match the regular Filipino consumer’s budget. The brand has also enjoyed a number of recognitions so far, namely being Reader’s Digest Platinum Trusted Brand for Mattresses awardee for nine consecutive years as well as being the brand of choice by the Philippine Orthopaedic Association.

Uratex has already opened a number of retail stores in Visayas and Mindanao, in Cebu, Iloilo, Davao and CDO and is slated to open more at Butuan and General Santos. Just like its customer-focused and value-centered service in Luzon, VisMin buyers can also expect to enjoy top-grade after-sales service in their region.

“Despite the quality and advanced technology that we use on our products, Uratex still makes a point to offer our sleep solutions at affordable price ranges. We want to prove that you do not need to pay a steep price to get the sleep that you deserve,” Cherry Wong-Tan closes.

About Uratex Philippines

For 50 years, Uratex remains to be the country’s industry leader in manufacturing quality foams and mattresses that help everyone sleep better. As a commitment to excellence, it continues to innovate itself by using the latest technologies to deliver exceptional comfort and support in each mattress. For more information, visit http://www.uratex.com.ph or call the Consumer Hotline, 888-6500.






The Resident Season 2

Here are some of the most horrifying medical practices in the past

Medicine has come a long way since the ancient times. Mankind has struggled with finding out what really works when it comes to medical treatments. Technology has developed and research has evolved. But there are still some treatments that sometimes fall through the cracks and these cures slowly become quack.

Let’s discover some cures that can be very real or very false when it comes to ancient or modern-day medicine.


Right off the bat, let’s start with one of the worst and most terrifying medical ideas in all of history. Mental illness has many forms. Today, each one is carefully diagnosed and treated. But this wasn’t the case back then. Doctors rarely understood psychological illness or traumas. They often associated it with physical symptoms or even spiritual forces. The cure? Drill the head open. Since then lobotomy has become a word associated with horror, violence, and fear.

Mercury and Metal Ingestion

Medicine was very vague and unclear in the 1800s. It was so undeveloped in fact that ingesting mercury was one of the treatments for headaches! Imagine people consciously going through mercury-poisoning thinking they would get better!

Trading Morphine for Heroin

Morphine is a classic and widely used painkiller back in the day. But there were side effects such as addiction that made people wary to use it in treatments. Enter a brand-new idea with a brand-new drug: heroin! It was primarily introduced as a safe and non-addictive substitute for morphine. Little did they know that they were using what would be one of the most dangerous and illegal drugs ever as a cure.

Shock Treatments for Impotence

Having trouble with the little guy? Give it a little shock! It was widely-believed that electric therapy or shock treatments was a cure for impotence or genital dysfunction. All of mankind now gives a sigh of relief that modern medicine threw that horrifying “cure” out.

If you’re craving for some real medical expertise coupled with showbiz drama, check out The Resident, now on its second season on video-streaming service FOX+. In the long tradition of ER, House, and Grey’s Anatomy comes another riveting medical drama that takes the blinders of medical norms and dives deep into the heart of what really happens at hospitals and with doctors.

Stream the latest episodes of season 2 exclusively and all of season 1 of The Resident on FOX+ now. New users can now download FOX+ from the App Store and Google Play store for a free 30-Day trial.

# # #

About Fox Networks Group Asia

FOX Network Group Asia (FNG) is 21st Century FOX’s international multi-media business. FNG develops, produces and distributes more than 300 wholly- and majority-owned entertainment, sports, factual and movie channels in 45 languages across Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa. FNG’s core channel brands include FOX, FOX Sports, FOX Life, FOX+ and National Geographic. FNG’s movie channels include FOX Movies, FOX Action Movies, FOX Family Movies and SCM (formerly Star Chinese Movies). Non-linear brands include FOX Play, FOX Play+ and Nat Geo Play. These networks and their related mobile, non-linear and high-definition extensions, reach over 1.8 billion cumulative households worldwide. In addition, FNG owns and operates two production studios and produces thousands of local programing hours for its wholly owned channels and third parties. In 2017, FNG launched FOX+, the on-demand streaming app for watching the best in entertainment on the go. FNG has been in operation since August 14, 1993.

About FOX+

FOX+ is the only video-streaming service in Asia that combines TV series, movies and live sports, in one place, accessible from any device, at any time and in HD. With a combination of first-run Hollywood blockbusters and hit Chinese series and movies, FOX+ is the ultimate destination for entertainment. More than 11,000 hours of programming across multiple genres are available, comprising of the most popular content from global movie studios and television channels, as well as original FOX programming and FOX+ exclusive content.


Steph Curry in Manila 2018

Finally, the wait is over. 3x NBA Champ, 2x MVP, the one and only Stephen Curry is coming to Manila, Philippines on September 7, 2018!

Curry in Manila Poster

Want to see him LIVE?

Here are some ways to do it:

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LRA Focuses on Going Digital

The vulnerability of paper, the security of A2A, and the peace of mind it offers

 Going Digital Article Photo 1

The digital wave has taken over almost every aspect of society, causing a lot of shift in the way we do things. It makes distance a non-issue, simplifies once complicated processes, and enables us to access what we need with a click of a button or a swipe of a finger. The digitalization of government systems in the Philippines is no doubt still a work in progress, but the country has made significant improvements ever since a digital strategy was formally established to help these offices shift to an e-Government-focused system.


The vulnerability of paper


One of the most pressing concerns about relying on physical papers is the inconvenience they bring to its stakeholders–in this case, the citizens who need them. For example, those who need to authenticate their documents used to deal with long queues and wait for hours just to get the papers they need. Documents that can only be accessed in specified offices also put the individual at an inconvenience because of the time and money that they have to spend traveling to a specific government office branch.


These delays in transactions can be painful for individuals who need their official papers for important businesses. Often, people are forced to dedicate a certain amount of time in their schedule just to take care of them, and leave some extra room for all the possibilities of being delayed. An example is when a request for a document gets denied because of insufficient requirements or a mistake in details. Such situations can further stretch the process, causing the person to waste more time in obtaining official papers.


Going digital


To date, a number of government agencies have made leaps in shifting to digital processes. One remarkable example is the Land Registration Authority’s (LRA) Anywhere-to-Anywhere or A2A Program. Launched in 2012, it allows landowners to apply for the Certified True Copies (CTC) of their properties at any Registry of Deeds near them.


The A2A Program is focusing on providing faster and better service in response to the common concern of landowners having to travel to far-flung places where the Registry of Deeds office handling their titles are located. To address the problem, the LRA focused on digitizing the CTCs of land titles and focused on widening their network of offices where people can access them regardless of where their original document is listed.


All land titles are managed in a computerized and centralized registry, which enables any Registry of Deeds office to access and create copies of them. Moreover, landowners are also assured that they will not face any delays in retrieving their titles because of the pre-scheduled time set for the pick-up of their papers. It also makes the CTCs less prone to fraudulent activities by minimizing the human element of processing them.


The process of application is simple. The property owner simply needs to submit a letter of request or transaction application form and claim their CTC of property title at the nearest LRA Registry of Deeds office. At present, the department has 164 satellite offices, including extension offices across all islands. There are a total of 159 live offices that are ready to accommodate landowners.


The A2A Program is just one of the groundbreaking digital moves of the LRA. The department is now set on expanding their reach nationwide to give landowners a smoother experience in processing their documents. Also in the pipeline of their digital plans are projects like the LRA Aksyon Agad Center, Lot Location Service, and Parcel Verification Service. For more information about the A2A program, visit the LRA website by clicking here. You can also access the list of Registry of Deeds offices using this link.


LIST: Vivo’s trailblazing smartphone developments that stunned the tech world

The competition in the mobile industry can be very stiff with new technology coming out one right after the next. But global smartphone brand Vivo has outplayed its competitors with innovations that made a mark in the mobile industry.

  1. Over 20-MP front cameras

The world has been obsessed with taking selfies to document one’s everyday life or the most cherished moments. But for years, not all smartphone brands took a special interest in developing their front cameras. Vivo, working hard to understand its patrons, revolutionized the selfie game when it came out with a 20-megapixel dual front camera in V5 Plus. It is the first smartphone brand to do so, and now others are trying hard to catch up.

Image 1

Taking better selfies and photos has never been easier with Vivo phones.

It was then followed up by the whopping 24-MP front camera in V7, V7+, and the V9, proving that Vivo never stops pushing the limits in perfecting the features that matter most to its patrons. In fact, Vivo V7+ was hailed as the best selfie phone in 2017 by many tech blogs and sites.

  1. Bezel-less screens

Aside from its selfie-centric developments, Vivo is also a leader in enhancing every patron’s screen display experience.


Vivo at the Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona, Spain last February revealed a concept phone called the APEX™ FullView™. It features a typical 5.99-inch screen, but its screen-to-body ratio nearly reaches 100%. This proves that Vivo is committed to producing a genuine bezel-less smartphone in the market.

In fact, its newest flagship smartphone, the V9, is getting closer to Vivo’s ultimate goal—it boasts of a 90% screen-to-body ratio with its 6.3-inch FullView™ Display.

  1. In-display fingerprint scanner

These innovative developments may be enough for some but Vivo does not want to be the second best. It is also a pioneer in developing ultramodern yet convenient unlocking methods. Vivo has recently revealed that it has advanced the fingerprint scanning method by making the technology available on a screen. It debuted the first ready-to-produce in-display fingerprint scanning solution at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 in Las Vegas last January.


Vivo is also the first ever smartphone brand that dedicated a Hi-Fi quality audio chip in its models, making it the first brand that gave proper attention to its handsets’ sound quality.

This is quite a lot of achievements for Vivo, especially in an industry that is unforgiving to those slow to innovate. In fact, these developments Vivo introduced have earned the smartphone brand a spot among the trailblazers. And, it seems like the global smartphone company will not slow down on its pursuit of perfection anytime soon.

About Vivo

A global smartphone brand focused on introducing perfect sound quality and ultimate photography with cutting-edge technology, Vivo develops innovative and stylish products for young people. We now have over two hundred million users and are one of the preferred brands of young people around the world. As an Official Sponsor of the FIFA World Cup™, Vivo believes in the importance of encouraging young people to embrace self-expression and an energetic lifestyle. In the Philippines, Vivo is the top 3 smartphone brand in terms of market share with 1.5 million users nationwide.

For inquiries about Vivo, visit the Vivo website at vivoglobal.ph or check out their Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/vivophil), Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/vivo_philippines/), and Twitter (https://twitter.com/vivo_phil) accounts.





LOOK: Vivo V9 stuns in elegant Velvet Red

Calling red as a head-turner is an understatement. No color has the same impact as red. Red represents a myriad of emotions and occasions from both ends of the spectrum. But global smartphone brand Vivo owns the color by highlighting its elegance that transcends trends.

Vivo has released its flagship smartphone, the V9, in Velvet Red.



outfits in green, blue, yellow, orange, and earthy hues. If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, you can wear any color you wish with your Velvet Red in hand.

Vivo Philippines Vice President for Sales Hazel Bascon explained that the Velvet Red represents the youthful vibe of the global smartphone brand.

“Red is for the bold, for the adventurous, for the youthful, for the fashion-forward, for the energetic. Our ardent users are mostly young, hip, and spirited and the Vivo V9 in Velvet Red is a fitting nod to them,” she said.

The Vivo V9 Velvet Red is also retailed at Php17,990 at authorized shops nationwide.

About Vivo

A global smartphone brand focused on introducing perfect sound quality and ultimate photography with cutting-edge technology, Vivo develops innovative and stylish products for young people. We now have over two hundred million users and are one of the preferred brands of young people around the world. As an Official Sponsor of the FIFA World Cup™, Vivo believes in the importance of encouraging young people to embrace self-expression and an energetic lifestyle. In the Philippines, Vivo is the top 3 smartphone brand in terms of market share with 1.5 million users nationwide.

For inquiries about Vivo, visit the Vivo website at vivoglobal.ph or check out their Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/vivophil), Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/vivo_philippines/), and Twitter (https://twitter.com/vivo_phil) accounts.



Vivo continues to usher the industry to the future with its forward-looking tech

When young global smartphone brand Vivo entered the mobile industry, the market was dominated by two or three names. But in a matter of years, Vivo changed the game.

Vivo has been determined to break barriers and introduce technology that ushered the industry into the future. After all, it was Vivo that introduced a 20-megapixel dual front camera in V5 Plus and a 24MP front camera in V7, V7+, and V9.



Aside from the selfie camera, Vivo also paid attention to the users’ need for a bigger screen. Earlier this year, Vivo released the ultimate iteration of a concept smartphone, the APEX™ FullView™, which nearly has a 100% screen-to-body display. The V9, Vivo’s newest flagship, is getting closer to goal with its 90% screen-to-body ratio.

Vivo is also the first to introduce the in-display fingerprint scanner that gives users another method to unlock their smartphones.


It is still a wonder what Vivo will do next. For instance, it wowed the tech world with its bezel-less APEX concept smartphone because of its pop-up selfie camera to achieve the 100% screen-to-body ratio.

Helping the brand unlock the next best thing in the mobile industry are 2,200 dedicated research and development personnel in several R&D centers worldwide—in San Diego, United States and in China, specifically in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Nanjing, Hangzhou, and Beijing.

With all its development, it is no doubt that the young smartphone brand is already leading the pack to the future.

About Vivo

A global smartphone brand focused on introducing perfect sound quality and ultimate photography with cutting-edge technology, Vivo develops innovative and stylish products for young people. We now have over two hundred million users and are one of the preferred brands of young people around the world. As an Official Sponsor of the FIFA World Cup™, Vivo believes in the importance of encouraging young people to embrace self-expression and an energetic lifestyle. In the Philippines, Vivo is the top 3 smartphone brand in terms of market share with 1.5 million users nationwide.

For inquiries about Vivo, visit the Vivo website at vivoglobal.ph or check out their Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/vivophil), Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/vivo_philippines/), and Twitter (https://twitter.com/vivo_phil) accounts.





Rice the Right Way

Rice trivia, cooking methods, and other things every rice lover should know

shutterstock_577172221 reduced

Rice is an everyday part of our lives as Filipinos. We love it so much that even after rice consumption decreased in the Asian region, our per capita consumption of it grew.

The crop has a very long and rich background, so naturally it has become a big part of Asian culture. Did you know that rice has been feeding mankind for the past 5,000 years? The first known account of using rice was traced back to China in 2,800 BC, making it the oldest known food still being consumed today. Rice ranks second to corn as the most highly produced crop in the word for human consumption.

In the Philippines, our love for the crop transcends necessity. A number of our festivals are dedicated to it such as the Panagyaman Festival celebrating a good harvest and the Ani Festival in Ilocos Norte. We even have a National Rice Awareness Month celebrated every November.

In the culinary side of things, the Filipinos’ creativity and love for food have found a variety of uses for rice. We turn it into a snack like our favorite steaming bowl of champorado or even as a dessert like sapin-sapin. But did you also know that there are different ways to cook rice depending on their variety?

Using the stove top is how many of us cook rice.  Rinse the rice till water runs clear and put it into the pot. Pour water on top of it. When it comes to measuring water, one very common technique to do is the “finger method” where the water can be measured one finger tip above the rice level. If you want to be specific with proportions, however, you can also follow the 1 cup rice: 1 1/4 cup water proportion, or simply adjust the amount of water to your liking. Once water is added, cover the pot, bring it to a boil, reduce heat, and cook till done.  This method is preferred for white and other long grain rice. Rice of the aromatic varieties also work well with this method of cooking because it better seals in the aroma.

Healthy, unpolished rice such as Black rice, for example, can be cooked using the stove top method. To prepare it, rinse and then soak in water (1 cup rice: 2 ½ cups water as guide) for 30 minutes. Turn on stove to bring to a boil and reduce heat and cook till done allowing cooked rice to absorb all the steam in the pot.  Fluff and serve.

A rice cooker/steamer makes cooking rice a bit simpler because after putting in the rinsed rice and right amount of water, you flip it on and it shuts down and keeps on “warm” automatically.

Not known to many is cooking rice using a microwave. Yes, you can use your microwave to cook rice. This is most ideal for those who want their meal fast and in smaller quantities. Combine a cup of rice with 2 ½ cups of water in a microwave-safe bowl, cover it with a glass lid, and cook in high power for five minutes. Keep the bowl covered for three to four minutes before finally serving. Long grain and medium grain white rice can be cooked using a microwave.

Burnt rice a problem?  It may be caused by the pot.  Go for a heavy-based pot to keep the bottom of your rice from scorching and use a tight-fitting lid to keep the steam in. You can also place a clean kitchen cloth between the pot and the lid to better seal it.

We often overlook the proper storage of rice.  Uncooked rice should be stored in a clean container with a tight lid and placed in a cool and dry place. For unpolished rice, Sunnywood Superfoods Corp., the distributor of Jordan Farms Black, Red and Brown Rice, strongly advices that this type of rice be refrigerated to keep the rice fresh and free from rice weevils.

Leftover cooked rice, on the other hand, should be refrigerated to avoid spoilage. When it’s time to reheat, simply add a bit of water to it before popping it into the microwave.

To get the most out of your meals, choose rice varieties that are packed with flavor, nutrients, and are easy to cook. Harvester’s and Jordan Farms offer a wide variety of rice, from your favorite Dinorado to a wide variety of special rice such as short grain Japanese rice, Thai Jasmine and Basmati. Being healthy a priority for you?  Then go for organically grown unpolished Black, Red and Brown.  These have more antioxidants, fiber and multivitamins to help build a strong immune system for the body.

There is no doubt about rice being serious business for us Filipinos. Level-up your love for it by trying the above cooking methods as well as new varieties to add to your shopping list.

For more information about Harvester’s and Jordan Farms rice, head to their website.